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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Irina Apeksimova has summed up the results of the theatre season: “We won”

Was at the Taganka Theater when he came on as Director Irina Apeksimova. Someone was waiting for a fast finale, someone with suspicion look to the new leader, someone thought that before the theatre opens up new perspectives. But squabbles in the past. Together with Expert advice Apeksimova has launched a large-scale theatrical project “Rehearsal” award winning “MK” as “project of the year”, gathered around him like-minded people, was invited to Taganka young and talented Directors. Correspondent “MK” was found with the actress and Director to summarize the work.

Photos By Vlad Loktev

Theater season is moving to completion and we can talk about the results. Irina, tell us what is happening in your theater? The legendary theater Lyubimov becomes a new path?

– At the end of the theatrical season still, I can say that we won! Started this season almost from the fact that the theater could be closed.

Scandals, intrigue, pickets…

– But in the end we won. If we talk about creativity – we have released for the season five Premier. During this time, it was shown thirty sketches. Despite the fact that one sketch was given only a week of work, it was laboratory tests, for us anyway, each time was a little premiere. Generally it is a very serious stage of development. We can say that we have began to show a new face of the theater, I think so. What are you so skeptical looking at me?

Not skeptical, curious. I wonder where are you going? How is the repertoire of the Taganka policy now?

– The main thing for us is the result. We rely on good drama, prefer a good and proven, high-quality classics: Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus”, and “Petersburg” by Andrei Bely’s novel, and “the backbone Flute” of Mayakovsky. There are deviations in the direction of contemporary drama – “Elsa” Yaroslava Pulinovich, “Golden dragon” by Roland Schimmelpfennig and “the Last witness” by Svetlana Alexievich. The troupe of the Taganka Theatre’s musical. So by the end of the season we taxied to the sketch’s “Sweeney Todd” Director Alexei Frandetti. Before in the beginning of the season we had a “Wii” Alexander Barkara, which then was not accepted to work. But now he made a re-enactment as a whole, may have shown several rooms, which all will be built, expert advice. In October, scheduled to premiere – a musical performance in the genre rock and drama. It should be a very dashing, like “Sweeney Todd”. And about the way… very difficult for Me to articulate where there is now a theatre. Perhaps in a brighter future. We do what we do, and honestly, despite all the difficulties, the skeptical perception, there is a feeling that is victory.

– When we first started the project “Rehearsal” you’ve had a lot of well-wishers. For example, in each session we come to you-known in narrow circles of the theatre Director, and thrown in your face accusations and reproaches…

– He did not Express any thoughts about creativity, and doing what was trying to provoke the people sitting in the audience, including me. He failed and he, unfortunately, left our thumbnails, comes to us now. Miss scary… But let’s not talk about it, don’t want to. More important to me than the opinion of other people.

Photo — Sergey Trifonov

– What?

– There are a few people. That is very valuable, not from the category of friends, and those who came to the hearing that are here doing something interesting happening. It is important that they come and give their opinion, quite professional. It’s not just the audience, it’s the critics, critics who participate in the discussions after the sketches, very outspoken, not always praise, but always in great detail, convincingly and weightily give analysis.

What about comparisons? Almost every discussion there are viewers who compare theater Lyubimov, and the present.

– Comparison is the most thankless job. You can also compare Viktyuk theatre, where I worked before, and the theater Lyubimov. As I was their own masterpieces and failures, so fine was his. Therefore, we have the right how to win and to fail.

– You do the now modern thing. In the recent premiere – “Golden dragon” Lera Surkova – for example, new style, use and technology mapping, chromakey.

– “Golden dragon”, in my opinion, a very good performance, is very difficult. The difficulty now is that the audience is different: someone is going to compare, someone comes completely unprepared. Don’t need comparisons, it’s two different theater and to assess their need as an artist – those laws which he himself sets. Therefore, the “Golden dragon” – is a false tooth in the theatre, he was the first that grew out of Rehearsals”. Someone does not accept him at all and refuses to accept.


– It is quite difficult to understand. The text is difficult and yet our average viewer is used to change the picture.

– Well, there all in the best traditions of clip thinking – the pictures change pictures, heroes heroes.

– Still need to hear the text, it is very important. To understand what is happening, don’t just look how it looks visually, and work with your head, soul. Therefore, the “Golden dragon” or do not accept at all, or Hooray. I find it very flattering. It was very my style because to me all life the same attitude.

– You have created a Production center Irina Apeksimova. Previous experience helps in the management of the theater?

– Certainly helps. I do have extensive experience in the production of performances, organization of production processes, financial Affairs. Otherwise I would not thrust into this position.

You came to the Taganka Theatre of Roman Viktyuk there APB status of building and repairs that you “struck”, then here…

– Apparently, I have such a fate. Need something to work, to do.

– At what stage now the repair work on Taganka?

– Emergency work was completed in the winter. The building could be destroyed, not even a Foundation, it was poured in the new. In the summer we have a very serious renovation of the main stage, all of the upper and lower mechanization, the replacement of the tablet scene – it’s all we have time for the new season. Plus we have an administrative building where there are all services except creative. We now sit all on top of each other and I hope that by the end of September, the renovation will be done and half the people move there. And next season will go preparing the memorial area for the centenary of Yury Lyubimov.

Photo — Sergey Trifonov

Project “Rehearsal” will exist?

– We will a little transform to another format. We have this season, this year, has accumulated a large number of Prime, which we must release. From August to December should reach four premiere.

– Do you know what?

– “Wii”, “Sweeney Todd”, “Illusions” and another, what, decide in the near future. Plus in September, since we don’t all have time to show in “Rehearsals” this season, we will appear with his directorial work theater actors.

– And you do not want to try yourself as a Director?

– God forbid I go crazy!

In September, the Taganka Theatre will take part in the festival “Theatrical March”. Tell us, what would it be?

This year the festival will be held for the fourth time. I started as a Director of theatre of Viktyuk started in Sokolniki, and then he was transferred to the Hermitage Garden. The point is that in the morning until late in the evening on two large stages and two small, is showing the Premier of the last theatre season. Will involve the theaters of Moscow, extremely professional. Over the past years we have visited Sokolniki 30,000 people in one day in the Hermitage – 15 000, just more people he can not accommodate. This year we are holding a festival on September 10, in the framework of the city Day. First we will show performances for children, then adults, and in the finale is some beautiful music. By the way, admission is absolutely free.

– Will show the performances that grew out of sketches?

– “Coriolanus” will be exactly.

– What about the recently announced action “Taganka metro” where you had to show the play Lyubimov’s “Eugene Onegin” night at the station Chekhovskaya?

– Alas, it did not happen for technical reasons. First, we had to go in the subway under Pushkin at night, but the action was postponed for July but again failed, and the event will not take place. To date, the transfer date can’t say.

– Director’s work does not interfere with the creative? Removed somewhere?

– Not removable. Although, recently starred in the clip of group “Bi-2”. In two performances the play, the concerts – it’s all right. 18 Jul here is the closest music concert “Odessитка”, will be held in bard club “Nest of grouse.”

– Does the Taganka Theater to go on tour?

– Of course. But while we leave very point – one performance in one city. This season was on tour in China, Israel, and Astrakhan. The problem is that the performances of the Taganka very populous, large, with massive scenery. In order to take out such a performance, you need significant funding. Still, the Theatre is not a repertory company with a team of 12 people.

– This year for you anniversary. Something is changing with age?

Becomes scary. If in 25 years I sat and thought how old I would be in 2000… Estimated and realized: “Many do not live!”, it is now 2016 and I am 50, it’s fine. In fact, nothing has changed. However, it is very difficult to fend off people who you hang bans, saying that at that age do not behave. Disgusting. I think, every man for himself decides what’s inside and how it looks.

– Recently awarded the “Crystal Turandot” did you catch the bride’s bouquet. In his personal life will not change?

And the bouquet I caught only last week, give me time! If something will please, “MK” learns the first.

– Go to other theaters for exploration?

– Exploration do not go, because a lot of time eats Taganka work. When I have a free evening, the last thing I want to go to the theatre – I want to stay home, to be honest. When I’m not on tour or I don’t have employment, I have great pleasure I spend evening with family. Go somewhere only if you checked the people saying “this show you need to watch”.

– And I thought I would tell you that interesting lately seen, advise…

– What do you think, I will be advertising other people’s theaters? (laughs) I Can recommend to readers of “MK” to come to the Theatre March festival. There will be things that we looked at and what we think is interesting and offer the audience.

– And finally, I wanted to congratulate you on our recent award for the project “Rehearsal”!

– I want to say a huge thank you to “MK” and personally Marina Raikin. This is my first award in life. I have never and any awards not received.

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