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Saturday, March 17, 2018

In Israel first found the burial place of the biblical Philistines

During the excavations, which continued in Israel for three decades, archaeologists were the first to discover the tomb of the Philistines. Experts hope that this discovery will significantly better study the people, the war with the Israelis is one of the Central themes of the old Testament.

photo: morguefile.com

Discovered about the cemetery said on Sunday at the exhibition in the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem, although find a grave has been three years ago — in 2013. All experts found the remains of more than 200 people who, according to preliminary data, were buried in the interval from XI to VIII century BC.

Previously, various researchers was able to find many shards of crockery, that in ancient times it was used by the Philistines, but in many ways the history of this nation has remained a mystery. The few found in the last “single” the remains of people who, presumably, were Philistines, and it was not possible to obtain enough information. The cemetery, according to the researchers, will allow to answer a number of questions. First, existing at the moment the DNA analysis of the remains will allow you to learn about the origin of the Philistines now the scientists could not come to a consensus about where this nation came to the territory of modern Israel. Secondly, the study of the cemetery will allow you to learn about burial practices, which often represent one of the key elements of culture in General. It is already known that at the head of the buried person, the Philistines put the vessel with incense, at the feet of the pitcher, which was assumed to be oil, wine or food.

The Philistines inhabited the territory from modern tel Aviv to Gaza, from the XII century BC, and was a coalition of the five policies. In the old Testament the Philistines are mentioned repeatedly — for example, it describes the battle between David, the future founder of the dynasty of the kings of Judah, and Philistine, Goliath, in which David defeated the Philistine warrior though much superior to his physical strength. Mention of the Philistines can also be found in Egyptian and Assyrian sources.

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