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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Gold “the Seagull” was in the hands of “Gazprom-Media”Radio

The deafening beat of the drums, the lights flood bright, blue as the sea, scene, and white gulls soaring over a hundred people. So a resounding loudly started awarding of one of the most prestigious awards in the field of media business “Media Manager of Russia — 2016”. On 7 July at the spacious hall of the club, Gipsy, similar to the deck, gathered five hundred of the best in their profession. And only a hundred of them came down from the stage with the Golden Seagull in his hands — a symbol of professionalism, recognized the entire media community. The best of the best were recognized and top managers of “Gazprom-Media Radio” — the General Director Yuri Kostin and the General producer of radio Denis Serikov.

GPM General Director of Radio Yuri Kostin and the General producer of the group
radio PUM Radio Denis Serikov.

Among the press in the room was not overcrowded, but this time many did not come to interview and to catch the hot comments and get well-deserved awards. The award “Media Manager 2016” traditionally, for 16 years, celebrate the best media managers, advertising and PR industry in Russia. The expert Council of the award — only masters: CEOs of leading publications and media companies, representatives of power structures of the city and channels. Before the ceremony, the stars of “Autoradio” leading the show “Murzilki Live” Bragin, Gordeeva and five minutes list of sponsors and partners of the award and to announce that among the winners — a record 100 people. This means that, despite the crisis, the media business alive. And it was an honor to get a coveted statuette spread wings of gulls.

The Grand Prix national prize was awarded to the General Director “Gazprom-Media Holding” Dmitry Chernyshenko. A top-managers “Gazprom-Media” Radio, comprising nine radioblende, including “Autoradio”, claimed the ceremony with two awards.

“For contribution to the development of the industry” was awarded the Director General of GPM Radio Yuri Kostin. “I know that I still had to work for some time to get this bird “For contribution to the development of the industry,” jokes on stage, Yuri. However, now is the time — GPM Radio and all the projects implemented by the company is in great shape and at the peak of popularity.

— This year 15 years “Murzilki” on “Autoradio” 10 years of Radio ENERGY, — told the “MK” Yuri Kostin. — We launched one of the most successful over the past five years in the radio industry projects — Like FM. I am convinced that in the near future this station will copy. There’s just nothing we can do about it. Of course, I would like to be unique, but, on the other hand, it is better to be a trendsetter and let you copy, than the copy itself. All our projects are growing and developing.

Yuri Kostin is already the fourth award. The winner of “Media Manager of Russia”, he became in 2006, 2008 and 2010, as he speaks for his book and for the festival “Disco 80”.

— “Media Manager of Russia” — a very reputable award, ” said Yuri Kostin. In my opinion, there is always going to color the media community, people who really work, workaholic. And, of course, I love that for me is a company like GPM Radio (in the past PMBC), which were built over the years. The development of the industry for me is the development of our company in the first place. It also contributes to maintain stable advertising radio market, and to bring to the market new projects.

Station Like FM latest creative brainchild of GMP Radio was the most successful startup in the last five years. And it is recognized the color of the media community: the General producer of radio PUM Radio, Director and founder Like FM Denis Serikov was named the “best Media Manager 2016” in the nomination “Electronic media”.

— Just work on doing a favorite thing, doing what you love, and not think about the awards — shared by Denis Serikov. — Because the main thing is the case. But when suddenly called on stage and awarded, the heart begins to beat — it can’t be! It is great recognition gives additional strength, then everything goes right. But creating a FM Like, from the start we believed in the idea, knew it was a bomb. And success came — the audience, colleagues, experts remained indifferent.

It would seem that an idea Like FM was a radio where you can control the broadcast and listen your favorite moments of favorite songs. But to grasp it and implement in the right time could only command the GMF Radio.

— Initially the idea came from nowhere, — said Denis Serikov, with the coveted “Chaika” in the hands. We went with the wife out of town, far away, where he caught the radio and began to listen to the music from player. Wife switch tracks without waiting to the end and said that was the idea for the new format: “Policy listened to, and I’ve had enough!” Indeed, why not make it where you can just listen to a favorite passage from a song? People now no longer focus: squander songs, photos. A sort of station on the rewind. And we became a team to develop “likes” and app. In 2015, managed to bring the idea to the shareholders, who are given the opportunity to restart the station under the new format in the existing frequency 87.9 FM.

During the year a new station has soared to great heights — entered the TOP 10 most popular frequency of capital for daily coverage of up to 30 years. To win fans Like FM starting with the first days: innovative approach and ease with which everyone can broadcast themselves, had no analogues not only in Russia but throughout the world. “Listen to what you like!” — the motto of the really popular stations: according to the survey for February-April 2016, on a daily frequency Like FM tune 372 thousand Muscovites over the age of 12, and the weekly coverage of the station is 823 thousand.

Prospects of development we have the most ambitious — does not hide Denis. We are going to continue to work on our applications to develop them. I already see great interest in our project: we have been presented abroad and in Russia. And it turned out that there are many listeners who would Like to listen to FM in the city. In particular, the format became interested in Germany and in France. The idea was born to nowhere and thanks to the capabilities of the company in which she managed to run out already at the Federal and even world level.

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