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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Experts told, what is the main danger with electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes often do not help smokers to quit the habit, but rather attract those who are unlikely to have been Smoking a regular cigarette. To such conclusion the group of researchers under the leadership of Jessica Barrington-Trimis of the University of southern California in Los Angeles.

photo: pixabay.com

To understand are electronic cigarettes replace the usual, or they attract people who otherwise would not be Smoking, the researchers found that for twenty years has changed the number of smokers among students of the University of southern California, and tried to understand what factors could affect it.

As it turned out, since 1995, the number of smokers among the students of each year have become lower each change of course among the new “generation” of students less number of them have tried a cigarette. However, in 2014, according to the researchers, lovers of cigarettes did not become less, and in 2015 their number has even increased.

Researchers tend to associate this trend with the growing popularity of so-called electronic cigarettes that appeared in 2007. According to experts, the decline in the popularity of Smoking among students may be due to the fact that young people became more attentive to their health. However, electronic cigarettes are marketed as less harmful than regular, causing students who might not be smokers, be wealthy because of allowing myself to smoke e-cigarettes.

Scientists remind us that one of the declared purposes of the electronic cigarettes aid smokers to break the habit or at least mitigate the negative effect of it. However, in this respect, according to researchers, this fixture proved to be counterproductive, otherwise the number of smokers in 2015 would not increase.

The results of their research experts presented in the scientific journal Pediatrics.

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