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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Andrei Klimov: We are clearly tied to the development of the ABM and SNV

State Duma Deputy Andrey Klimov said about the conditions under which a ratified Treaty with the United States

January 11, 2011, 18:20

Text: Irina Kostyukova


“If the Americans will continue to develop missile defense, we will take the opportunity to withdraw from the Treaty,” – said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW Deputy Chairman of the international Committee of the state Duma Andrey Klimov. That is, according to the MP, the main amendment to the bill on ratification of the agreement about SNV-3, which is prepared in the state Duma.

On Wednesday the state Duma Committee on international Affairs will discuss at its meeting on the text of reservations to the Treaty start-3. The discussion should involve representatives of the foreign Ministry and the defense Ministry. The terms of councilors will be a symmetrical response to the actions of their American colleagues. Recall that signed in April by the presidents of Russia and the U.S. the Treaty was ratified by U.S. senators on December 23, but the ratification was not unconditional, it was accompanied by two resolutions, containing reservations.

The first resolution recognized the need to allocate $ 85 billion over the next 10 years to modernize the nuclear complex. The second informed the Russian government that the U.S. intends to continue to develop a missile defense system, and, according to senators, the preamble of the Treaty start-3 does not have to impose any legal restrictions on U.S. missile defense.

If the American BMD system will evolve without the participation of Russia, our country will be forced to withdraw from the Treaty start-3 and start increasing their combat capability, despite the recent agreement reached. This warned the Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Andrei Klimov (United Russia) in an interview with the newspaper LOOK.

Andrei Klimov

OPINION: Andrey Abramovich, on Wednesday at the Committee meeting, you will discuss the text of U.S. reservations to the Treaty start-3. Which of the proposed congressional amendments, the Duma can accept, and what not?

Andrei Klimov: the Important thing is that we’re going to do is to balance all has been said and written by our colleagues on Capitol hill. If they ratified this balanced document without any reservations, we would not have had to make. Now any change requires supporting documents mirror our response and our reactions mirror. We want to explain its position on each of the items of the contract.

OPINION: One of the main reservations proposed by U.S. senators, concerns the fact that the start-3 Treaty should not hinder the development of the American missile defense system. Do you agree with this proposal?

A. K.: We’re going to give the mirror the explanation and clarify that the start Treaty and development of missile defense – related stuff. And our Parliament will ratify the Treaty only if a clear linkage between the development of missile defense and start.

If the Americans in their politics, not on paper, will cease to bind these things and will continue to develop missile defense, we will take the opportunity to withdraw from the Treaty. And let’s do this. We will try to clearly define. Since we signed the Treaty of understanding, implying that these things are separate from each other is impossible.

OPINION: Obama has already promised to us senators to allocate $ 85 billion on upgrading nuclear forces of the United States in the next 10 years. For this solution you will be able to influence?

A. K.: we say that We, the Russian Federation, together with the United States, the European Union to build a joint missile defense system against threats from third countries. We say: let’s discuss it seriously, to engage experts.

We are ready to wait for a response. But if within a reasonable time we do not get any response or have some kind of ABM system without our participation, which will be able to lower our defense capability and security, we will be forced to take action, able to reduce these measures to zero.

But this means that in ten years could spark another arms race, which is also very bad and undesirable. Therefore, we clarify that if the missile defense system will be developed in conjunction with our country, we will support it with money and brains, if separate from us, then we will perceive it as a hostile force and as a result, get out of the start-3 Treaty.

If the system of our security will not be able to establish retaliation, using the same ammunition, we have to change the ammunition of the Russian troops. If it takes building up the defense of Russia against the Treaty, we still have to do it. And we’re talking about it too. If a joint missile defence system, these issues generally go by the wayside. So the link ABOUT and start the document we will specify necessary.

OPINION: Andrey Arkadyevich, and can it happen that the Russian parliamentarians will make its comments and reservations to the text of the Treaty, and the U.S. Congress – and each country will play by the rules, especially since the text of the Treaty has already been ratified in the US?

A. K.: Reservations will be made in the text of the Treaty, and in the text of the bill on the adoption of the Treaty. Theoretically, these documents can coexist as long as one side will break the balance, but not on paper, but in reality. If the President of the United States will conduct its policy in accordance with the text of the start-3 Treaty, the document will work and develop. If it will motivate their actions by the reservations of the Senate that may be contrary to our national reservations and interests, we just dezavuiruya this document and all the.

If the American side will show that we also play by the rules, they will have the right to withdraw from the Treaty just as we are. Then every country will begin to live by his own rules, and begin the arms race. But while talking about a specific list of amendments is impossible. We will place them only on the basis of discussions with representatives of the foreign Ministry and the defense Ministry.

Expert comments

Boris Mezhuev, a political scientist
Ratification of the start Treaty is, of course, the main result of the year’s gift for Russia, which was not guaranteed. Read more

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