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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Alexey Guskov has played as Finance Minister in the Italian “Confession”

The 51st international film festival in Karlovy vary brought three awards to the films in the production of which Russia participated. And this is a big event after the indifference shown towards our movies from the biggest festivals in Berlin, Cannes and Rotterdam.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

And the main award of the Karlovy vary Crystal globe went to Hungary. It marked the painting “This is not the best time of my life” Sabolich Hyde. The second largest prize in “Zoology” by Ivan Tverdovsky, Jr., taken in coproductie Russia, Germany and France. In June she was awarded at the Sochi Kinotavr “Elephant” Guild of film critics of Russia, and the Grand jury, headed by Nikolai Lebedev, was awarded the performer of the title role, Natalia Pavlenkova. But the overall picture was welcomed by the film community as something caution and without enthusiasm. In Karlovy vary has valued it highly, and there is no doubt that ahead of “Zoology” – a glorious fate. Already received invitations to the biggest festivals in Toronto and San Sebastian.

What sways of the winning film “Is not the best time of my life”, his on the festival rightly been compared to paintings by Bergman. Appropriate and Parallels with Chekhov, because Hajdu people also eat lunch, drink tea, and at this time are crumbling their fate. Sabolich Hyde, who played a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown, also noted the award for best actor. Slovak actress Zuzana, Maurer awarded for her role in the film of Jan Grzebyk “Teacher”. The best Director award went to the Slovenian Damjan Kozole for “Night life”, where a prosperous lawyer find on the highway mutilated. He was bitten to death by dogs. Next to his unfeeling body discovered the Dildo. The thread extends to the scandalous case about bestiality. At the same time bitten hero – 25 years of happy married life behind. Now his poor wife, who became the main heroine of the film, frantically trying to get rid of this thing: to remove mention of it from the records of the investigation. We must at all costs to save the reputation of the family.

Films from Russia were presented in several programs. So our film, which we so love to criticize, was in the festival trend.

The theme of “Zoology” by Ivan Tverdovsky, Jr. with her frustration over the unwillingness of society to accept and understand “alien” was well “orchestrated” festival in the special program “People next door” where they showed classic “Return home” American Hal Ashby, filmed in 1978, and the recent European tape “Come as you are”. Let the heroes of these paintings was the tail like Natasha from “Zoology”, their otherness have created problems in prosperous Europe and in the tolerant USA. The similarity between “Teacher” Jan Grzebyk and Student Kirill Serebrennikov who took part in the competition, not only in names but also in the story, the main characters, seeking to manipulate others. The difference in ages should not be embarrassed. 1983 in the socialist Czechoslovakia is not so very different from 2016 in modern Russia — manipulators working in a similar scheme. The point here is that the person imagines himself the conductor of the only true ideas. And it is not surprising that in the final picture of Grabaka teacher in our time again on duty and again reveals dissent.

In the program “East of West” won film “Strange house” debutante from Georgia Rusudan Glurjidze. She sends us in the 90-ies of the last century, when Georgia and Abkhazia started to return to life after the military conflict. The only Russian character is played by Olga Dykhovichnaya, and in the production of the film was attended by Russia. What only flattering epithets not awarded this work, with which only the paintings of the masters did not compare its visual solution. “Strange house” has received several admirable suggestions not only on festivals, but will probably be released in Europe and the United States. “Collector” Alexey Krasovsky presented in the same program, awarded the prize of the Federation of critics of Europe and the Mediterranean Fedeora. The main role roles brilliantly played by Konstantin Khabensky.

The Ecumenical jury noted Italian film “the Confession” by Roberto Ando featuring such European stars as Daniel Auteuil and Tony Servillo and Alexei Guskov in the role of the Russian Minister of Finance, arrived at the summit of “big eight”. Tony Servillo, who played an Italian monk by Ando, famous in the film “the Great beauty” Sorrentino. Together with Alexei Guskov in those days he was at the theatre festival in the Italian Spoleto, where Theatre. Vakhtangov played “Eugene Onegin”. Probably in the near future, Servillo will stage a performance in Moscow.

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