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Thursday, March 15, 2018

A failed referendum in Abkhazia became the political death of the local opposition

The Abkhaz referendum on early presidential elections may well enter the Guinness book of records because of record low turnout. Of the 133 thousand voters on sites were 1628 people, which is 1.23 percent. As predicted by the MC, Raul Khajimba won, the opposition compromised. But what significance all this may have for Russia?

photo: kremlin.ru

The opposition initiated a referendum not just failed, but failed miserably. I personally do not remember a single vote, the turnout which amounted to 1%. The CEC announced the final data sound like a joke. Anecdotal looks and the behavior of the opposition.

Before the vote, she called for a boycott of the referendum, which itself is achieved within a few months. The opposition can understand. Sensing defeat, she decided to pretend that “it was intended”. However, she can’t help. In Abkhazia all understand that the opposition is “disgraced.” And there’s “shame” has far more fatal consequences than we do. That somebody somehow “disgraced” in Abkhazia remember for decades.

In short, the project “opposition” in its current form can be closed. Moreover, some prominent opposition waiting for criminal charges for organizing riots at the interior Ministry in which people have suffered. The specter of color revolution drowned in the Black sea. Favorite city can sleep peacefully, and the runaway campers to return to the shelter of the Abkhazian magnolias. However, the confusion with the referendum has another, deeper meaning.

The current opposition is that the opposition, which in 2004 carried out in the Republic is quite successful “color revolution”. Today few people remember that in those presidential elections, Moscow openly supported Khajimba. But his opponents campaigned on criticism of Russian interference in the Affairs of Abkhazia and the ridicule of the clumsy actions of the “Kremlin PR”. So the loss Khajimba was perceived as another defeat of the Kremlin.

At that time it seemed that Russia is closely on all fronts. Just happened color revolution in Georgia from Adjara was kicked was considered a Russian puppet Abashidze. Have been growing in Ukraine the orange revolution. There is still Abkhazia, which, it would seem, entirely dependent on Moscow. Defeat after defeat. The prospect to find yourself in a dense ring of enemies, and then start losing is actually Russian territory, seemed very real.

After 10 years, Raul Khajimba eventually became Abkhazia’s President. Two years later, he is politically defeated those who made the fur fly in 2004. Of course, not to say that those who are today in power in Abkhazia, suffer some sort of special “Pro-Russian”. Rather, they can be attributed to the nationalists. However, the fact is the Republic is the head of the one Moscow wanted to see in this post. It let a small but symbolic victory…

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