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Monday, March 12, 2018

Where Onegin was you summer? Yes, in Italy, in Spoleto!

The famous Tony Servillo with his wife and children. Rimas Tuminas with the unexpected prize. Alexei Kuznetsov with a poetic impromptu, which recites Sergei Makovetskii – all to thunderous applause, the curtain descended at the Teatro Nuovo in Spoleto, where, July 10 completed the 59th festival of the Two worlds. Beautiful end charged “Eugene Onegin” of the Vakhtangov theatre. The Director of this non-standard forum Giorgio Ferrera will not give up in good taste – in the final, he meant the Russian classics in the best performance.

photo: Marina Raikin

Onegin by Dmitry Larin ( Sergei Makovetsky and Alexey Kuznetsov).

For me, the sanctions are not there, I hate him, ” he says, puffing on a cigarette, smokes endlessly spit the heat. And policy I hate. Therefore, Russian theater, the Vakhtangov , which I love, here.

Told, how cut off. Half an hour later he on the stage of the ancient theater will be awarded to Rimas Tuminas very small, but very expensive (in direct and figurative sense of the word) prize. And Spoleto, and his beloved brainchild, the festival survivor.

Lost Spoleto in Umbria among green hills and low mountains. Medieval town, the toy is under UNESCO protection, and the inhabitants there are only 40 thousand people, like in a Moscow district. And here in this town in late June-early July in squares, deep fried southern sun, set of a huge festival. Not only theater: in the poster – a lot of music, painting, sculpture, dance, cinema. And all this in total approximately area of 500 meters – step left/step right – a monument of history, which firmly established the art. For the cobblestone walls of the temples or near them – classical music concerts or ballet in the houses of the 12th century – exhibition Modeliai with a female portrait, Canova pattern and original plaster sculptures, from which went crazy his contemporaries in the late 18th century and the 21st continue to admire. Already played Emma Dante, Nyakroshus theatre ballet of Prague and many others.

History and modernity at the art forum in Spoleto enormous. I ask George, Ferrara:”And who of Russian yet you have been”. It turns out that most of the “defectors” – Nureyev, Baryshnikov, that made the theater nakrosius (now, however, Lithuania), and now – with Vakhtangov’s “Onegin.” It is worth saying that while the theater was flying in Spoleto, the Minister of culture Medinsky at a meeting with the President of Russia has called it at once the most effective theatre in Russia and from an artistic and from an economic point of view (ruble state earns two).

“Eugene Onegin”, this, without exaggeration, a masterpiece Tuminas Fererra saw in London a year ago and, as he says “crush”.


He reminds me of two great artists – Strehler at and Pina Bausch.

Yes, the taste of Mrs. Ferrara is excellent. But “Onegin” it is clearly risk – Pushkin, though translated in Italy for a long time and the first bust of the Sun of Russian poetry set, by the way, also in Italy, but in the stage version of the novel in verse are almost unknown. And for the Vakhtangov play on a big festival in a small town ambitious – too risk. After all, success in the United States, Germany, England, France, where a lot of lives of our compatriots with varying degrees of income and always coming to Russian theatre, “Onegin” of the Vakhtangov theatre spoiled. And in the tiny Spoleto among Russian audience at all. For Italians, the “Onegin” with its love story – a dark horse. A polyphonic interpretation of Rimas Tuminas with two Originali, two Lena pillars plus a corps de ballet, reflected in the huge mirror at the back with unsteady internalnotify and supernatural, generally confused all the cards.

Speaking of maps in Italy has a map of time. If in Milan, five minutes late ( why the capital of fashion is a German city in Rome – Roman half – norm. Farther South, the delay performance ( and only) increases. In Spoleto, 20 minutes is spent waiting. But Onegin starts and the first twenty minutes you can see how the Italians are trying to mount a running line on the screen above the stage with what is happening to her. Some not mounted.

In the meantime, behind the scenes… a Tense silence (accept, not accept?), although Sergei Makovetsky (he plays second performance the first Onegin was Alexey Guskov) goes past me, still without a coat (in this heat!), reads: “Where have you toiled all summer? Yes, in Italy! In Spoleto! “”You wrote?” – ask. “No, here the author goes”. Includes the author – Alexei Glebovich Kuznetsov.

Onegin backstage.

– Did you know that our Rimas was born the same day as Fellini? – he asks me.

Didn’t know, but it’s nice that the artist Tuminas on the day of his birth coincides neither God knows who (could also Mussolini) , and with the cinematic genius of the world – Federico Fellini.

Sam Rimas in Spoleto was only two and a half days and had to spend two full costumes of the rehearsal (the day the act), to watch the first show and stay, they are not very happy ( unlike the public). And also get a prize – a pen with a gold pen company Mont Blanc, which is named for some reason “Leo Tolstoy”. And flew to China, where it is Vilnius Small theatre shows three performances at the festival in Beijing.

photo: Marina Raikin
Hussar (Vladimir Simonov) and dance class.

The pen name of Tolstoy he receives before the performance on stage, and the Rimas says: “wow, Pushkin never was in Italy, he further Moldavia in General did not go – was banned. Only his drama “Onegin”,it turns out, arrived”.

Giorgio, after all, why did you choose to show Pushkin, not Chekhov or Dostoevsky, which abroad know more Pushkin? – ask the Director of the festival.

It is because few know. This educational mission of culture.

In General, the first performance of the Russian proves to me once again the reality of the victory hill “Gypsy mail” (i.e. word of mouth) over a powerful Internet resource. For the last two play the influx of the audience was unexpected even for the organizers : a luxurious hall, with five tiers and a painted ceiling looked the same on Pushkin:”the stalls already full. Lodge Shine” — or gleaming bare shoulders – heat. The Italian audience in the theatre beautifully dressed, in shorts and no walks.

From Rome came the famous Tony Servillo (film “the Great Beauty” and others). After the applause rises to the artists. With him is his wife, an interesting blonde in a bright green dress to the floor and two sons, as the educated man’s name he is in the first place, and quite unexpectedly, sheepishly admits :

– I’m not at ease, don’t even know what to say. I couldn’t do that.

Shared laughter and shared the memory. Find out the Vakhtangov is Tony serious types: he may put in Moscow performance and it will play.

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