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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Video shot down in Syrian helicopter allows you to restore the picture of the battlefield

Combat helicopter was shot down in Syria, near Palmyra. Killed two Russian pilot. According to the defense Ministry, the helicopter was Syrian, and our pilots carried out its test flight. Judging by the video, which appeared online, the car was hit at a time when attacked the positions of militants of the unguided rockets.

photo: youtube.com

According to the official version of the Ministry of defense, July 8, Russian military instructor pilot to Rafagat Khabibullin and E. Dolgin conducted an overflight of Syrian Mi-25 (export version of Mi-24) in the province of HOMS. Typically, these overflights are carried out after the machine has passed the scheduled maintenance, to determine compliance characteristics. During the flight the pilots received a request from the Syrians to help the fire to disrupt the attack of militants near Palmyra. Given that Palmyra also located in the province of HOMS, while the approach was minimal. Pilots attacked terrorists and their lives disrupted the advance of the militants.

Appeared in Network video, which filmed the helicopter crash that car loses control and crashes after a shell hits the tail boom. There was speculation that the helicopter was shot down by American anti-tank missile system (ATGM) in TOW. However, not all such findings agreed.

Military expert Viktor Murakhovsky said the “MK” that he doubted that the helicopter was shot down by ATGM.

— According to the outbreak, it was not anti-complex because it has a warhead charge of about 6 kg, the video also flash from the explosion is much less visible, — the expert believes. It is possible that the helicopter worked, or automatic small-caliber gun, or a portable anti-aircraft missile systems (MANPADS).

According to Murakhovsky, head guidance MANPADS reacts to the heat from the engine, but the attack of the complex work and the approach to the reflective metallic surfaces. Therefore, the missile can hit the target, hitting not only in the engine itself.

photo: youtube.com
The photos show how the projectile hits the tail boom of the helicopter, after which he lights and drops.

— It is evident that the helicopters worked as a couple — “master–slave”. The footage shows that was hit by a “lead”. A pair of turntables led to the firing of unguided rockets (NAR) and the guns, apparently, the pilots reflect a breakthrough of the groups of the ISIS at Palmyra. According to the staff, it is clear that the helicopter was shot down in the time of the attack, and shooting infrared traps goes after its completion, starting with the battle turning and leaving for their positions, — said murakhovski.

One can only speculate whether the interaction of our pilots from the Syrian units, limiting a breakthrough on the ground. The helicopter at the forefront is always the real goal, despite booking and defensive systems. Of course, pilots use and maneuvering under the radar, and shooting of heat traps, as did the lost crew, but it only reduces the probability of hitting.

— Helicopters, of course, necessary in order to engage in direct air support of their units. Even when on the ground their troops, with which a smooth interaction, when all understand each other, it’s still a big risk, — said the expert. — When the helicopters are working directly to support, it is always a tool of combined arms commander, he ensures their combat use and cover of land. In addition, for the helicopter crew should be designated band of flight, direction of impact, with them must be supported by continuous interaction in the Network. It is a complex system of combined arms combat, where a lot depends on each other.

photo: youtube.com

Even if the interaction between “ground” and “air” worked almost to perfection, tragic incidents can still occur. Because helicopters operate at low and extremely low altitude, directly in the forefront, over the heads of his troops. Risks repeatedly increase if this interaction is not there and the pilots had to fight for himself and for “that guy”.

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