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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The NATO summit marked a new phase of confrontation with Russia

The participants of the NATO summit was committed to a constructive relationship with Moscow. But one of the main outcomes of the Warsaw meeting was the expansion of its military presence near Russian borders. According to experts, statements by NATO’s unwillingness to quarrel with the Eastern neighbour remain at the level of rhetoric, and actions of the Alliance proves that Russia is the enemy.

After two days of the NATO summit in Warsaw, the participants adopted a final Declaration. Among other things it States that NATO is committed to a constructive relationship with Russia “when Russia’s actions will make it possible.” The authors of the document argue that the decisions of the summit are fully consistent with international obligations and cannot be considered as a violation of the act Russia-NATO.

“All the rhetoric in Warsaw just cries out for the desire almost to declare war on Russia. They only talk about protection, but in fact are preparing for an offensive”

“We remain committed to a policy of open doors, which helped to strengthen the Alliance and contributed to the establishment of the Euro-Atlantic security”, – the document says.

In the document, NATO expresses its readiness to discuss with Russia our missile defense system if Moscow show willingness to engage. “We have many times explained to Russia that the system of protection against ballistic missiles cannot counter the Russian strategic deterrence and no intention in the future to make changes to the system, so she could have this option. Despite this, the Russian statements threatening to make allies with the purpose of protection from ballistic missiles, the unacceptable and counterproductive,” – said in a communiqué.

At the beginning of the second day, the participants in the informal discussions supported the holding of a meeting of the Council NATO – Russia (NRC) on July 13. As noted by the sources on the sidelines, any decisions with respect to Russia was not adopted. The NRC was frozen two years ago, after the aggravation of the situation in Ukraine.

“The leaders unanimously declared that we need a firm and United position on Russia’s actions. The leaders were also unanimous in supporting a dual approach of NATO’s strong defence and dialogue. The leaders also reviewed the actions of Russia in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova and other Eastern partners”, – said the source.

In turn, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg underlined that does not see Russia as a direct threat to the Alliance. According to him, NATO is no longer Russia’s strategic partner, but is not in a state of cold war with her. And now NATO’s relationship with Russia should be based “on defense and dialogue.” “We all stand as a United front in our approach, based on serious and reliable defense and a constructive dialogue. And I am very pleased to note the seriousness of this signal and how we share this idea” – said Stoltenberg.

About Ukraine at the summit spoke little, and often in the margins. Before the end of the event Stoltenberg met with Ukrainian President Poroshenko. But the Internet is used mostly discussed the hole in the toe of the Ukrainian leader than the vague prospects of the introduction of Kiev into the Alliance. However, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski saw a growing conviction of the Alliance of the need to accept Ukraine. “The issue of Ukraine is in a phase of internal discussion,” the Minister explained.

Back in the spring, the media reported that instead of the “action plan for membership at this summit Ukraine will propose the formula of “associate partnerships”. Samovarnika on the eve of the US President for national security Ben Rhodes suggested that Ukraine should fulfill a number of conditions to meet certain criteria. In the case of the Kiev all the requirements the process will take up to ten years. Although according to Ukrainian defense Minister Stepan Poltorak, the national army will meet the NATO standards almost to the end of 2020. On Sunday, Poroshenko signed a decree on creation of the Commission on coordination of Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine.

In Warsaw also came Ukrainian MP Nadezhda Savchenko. She participated in the expert forum. During his speech, the Governor said that thanks to NATO the balance is maintained, the world is still not unipolar. She thanked NATO for protection against “Russian aggression”.

The decisions of the summit

The result of the first day was a formal decision to create four multinational battalions (each composed of a thousand people) in Poland and the Baltic sea on a rotating basis. Stoltenberg stressed that the troops will deploy on a rotational basis (this is done in order not to violate the terms of the Founding Act Russia – NATO). Soldiers in Latvia will receive the Canada, Lithuania, Germany, Estonia, the United Kingdom, and Poland – USA. The process will begin next year. Command of the divisions will take the “framework nation” – a major NATO countries.

In addition, Stoltenberg has announced the release of a missile defense system in Europe at the initial level of readiness. “This means that the US Navy ships based in Spain, radar in Turkey and interception system in Romania can now work agreed under NATO command and control,” explained the Secretary General.

At the same time, a senior NATO official on condition of anonymity, said that the Alliance is not going to tolerate Russia plans to create no-fly zones air defence, affecting the territory of NATO countries and their interests. According to “Interfax”, NATO has prepared a package of measures to ensure freedom of movement of the armed forces of the Alliance. The source noted that Russia has created with the latest missile systems s-400 a few “forbidden zones” which partly cover the territory and waters of NATO countries.

As he wrote in February, media reports, Russia uses the s-400 system at military bases in Kaliningrad region and the Crimea, whose range also covers a considerable part of the Baltic and Black seas, creating a no-fly zone for NATO aircraft. Moreover, it was noted that the supply of batteries of s-300 to Iran will create a similar zone in the middle East.

On the opening day of the summit, President Barack Obama announced the deployment in Poland on a rotational basis of 1 thousand American military personnel. According to him, America will play a leading role in the presence of NATO forces in Poland, where it was decided to place the command center, coordinating the actions of the battalions of the Alliance in Eastern Europe.

Only Poland will send more than 10 thousand soldiers, as reported by the foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski.

As explained by the acting assistant Secretary of defense Elissa Slotkin, by the end of next year, the United States deployed in Europe of equal size division of forces and means. And all this is done “in the interests of deterrence.” However, she added, “the flip side of the same coin – the dialogue”. “I think our President and several other leaders noted the importance of maintaining open doors for dialogue, particularly with Russia,” she added.

NATO begins implementation of new multi-purpose operations” “Sea guardian (Sea Guardian) in the Mediterranean sea. The Alliance will collect information about the environment, “counter-terrorism and capacity building”. “We intend to work closely with the operation of the European Union “Sophia” (the interception of vessels with irregular migrants) in the Central part of the Mediterranean”, – said Stoltenberg.

The fall will be announced the decision to expand air and naval presence of NATO in the black sea region. Now these decisions will be worked through NATO experts on military planning.

Russia – not the enemy

In a different vein, the summit was made by the French leader Francois Hollande, who called Russia a partner. “NATO has no authority to say what should be Europe’s relations with Russia. For France, Russia is not a threat and not an enemy,” said the French President.

In the same spirit expressed by the Belgian foreign Minister Didier Reynders, whose words, NATO should consider changing its position on Russia in case the Minsk agreement, as the dialogue is important for the situation in Syria and Iraq. He was supported by the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, said the need of the dialogue of the Alliance with Moscow. “This is not a summit against someone, the target is not in this,” he said.

Another result of the summit was the signing of the EU-NATO Declaration on cooperation. Their signatures under the document was signed by Stoltenberg, European Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. Decided to combine the resources of the EU and NATO “to respond to common challenges, including migration, hybrid threats or cyber attacks.”

“Summit of deception”

Moscow does not hide the fact that the summit was “heightened interest”. The Kremlin said that “Russia was and is open to dialogue, interested in cooperation – but only mutually beneficial and based on mutual interests.” As noted by the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov in Moscow “with great regret” perceive statements by senior representatives of individual countries – in particular, the Minister of defence of Poland. “On the other hand, we are trying to look and sound grain, which, for example, readily visible in today’s remarks, Mr Stoltenberg about the need of maintaining contacts, the lack of immediate threat from Russia and so on,” Peskov said yesterday.

However, the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev called the meeting in Warsaw summit of deception, as the only his decision based on false statements about certain threats from Russia. “Only high-profile decision of the NATO summit on the location of the four battalions in Poland and the Baltic States it is unlikely that it will change radically in our relationship. It’s like that to build a dam in the wilderness, protection from danger, which is not. We are afraid of not soldiers, but by politicians, who, knowing that the threat from Russia is not fooled millions of people. Warsaw summit is a summit of fraud,” Kosachev wrote in Facebook.

A former President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev saw action Alliance, steps from the cold war to the preparation of the actual war. “All the rhetoric in Warsaw just cries out for the desire almost to declare war on Russia. They only talk about protection, but in fact are preparing for offensive actions”, – he said.

“NATO has shown a complete helplessness”

The expert of Association of military political analysts, the associate Professor of political science and sociology REU named after Plekhanov Alexander perendzhiev also convinced that NATO duplicitous game. If in the official documents of the Alliance calls Russia potential threat along with ISIS*, then the words declares the unwillingness to see Russia as the enemy.

“The alleged official documents give the Alliance the opportunity to receive further funding to develop the infrastructure near the Russian borders. All of this suggests that the summit had two directions: internal and external. For internal content be accepted documents in which it was emphasized that Russia – the enemy. As for the external factor officials make statements that NATO does not want to quarrel with Russia”, – said perendzhiev the newspaper VIEW.

At the same time NATO, according to experts, trying to analyse the development of the international situation, particularly with regard to the security of Europe itself. But it is obvious that within the EU there is a terrorist threat and the Alliance should primarily deal with internal security. Symbolic in this respect was the tragedy in Dallas, where it was killed and several police officers. A similar position is shared by international observers, noting that the Alliance has long ceased to be an instrument of collective defense and stability in the world.

“Did the thousands of troops needed on the borders with Russia? Maybe soon in the USA, so there’s not a shot at police?” – asks the expert.

Alexander perendzhiev convinced that NATO is much easier to recognize the enemy is Russia and to show its readiness to counter it than to rebuff international terrorism. “NATO has shown a complete helplessness in Brussels, Paris…They will continue to demonstrate this weakness and inability to confront the terrorist threat, they are weak and helpless in this respect, therefore, they prefer to say that they oppose Russia,” – said the expert.

Another illustrative event of the summit was the signing of the act of interaction between NATO and the European Union. According to Perendija, such agreement will allow NATO to use the resources of the European countries, not members of the Alliance. It is primarily a question of Austria, Sweden and Finland. “This Treaty will make the EU is an appendage of NATO, because in the course of this interaction to control the decisions and to dominate the United States,” – said the expert, sums up what the summit can be considered a self-deception of European States.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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