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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The NATO summit identified two ways for Russia

In Warsaw on Saturday ended a two-day NATO summit. The Alliance, on the one hand, accused Russia that its recent actions and policies have lowered the level of stability and security,” and stated that it will continue to strengthen the defense and to deter threats in all directions. On the other — said he was ready for constructive dialogue and cooperation with Russia. In this context, to expect the Council Russia–NATO on July 13, “MK” asked the experts.

photo: pixabay.com

In addition to the articulated position in Russia the outcome of the summit was the Declaration on the deployment in Eastern Europe and the black sea region of additional NATO forces. The following year a battalion numbering 1,000 will be deployed in Poland and the Baltic States. For the formation of battalions and the command will reply “the leading nation”: Canada — Latvia, Germany, Lithuania, UK, Estonia, and the United States — in Poland. NATO has promised to closely monitor the situation in the Black, Baltic and Mediterranean seas, as well as in the North Atlantic. As noted in the text of the final Declaration, the Alliance faces a growing threat in all these regions, including in connection with increased military activity of Russia, which “challenges of regional security”.

Alexei MAKARKIN, Vice-President of the Center for political technologies:

The objective of the event, which involved forces from different positions, to reach a compromise. The results of the compromise can be called.

The expectations of the members of the Alliance when the preparation was different. There are members of NATO — France, Italy and several other countries. And there are countries that perceive Russia as a threat and insist that protected them — Poland and the Baltic countries. The result of the summit is a symbolic military presence of the battalions. Their number is small, so it’s not a real threat, and a signal that these countries are protected by NATO.

The solution in Ukraine can be called a compromise. There are countries who say that Ukraine should actively attract to NATO, there are countries that would like to forget about it in a military context. Therefore, Ukraine did not close the door, but did not break. In the foreseeable future, its membership in NATO is impossible, but who knows what will happen in 15-20 years.

For the results to be expected. Yeah, she doesn’t like the trend of increased military presence of NATO on the territories that Russia considers important, including in the black sea region. But to go to the conflict is not going to. Russia would like to build relations with Western countries, and the conflict it does not need.

Now Russia and NATO test each other’s strength and with the help of aviation, and with the help of warships, such strength tests can end badly. Therefore, the Council of 13 July parties establish the rules that reduce the number of actions that can lead to collisions of airplanes and ships.

Dmitry DANILOV, head of European security Department Institute of Europe Russian Academy of Sciences:

— When Poland and the Baltic States joined the Alliance, they said that their goal is not only to “flee to Europe”, but also to obtain assurances from NATO for protection from Russia. Now this line in the Alliance increased, the opposing camp “for European security and cooperation” seriously loses. This status quo was enshrined in the decision of the Warsaw summit.

Now the task including an upcoming Council Russia–the NATO to determine whether we follow the path of mutual deterrence, labeled “the cold war”, or we say that it does not suit anyone, and look for new outlets. We see that Russia is not ready to go to the aggravation of relations, and NATO, in turn, recognizes the need for dialogue and search for common ground. It is possible that the non-public Council will discuss concrete mechanisms for the implementation of the Minsk agreements, including with the use of NATO.

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