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Monday, March 19, 2018

Russia and the United States decided to return to the Geneva plan on Syria

Moscow and Washington have agreed to revive a plan for a peaceful settlement in Syria

24 APR 2013, 13:58

Text: Anna Analbaev


U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry and Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei Lavrov had agreed to look for ways of revival of the Syrian peace plan, which envisages the establishment of a transitional Syrian government. However, between Moscow and Washington are still contradictions regarding the departure of President Bashar al-Assad.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry at the meeting in Brussels, the meeting agreed to revive the peace plan in Syria, according to Reuters.

We are talking about reached in June last year in Geneva accords foreign Ministers of the countries – permanent members of the UN security Council and representatives of neighbouring States Syria to establish a transitional Syrian government that would include representatives of the opposition. The plan also suggested the possibility of revising on the basis of a national dialogue the Syrian Constitution, after which it was planned to hold the country’s multi-party elections and form new government agencies.

Earlier, Lavrov said that the West is growing awareness of the threat of maintaining the status quo in Syria. “If all efforts to establish dialogue are blocked, as it was with the breakdown of the mission of the Arab League, the failure of the UN observer mission in Syria, and that continues with the Geneva communiqué, this clearly shows who and how is trying to derail any hopes and smother any glimmer of hope,” he said, warning that if this “bet on the war to the bitter end will continue, the radicals will prevail”.

In addition, Lavrov said that the partners grows and the feeling that all this will end very badly. “Should everyone who is fighting to force to stop the violence, to sit down at the negotiating table and to establish a transitional governing body, said the Minister. – Therefore, we are now looking for practical agreements that will begin the implementation of the Geneva communiqué – there is no ambiguity there is, the document is not subject to any conflicting interpretation.”

“Time is not on our side, because every day perishes more people, but I feel a greater sense of urgency for moving from words to real actions, – said Lavrov. I hope we will soon see additional movement on the part of those who still doubted”.

To avoid the Iraqi scenario

Kerry, in turn, noted that between Russia and the United States remain divided on the question of how and when the Syrian President must go”, but “no differences in terms of the necessity of ending the conflict.”

“The ability to search for diplomatic solutions to the Syrian conflict exist, and we are studying them,” said Kerry, adding that the settlement of the Syrian conflict is not in the hands of the United States, Russia or the President of Syria, and in the hands of the people of Syria.”

In addition, the Secretary of state said that Washington does not have yet enough information to confirm the fact of use of chemical weapons in Syria. “However, we are convinced that any suspicions regarding the possible use of chemical weapons, require thorough investigation,” he said.

However, Lavrov called on to immediately investigate experts on the place any data on the use of chemical weapons in Syria, otherwise, in his opinion, it would be an attempt to politicize the situation, as in Iraq.

Lavrov recalled that immediately after the appearance of information on the use of near Aleppo chemical weapons Russia backed the request of the Syrian government, “the UN Secretary-General organized the immediate direction of experts to undertake investigations on the ground.”

“But then there was the attempt by some Western members of the UN security Council this issue to politicize, and instead to direct the command to a specific place in Aleppo, as it is, in fact, promised immediately to the General Secretary, they demanded that the Syrian government allow this group access to any sites across Syrian territory, interrogate any citizen,” continued the foreign Minister.

“It was a bit too much,” – said the Minister.

In his opinion, is an attempt “to put Syria in front of the same requirements that have been launched by Iraq, when Iraq was looking for nuclear weapons, not chemical”.

As reported by the newspaper VIEW, earlier Tuesday, a senior Israeli military intelligence said that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against the armed opposition. In addition, on 19 April, The Washington Post reported about the found evidence of the use of government forces of Syria’s chemical weapons. Meanwhile, Syrian authorities claim that the chemical weapons used by the opposition.

The return of the fanatics

Meanwhile, radical Islamic groups are currently conducting in the countries of the European Union search and recruitment of volunteers to participate in the fighting in Syria. This was announced on Wednesday on air of the British radio station BBC, the coordinator of the EU counter-terrorism Gilles de Kerchove.

“We are talking about hundreds of young people that extremists are working to turn them into fanatics and to send to Syria,” he stressed. – So take them in groups associated with “al-Qaeda”.

In this regard, there is a danger that, after returning from Syria, these former fighters of the terrorist cells will continue their activities, but only in the EU member States. Among the countries where there is the greatest flow of volunteers to Syria, the coordinator of the EU called the UK, Ireland, France and Belgium.

According to the coordinator, the competent services of the European Union strengthen the control over passengers travelling to the Middle East and North Africa and returning from them. This measure is intended to identify those who could fight in Syria and go there for terrorist training.

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