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Monday, March 19, 2018

How do we return to Ukraine

It’s been two years since the date of Slavyansk Russian Bob Denar and historical reenactor Igor Strelkov. Ever since the Donbass lives in a divided state — half of the territory controlled by Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics, the other half chooses the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, as, for example, Slavyanoserbsk, where 17 July there will be a by-election in single-mandate district in Lugansk region. One half went into rubles and has got its own passports, DPR-LPR, which is without problems allowed in Russia, while inhabitants of the other half of the region have worked tirelessly to prove to the Ukrainian authorities that they are not separatists. And this feeling of inferiority in relation to the citizens of “mainland Ukraine” helps to support at high level the real separatist sentiment. This, of course, makes it impossible for any reintegration of Donbass, even in part controlled by Kiev at the moment areas. The last Poroshenko’s visit, which occurred there the other day, it evident. No specifics, in addition to clashes around the still not restored (albeit financed) TV tower on mount Karachun in the suburbs of Slavyansk to resume full broadcasting of Ukrainian channels (it’s two years after the return of control!) Yes, the statement of impossibility of the organization no investment in the Donbass in its current state — here are all the results of the visit of the Ukrainian President.

Of course, the main question the past two years, sounds much more global — why we lost Ukraine. As it so happened that the seemingly most that neither is a close and dear, the former Federal Republic has become almost an enemy. No wonder, according to the latest poll by the Levada center, our fellow citizens will surely be called the Ukraine in the three main enemies of Russia immediately after the United States and before Turkey. The alarm bell would be an important warning to the Russian authorities in terms of the growth of anti-Ukrainian sentiments in a multiethnic country, where Ukrainians are the third after the Russian and Tatar ethnicity. In contrast to the Ukrainian public opinion for a long time and safely with the incredible efforts of the local media stepped through the Rubicon (not)fraternal relations with Russia, the domestic society is still teetered on the brink. Too strong family ties that hold from such nonsense, trudnosravnimyh in our case. Yes, and her aunt, who lives in Dnepropetrovsk, who have not communicated for two years of “political considerations”, recently called messy repented and offered to put up. Although you are actually with her and not fighting. Just a man at some point decided not to communicate with their relatives-the”Muscovites” from the country”aggressor”.

The character of Ukrainian flexible, involves a relatively quick and painless change of attitude from love to hate and back. Because and easy, pleasant. Another thing — our Northern temper — if we become the enemy now hold. Because of that, and we can not in any case move the line related to the Ukrainians, which, alas, sometimes passed some domestic media, the artificially (and sometimes unconsciously) vozgonaetsa streams of hatred to do the brotherly people. Otherwise, when my four year old son Myron Bondarenko goes to school, his classmates can beat the name for the Ukrainian. Why, you see, is not desirable.

Yes, at this point I must honestly admit that we lost the Ukraine, particularly the generation of “minus 35”, because it is not worked with him. Moscow has decided to withdraw from the political perimeter, first occupied by, and he naturally rushed to the other poles, Americans and others. Now, coming to his senses, leading around the eyes with the dumb question “why?” we have a simple to the obscene response. Geopolitics is algebra and physics relations among countries and peoples. She knows love, she knows the rules. One of them is the inevitable replacement of any sudden vacuum new matter. And with this rule, I’m afraid we still have no time to deal in other allied spaces.

A fundamentally different question — what to do in order to return to Ukraine? Because there is no alternative. Who would not say, after all we are not India with Pakistan and Israel with Palestine. I have such an insurmountable civilizational differences and historical animosity, implicated in sectarian strife, as between Serbs and Croats. Because of that, alternatives to the return of love and friendship between Ukrainians and Russians simply do not. How to distinguish a “crest” from “Moskal” — apparently the same, speak the same language (Russian), go one (Moscow) Church. The only serious point that could be the beginning of a civilizational fault is the creation of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Church, with the transfer to it of the parishes of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate. But it requires the consent of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, who, even though a Turkish citizen, and even from the time Yushchenko gives blessings to the Ukrainian autocephaly.

Of course, this process will take years. Russia will gradually return to the soft and gentle force in their front and back yards, underbelly. This will require you to invest a maximum of aboutporsche art, talent and money. Love Ukraine. To Understand Ukraine. Or at least show it. Otherwise, all the same will be done by other the extent of their understanding of the task of deterrence of our country along the borders. To do this, here and now, we need to formulate a great national idea for Ukraine, which may be based solely on a sense of belonging to a small Ukrainian something great. Something like that was for him the dream of the European Union — a large, rich and reliable. But, alas for him, it is crumbling before my eyes crisis workers and attacks, and now Brakeset doing their job. Before the Ukrainian was part of the great project called “USSR”, the rules in it in the 60-70, lived a relatively good life. But then the tragedy of the 90s turned him from our country. Presented Russia’s most unsettled and a poor fragment of the Union. And still it is these ideas about life in Russia is actively supported in the public consciousness.

The most sensitive issue today is Ukraine — the end of war and long-awaited peace. The recent Ukrainian opinion polls showed for the first time in two years, the improvement of relations with Russia, are connected with this — the desire to bring peace to Ukrainian land, to make peace with Donbass. The Minsk peace initiative and its promotion is the only recipe for achieving this. Recently at the Brandenburg gate in Berlin had a chance to see the clear plastic car on wheels with a proposal to “Ask about the Transatlantic trade partnership. This is the same Treaty that the US for that year, impose Europe, where the main stumbling block has been the position of German business, rightly fearing American competition on its own market. So, to overcome this, the Americans through a network of partner non-governmental organizations staged an advertising campaign explaining the benefits of this agreement to the Germans. What prevents to initiate a similar campaign to explain the provisions of the Minsk agreement on Ukraine? Of course, some of these trailers, whether they are in Kiev, you can suffer from the hands of vandals, but the very fact that a proposal to talk about the world and the ways of its attainment will be an important challenge for those tired of the alarmism and militarism of cheap Ukrainian society. Who would like to do? In my humble opinion, Russia is long overdue to move away from the formula of “no friends except for the army and Navy and to educate and support the most “friends” on the well-known formula from enemies into neutrals, neutrals into friends, working at the interface of interest. But it takes time. And the shortage of time and remain friends only “polite people”, which might apply only in exceptional historical situations — such are the laws of geopolitical physics of the XXI century.

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