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Monday, March 19, 2018

Ermolov theater live football

On the eve of the final of the world Cup football spirit Teatr – ermolovoy – closed 90-th season. We wanted to do without the show. But the artistic Director and the main defender of the team of actors on football Oleg Menshikov with his story of victories of the team brought the audience so much that they joy began to shout, whistle and stomp. In General, the hall on Tverskaya turned into the stadium which was awarded to the attackers of numerous luminaries and talented youngsters), and the fans proud of them tore his throat.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Closing of the season is, in fact, a report before the audience that made the theatre. And he did well. On the Main stage presented two premieres: “the Suicide” by Nikolai Erdman directed by Denis Azarov and “Lucky” Austrian dramaturges Constance Denning. This work of Oleg Menshikov, eight years is not acting as dramatic Director, theatrical Moscow waited trembling and approved. On the New stage gave four new plays (“Nameless star”, “Elizabeth BAM”, “Event”, “Return home”), different in content but related almost invisible semantic threads.

Meanwhile, in the anniversary program “Ermolov + Ermolovy” artists held recitals, where he played what they want, what they dream about. But in addition to the 90-th anniversary of the theater and the 85th anniversary of people’s artist of the USSR Vladimir Andreev, noted and two fives Oleg Menshikov. If there were a rating of anniversaries, Menshikov, would have been most unorthodox, and therefore the best.

Jubilee went and solo exhibitions about his life, his work. Tearu also dedicated exposure. “Cheers” she was in the coach house Bakhrushin Museum, then in the theater lobby and in Gum. In parallel, Ermolova organized and held a football tournament “CUP ERMOLOVA”, which took second place. Well it played, the athletes of the capital’s theatres. Among them: Pushkin, Mayakovsky theatre, Fomenko, Lenk, RAMT, Moscow art theatre and the Commonwealth of Taganka actors.

But Ermolov artists take the award for playing on the field or on the stage. Oleg Menshikov four years ago invented and established a prize to Director Andrei Lobanov (he headed the theatre after the war), and he awarded the winners. Among them, the balance is as follows: best actress – Tatyana Govorova (awarded the theatre prize “Moskovsky Komsomolets” for Michaella “Lucky”), best actor – Nikita Tatarenkov, best play – “Lucky”. Menshikov has established another subjective award of the artistic Director – “Out of competition”, which will be given annually to outstanding employee of the theater. This time she found the actor Andrei Popov together with a precious ring and 50 thousand rubles. The award ceremony was held under the cheers of the audience, whistling and stomping.

The 90th season of the Yermolova theatre officially ended with the award ceremony Andrei Lobanov (18 photos)

Yes, I love the theater. We have to admit that today he is really very good in many respects: the cash, the quantity and quality of the Prime, work. And what is very important – the atmosphere. Thing the creative team shaky (today and tomorrow look – as usual), but really influencing the creative process. In addition, here the high number of mods. Even the technical staff carries the latest collections of leading brands. The style certainly sets himself artistic Director. Menshikov always dressed immaculately, even Sapanca he combined with accessories of shoes, not to mention the sumptuous costumes.

– Oleg Evgenyevich, on the eve of the world Cup final who do you support?

I haven’t decided yet (laughs). At this time, many showed a decent game and our bad.

– We were expecting that the jubilee theatre season closes with recital.

– Oh, it goes somewhere into the distance and turns in the old. Me no longer like. Everything is repeated 100 times. In the best case would suit a funny skit, but we did not come up. And are to blame for this. But had a holiday to ourselves: we rented a boat, sailed down the river for 8 hours, swam and had fun. Better that than to turn the evening into officialdom.

– What are your plans for next season?

– October 15, we will present the premiere of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”, where I play the title role. And anyway the Prime will be a lot. To slow down we’re not going. All in the next season not less than this.

Yes, this season we were surprised by the quality and quantity of Prime: six of them, and each is good in its own way. It turns out that the score 6:0 in favor Ermolova.

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