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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Women in power: British Prime Minister will call Teresa or Andrea

UK finalists – or, if you prefer finalists – the race for the post of head of the government. They were the Minister of internal Affairs of great Britain Theresa may and Junior energy Minister Andrea Leeds – they received 199 votes and 84 members of Parliament respectively. It is expected that the name of the new head of the Cabinet of great Britain will be known on September 9. Anyway, it is already clear that the British government in the second time – after Margaret Thatcher – will be headed by a woman. That fits in the conventional trend: the Germans have repeatedly affirmed its confidence in Angela Merkel, in the US the chances to take the presidency from Hillary Clinton, Helen Clark or Irina Bokova designate the post of Secretary General of the United Nations…

photo: AP

Photo: Theresa may

Theresa may in the UK is exceptional not only fellow party members from among the MPs is leading the polls. As for British political circles, they firmly believe may have sufficient competence for the post of Prime Minister. And it’s difficult to argue.

As head of the Ministry of internal Affairs it is already 6 years – a considerable period, especially adjusted for the specific office (and the British security forces rightly considered to be one of the most professional in Europe). In addition, two years of the six may have combined the duties of the interior Minister with the post of Minister for women and equality.

She is also not shy in stating that he is able to rally the ruling Conservative party and ready to take on the burden of head of the government in such a difficult for the United Kingdom period.

As you know, the election of the new Prime Minister stood up in great Britain after the statement of the current Prime Minister David Cameron about the desire to retire. This decision he took in connection with the victory of the eurosceptics, who spoke out for the Kingdom’s exit from EU (so-called Brexit) in the referendum of June 23.

Interestingly, Mei during the preparation to vote in the Brexit was supported by Cameron, calling to keep the membership in the EU. However, unlike the current Prime Minister, which many in the footsteps of his resignation was accused of cowardice, the interior Minister is not exchanged for extra movement. “Brexit Brexit means,” she claims, making it clear that you should not rely on “second referendum”, the possible disagreement of the Parliament with the voting and “veto” of the Queen and other realistic and not too “back”.

Strength of character may, along with its chances to occupy the post of Prime Minister has led to what some have prematurely compare it with the “Iron lady” Margaret Thatcher, but it would be appropriate banality “wait and see”.

Who will take the post of Prime Minister of great Britain — may or Leeds – will be known on September 9. Up to this point one hundred and fifty thousand members of the Conservative party by mail will vote for one of the ladies, whose candidacy first had to approve the members of Parliament.

photo: AP
Photo: Andrea Leeds

While it is clear that the chances of Leeds is low. Perhaps the reason the scandal 2014. Then Leeds has held the post of economic Secretary to the UK Treasury – in a press there were allegations of abuse of official position and use of offshore schemes in the interests of the company her husband Ben Ledsom.

In addition, a major role can play and her views on Brexit. Unlike Mae, Leeds from the very beginning, the political debate on Brexit was in the camp of the opponents of Britain’s membership in the EU. It is logical to assume that those who voted for the preservation of the status quo, the person may, even with reservations, will be more acceptable than Leeds.

Anyway, no one today is not particularly surprised by the fact that heads of States and governments become ladies. But women’s suffrage was introduced recently in historical terms: in 1893 in New Zealand.

So if you do not see women as monarchs, elected posts Damai vervie began to appear in the second half of the twentieth century. The world’s first female head of state elected positions has become Sukhbaataryn Yanzhima, who in 1953-1954. acting Chairman of the Presidium of the Great people’s Khural of the Mongolian people’s Republic. But the first woman to became President in 1974, Isabel Peron, who led Argentina after the death of her husband Juan Peron (she was with him the Vice-President was almost as the wife of Frank underwood from the cult TV series “house of cards”, nominated for the presidential election in conjunction with her husband). But the first elected to the presidency a woman was Icelandic Vigdis Finnbogadottir in 1980 – she is the world’s first woman leader, whose father or husband was the national leader at the same time. In Iceland, for the first time in the world in 2009 by the President has become an open lesbian Johanna Sigurdardottir, signed to the same (again the first among the presidents) same-sex marriage during the tenure of the President.

The first female Prime Minister appeared in Asia in her 1960 was in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) Sirimavo Bandaranaike. In the same country in 1994 for the first time in the world it so happened that both the President and the Prime Minister have become ladies.

In Europe, the first woman at the head of the Cabinet of Ministers appeared much later than in Asia – in 1979 the UK government headed by Margaret Thatcher.

In the United States woman head of state/government have never been, but the chance, as we all know, is a Democrat, former Secretary of state and former first lady Hillary Clinton. Opinion polls show that Americans finally matured to the point that are ready to see the fairer sex mistress of the White house. The vast majority of the respondents had that the U.S. President was a woman.

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