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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Under the guise of fighting violence used manipulative techniques

More than a strange coincidence it is to celebrate July 8, the Day of family, love and fidelity has come to Russia began three days ago in Ukraine, a flashmob #aboussafy. Women were encouraged to talk about sexual violence, “confess” in social networks. As a result, we saw how to operate dirty – literally and figuratively – technology to manipulate society.

July 8 – the Day of family, love and fidelity. Saints Peter and Fevronia, whose memory is celebrated on this day, are revered as protectors of family and marriage. But today is about family and love in social networks barely mentioned – a considerable portion of users were involved in a flash mob: some told about their experiences in the past of sexual abuse, others sympathized with them, and others condemned those who share their memories. Society split into those who supported the action and those who resented it. What that was all about?

“Taken all exciting issue, and the greatly exaggerated its extent, thrown over a controversial thesis and begins the buildup of public outrage”

It was another attempt of globalization of Russia to undermine the criteria of good and evil, to move Russian society toward the “correct” and tolerant. It is symbolic that the campaign started in Ukraine – with the publication in Facebook Ukrainian journalist and activist, Anastasia Melnichenko:

“I want today said we women. So we talked about the violence that has seen most of us. I wish we were not justified – “I was in sweat pants in broad daylight, and I was still caught”. Because we don’t need to make excuses. We are not to blame, the blame is always the perpetrator. I’m not afraid to say it. And I don’t feel guilty. I’m 21″.

Melnichenko called on women to share their stories in order to “draw attention to the issue of domestic, sexual violence and psychological violence and other forms of aggression against women” and began the shaft of confessions and memories. The aim of the campaign she called “the change of public opinion and the formation of new rules where the violence is not glossed over, and the victim is not accused”.

The familiar technique is a disturbing problem, while greatly exaggerated its magnitude, then thrown over a controversial thesis (in this case – that the society supposedly believes that the victim is always to blame) and begins the buildup of public outrage. The goal is really the creation of new norms. What is this?

Remove the remnants of shame, to pump the terrible theme of “gender inequality” and “male society”. Why? That people have ceased to perceive as the norm the natural difference between a man and a woman, the recognition of which is any human civilization, and began to get used to the asexual and “non-violent” society of the future. Manipulation of consciousness “network man” – a scary and effective force, which systematically sharpens the cornerstones of all traditional (and other sustainable and does not happen) societies.

What’s wrong in discussing violence? Let us one and all to stigmatize violence against women! But to any normal person it should be clear that raping women is bad, not to mention the fact that it falls under criminal article.

But it really many cases of rape or attempted violence remain a secret – the victim does not make them public. But this is the problem of the relationship of a man and a woman as old as mankind. And how can I solve it with mass actions of protest network and even more public “exposure” of their own injuries?

There is only one effective method of raising children in a loving, moral family. The more such families in the society, the more the state cares about public morality, the less will be the violence. There is no other recipe – everything else is from the evil one.

But why can’t people share their story, “sharing my soul”? Of course I can – but on their own, and not succumbing to the instinct of the crowd, manipulation of network technologies. If people do not understand why this is bad, this speaks in itself about his problems. In this case, we are dealing with a typical feminist (and this is only one of the faces of dehumanization, dehumanization human) manipulation – when eroded the notion of violence (they declare almost anything), when shamelessly exaggerated the scale of the phenomenon (“every second, but no, generally each in Russia was raped”) when the “male society” is declared evil devil.

The fruits of feminism we see in the West – and they are sad. Yes, European and American society is resisting, but the trend is clear. Family collapsed, “gender equality” at first led to the emasculation of the male, and then to the transformation of women Nizamuddin-neogenesis, and then consolidate as normal “gay family.” Sexual violence and perversion in the family already no exception, and the likeness of a mass epidemic – all “regulate” psychologists, able only to twist the souls and pockets of the residents of the notorious “society of consumption and of pleasure”.

What does this have to the debate about violence? The straight – because this is not a discussion about violence is a form of bullying affected women and encourage all others to that “so it is possible and necessary to talk about it”. Instead of torment, suffering, feelings, overcoming, repentance, struggle, repentance, anger – instead of a personal spiritual experience they offer a public demonstration, meaningless and a dead end for their personal salvation.

But the purpose of those who want to “change the attitude”, is more than understandable. They do not hide:

“You’re not a rapist, why would they write this in my cozy tape?

You sure never “mollify” and not “bred” to have sex a girl who didn’t want you in that time? What about friends at school didn’t grope girls? What was not said then about the first girls who received the first sexual experience, they’re whores, and give all?

Yes, most of us are not convicted under. But there is one “but”.

Bro, you trying to get away from the problem. You are a product of culture. You were raised by parents and society, which, in turn, brought parents and society, which are Patriarchal. Who consider what should be “real women” and “real men”. The very same grandmother in the yard, over which you laugh – you them one blood.

Women raise the question of a systemic problem, of which you are, being part of the Patriarchal oppression of women.”

Here the main enemy – the Patriarchal tradition. There should be no “real men”, “real women” – all should be afraid of accusations of “sexual harassment” and to be “tolerant of gays”. Down with the values of their ancestors, they are wrong – let’s abandon them, let’s crush the Foundation.

Thank God, most of the Russians know where it leads, and don’t give in to manipulation those who don’t care about neither women nor men. Those who want to build a future society in which violence is only virtual, but so that no one can escape it. Because cease to live in the real world.

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