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Sunday, March 18, 2018

To survive without GMO

Well that GMOs we are eventually banned, on the day the President of the relevant law was signed.

The sound kind of unappetizing — genetically modified education. Education, as we know, happens primary, secondary and tertiary, and sometimes benign or malignant. What’s the food? Can, of course, be with it, if long time to eat. But scientists do not yet know.

What food gets a neuter, honestly, not very embarrassing. There are some good products are neuter, for example, beer, wine, or meat, milk. Although with the latter recently without any GMOs different miracles happen. It seemed a little of powder to make it, now, say, a car came up that grass like a cow, grinds it and the milk gives to the surface.

But it’s the Americans invent, we still can’t do it, the cow help in a simple way, mixing in milk, but water, starch, chalk, soap, soda, lime, boric or salicylic acid and even plaster. This was recently reported people on its website of the Rosselkhoznadzor. Whether the substitution is such that if the producers care that the milk does not turn sour. Now, if it is from the American car was, it just would not spoiled and sour, damn. And poisoning to happen.

Cheese, it seems, too, without the cows do. As reported by the media, on the shelves of stores in Russia recently there was a mass of white color production Lev-tolstovskiy dairy plant that burns if ignited.

Tolstoy himself hardly expected such posthumous fame when he was mowing the grass in his peasant shirt. And in his head could not come that in the future Russia his “War and peace” on the scale will block epic by adding dairy products and vegetable fat. And fats these burn perfectly, the same canola oil. It is used worldwide as a biofuel, it is possible to fill a diesel engine, and it will work and spoil the atmosphere not worse than a cow with its methane emissions. So in case of destruction of the environment without cows, too it is possible to do.

It may, of course, leotolstoy decided Americans beat and added cheese in some plastic to the waste from packaging came out, like in a Japanese toilet? And then with the waste from modern food is also a solid issue. According to the accounting chamber, Russia annually produces 90 billion tons of waste that accumulate on the territory of 4 million hectares. That is, we could all Switzerland debris to fall asleep, and Luxembourg so about ten. Annually for placement of waste is allocated 0.4 million hectares of land, the total volume of waste increases every year by 5 billion tons.

Of course, if things go well, the cows soon, just have nowhere to graze. Floodplain meadows is long gone, so Makar, in General any does not remain. And even zealous vegetarians will suffer, because the vegetables will have nowhere to grow.

Like it or not, there will have new technology to implement, and they seem to have is getting into the food chain. Recently, a resident of the Urals, misleading, bought on the market cucumbers, so they have three days in the fridge growing up. In other words, it was two pounds, three. Profitable, and even greenhouses are not needed.

Probably, the Chinese came up with, a lot of them, and space for the crops they have little. It may, of course, and our scientists have tried. But if it’s not GMO, then maybe the “SKOLKOVO” or, more likely, nanotechnology?

In short, we have all realized there we’ll be something quite different from what they ate before. This is the first piece of news is bad. Second, good — this will be a lot, enough for everyone.

And the new human race will generate those as soon as possible move on to artificial food, and not those rich people who still cling to the natural products.

Simon Semyonitch




While fans anxiously

House swallowed validol

Champagne flowed like a river

In honor of those who betrayed our football.

I claim: in the Eurozone

That hardly anyone knew:

To spend a quarter of a million,

To celebrate his failure.

Though something it is necessary to be the first

Time can money not take it

And their wobbly Euro

(Know ours!) contribution to support.

Other people in our time,

They have a particular arrogance,

Not that yasenskoe tribe

Knew duty, courage and honor.

And what is this that on the field

They’re not very visible…

Give the players our will —

They cut the country’s budget.

Ivan Ivanyuk


Leading — Ganguli of Gvilava, E-mail: satira@mk.ru

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