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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The NATO summit was a disaster for Poroshenko, even before its start

In Ukraine, the NATO summit in Poland called “decisive” despite the fact that the dream of a comprehensive rearmament of the Ukrainian army of the Alliance had to leave. By and large, Poroshenko had two tasks – to show the Pro-Western electorate that it is in Warsaw I think, and more time to intimidate Russia. But fate decreed otherwise.

Ahead of the NATO summit in Warsaw, Poroshenko published in The Wall Street Journal article in which he once again tried to explain the necessity of Ukraine to NATO. But it turned out as always.

“Francois Hollande said that Russia is not an enemy and not a threat”

Each of the losers “race for NATO attracts attention as best he can. For example, Georgia has been in full compliance with all the stereotypes about themselves. The foreign Ministry issued to the summit special collection wine: white Mtsvane, KISI and traditional red “Saperavi”. In the design of the bottles used the symbolism of NATO and in several languages says that the wine is made specifically for the summit in Warsaw. The Minister of defence of Poland, Anthony Macierewicz, the person is too extravagant, will act as toastmaster at the gala dinner during the summit and, according to the Georgian side, is spilling it all dear guests almost personally. Will he shout “ACE!” and sing “Mravalzhamieri”, the Georgian foreign Ministry did not specify, but additionally emphasizes that the foreign Ministers of the countries of the Alliance will receive a certain number of Georgian wine with me. Most likely, that in plastic bags with types of Tbilisi – since the feasts of the Brezhnev period, the Communist party of the Georgian SSR and tsehovikov in this sense, little has changed, although Tbilisi denies it.

Kiev closer to Europe geographically even, and the number of European and American advisers there are much more than in the hills of Georgia. Therefore, Petro Poroshenko did not decorate the Warsaw table fat and sweets, and civilized on a commercial basis has placed the article into the center of the American edition of conservative orientation. It is normal practice, there is nothing surprising or shameful, so do all. Another thing – the content of the text.

Russia appears already in the third sentence of the first paragraph as the evil demiurge, attacking the whole of Europe as a whole, and only a small Ukraine is heroically resisting this onslaught from the East. In this context Ukraine, according to Poroshenko, is a natural ally of NATO in its struggle with Russia, and NATO could benefit to public safety from the experience of Ukraine”.

The President of Ukraine, as it says “well known fact” that NATO and Russia now threaten each other. More precisely, Russia is threatening, and the Alliance defending. Evidence is not given Kyiv an axiom, derived local geopolitics on the basis of observations of the water level in the river. The water of the Seine flow is clearly different. At least a few hours after the article Poroshenko, French President Francois Hollande said that Russia “is not an enemy and not a threat,” reports Agence France-Presse.

Poroshenko also argues that “deeper cooperation between Ukraine and NATO will contribute to stability in the Ukraine, in Eastern Europe, black sea region and the transatlantic region as a whole.” The evidence base is again missing, and the fact that Russia is definitely to blame for the conflict in the Donbass, proposed to understand the heart and not the mind. Anyway, NATO must help Ukraine is possible, but better – with money and weapons.

In fact – everything. Of course, the publication of this text in one of the leading international media – much more subtle than snooty desire to drink West of Ministers of the Georgian wine. But in fact, the text signed by Poroshenko, not the newer ideas with offerings from Tbilisi, reminiscent of the Soviet times. Hackneyed wording, old unsubstantiated phrase, faded emotions – all of which can act only on those who are initially willing to support any disturbing sound from Kiev. That is Poland, the Baltic States and, with some reservations, Romania.

Western Ministers to read it will not. They will receive from the assistants General summary, which will squeeze out the article Poroshenko. But not because this President, but because it is The Wall Street Journal. And the wine will forget it.

Of course, Poroshenko was able to convey the same position before the summit in person, but the Ukrainian authorities once again no luck. On the eve of the Polish Senate very inappropriately adopted a resolution recognizing July 11, the National day of remembrance of the victims of genocide by the fighters of the OUN-UPA*, the glorification of which in Ukraine has become a basic political and historical course of the country. This “subtlety” had made a rift in the relationship of Warsaw and Kiev, but the “common enemy” (Russia) together. Now, according to the political scientist Anton Shekhovtsov, it seems, is scheduled to speak at the summit in Poland suddenly reversed. “This is bad for Ukraine. I don’t know the exact reason for this, but may have played a role in the act of genocide in Volyn, wrote Shekhovtsov in Facebook.

So “a defining summit in Warsaw” has become Poroshenko’s failed, before it even starts. You can blame only yourself, but to feel sorry for in this story at all certain. With the exception of the victims of the Volyn massacre.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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