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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

“NATO needs an enemy”: the experts explained the reasons for the strengthening of the Alliance

In Warsaw is a two-day summit of the countries — members of NATO. 27th on account of this kind of event before the start of the acquired in the assessments of its participants the historical significance. On the eve of the summit the President of the United States, the main driving force in NATO, Barack Obama talked by phone with Vladimir Putin, and then appeared on the pages of authoritative edition Financial Times column.

In it he outlined the main threats facing the North Atlantic Alliance: the activities of the so-called “Islamic state” (is Russian terrorist group), “Russian aggression” and a British exit from the EU.

photo: pixabay.com

The members of NATO need to mobilize the political will to take on specific commitments to confront these urgent challenges,” Obama wrote in the text, entitled “Us Alliance with Britain and Europe will stand the test of time”.

Affected President of the United States and the theme of anti-Russian sanctions imposed by Washington. They are, according to Obama, will not be lifted until full implementation by Moscow of obligations under the Minsk agreements. At the same time, said the American leader, NATO is ready for constructive cooperation with Russia.

Recall that shortly before the opening of the summit on the readiness to cooperate with Moscow in a similar manner, said the U.S. Ambassador to NATO Doug Lute: “From the point of view of NATO’s relationship with Russia — a power balance and dialogue”, — he said in plain text. According to Lewt, the deployment of four NATO battalions in the Baltic States and Poland, which should be announced in Warsaw will be a sufficient demonstration of power: “But we are open to dialogue”.

“In recent years, the combination of U.S. policy and NATO’s relations with Russia there is quite clearly — said in an interview with “MK” academician of RAS, Dean of the faculty of world politics of Moscow state University Andrey Kokoshin. — We see that the United States and other members of the Alliance increased its military activity near the Russian border, while continuing the dialogue on the Syrian issue, the discussion on the implementation of the Minsk agreements…

Now for the United States, member countries of the European Union and NATO members, there was another important topic, with a likely British exit from the EU. So nothing unexpected in the statements and estimates not Obama is part of the reality in which we live and will live. In Russia, however given the resources available and position in world politics, there are enough opportunities in order to properly oppose the actions of the US and NATO, if they are directed against our interests. This can be done through political, economic, and military means.

Of course, should not be neglected and prospects for cooperation: there are shared problems, among which, for example, the fight against terrorism. Of course, this is not without tensions, some countries consider terrorists, but whatever it was, it is common for us, and for US, for Europe and for China, India, Pakistan theme. There is a problem of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons situation in the question of North Korea, for example, the position of both Russia and the United States overall. There are problems in the world economy, climate, and many others — they, of course, an important Russian-American dialogue”.

“Over the past two years the US and NATO are trying to sit on two chairs, — said, in turn, the Deputy Director of the IMEMO seminar was chaired by Fedor. — On the one hand, they understand that there are issues — including in the sphere of international security, that without Russia it is impossible to solve.

At the same time, the North Atlantic Alliance and especially the US, to consolidate allies to maintain the level of military expenditures and the maintenance of his allies the Americans need an enemy. And it was in this capacity is interpreted in Russia.

Washington, thanks to the end of the military campaigns in Iraq and then in Afghanistan, freeing up considerable resources, including financial. The question arises, if you look at the dynamics of the reduction of military expenditures, which was very stable under Obama, and where will the released funds? Let whether money for other expenses or they will be spent on new military programs: research, modernization, etc. Is a key issue — including in relations between Russia and NATO.

In the presence of a hypothetical enemy, it is easier to convince public opinion and Congress that needs to spend more substantial money on the program of modernization of weapons, the development of new types of military equipment. Washington has the need to “cheer up” the allies, who so far — except for the United Kingdom and Estonia — did not maintain the required level of military spending. And, as has been said, without Russia, some problems can not be solved.

Important role will play the agenda of the Council NATO—Russia July 13: will there be issues raised ABOUT the Syrian crisis, the fight against international terrorism? In this regard, it remains to find whether the statements of the Alliance and the USA’s readiness for constructive cooperation with Moscow in some sort of fulfillment”.


Large-scale exercises that NATO conducts in Poland, probably would not have gone for the victorious scenario in the case of real hostilities. The collision with the Russian army may escalate into the complete destruction of groups of the Alliance, according to The Huffington Post. The publication reminds that in the beginning of June in Poland began teaching, joined the American, British and Polish military. They landed in the center of the country to fulfill actions in the event of war with Russia.

However, the leadership of the Alliance is unlikely to take into account that in terms of this war, this contingent would have been a deadly trap — the landing area is in a zone of action is located in the Kaliningrad region and missiles that easily can bring down landing aircraft such as the C-17. On the ground troops will become easy prey for Russian drones and long-range artillery.

The author of the article noted that the Alliance in the framework of the exercise was to provide a land corridor in Lithuania for the American Stryker APC class. In reality, all the military equipment would be sandwiched between the Russian military in Kaliningrad region and the Federal Moscow Belarus.

The newspaper also refers to the report of the research center RAND. Military analysts concluded that in such circumstances, NATO forces would be unable even to retreat and would have been destroyed on the spot. The publication reminds that another weak point of the Alliance is the language barrier and cultural differences between military personnel from different countries.

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