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Monday, February 19, 2018

Five, the skeleton and the hammocks at the exhibition in MMOMA

In the framework of the V International Biennale for young art exhibition “HYPERLINKS” in the ART under the guidance of curator Joao Laia from Portugal. It brought together eighteen artists from different countries – Brazil, China, UK, France, Ireland and other countries. Their projects are located on five floors of the Museum in Ermolaevsky lane.

Diogo Evangelista. Volunteers. 2016. Video installation, mixed media (printed pvz plastic, plexiglass, nylon, video projection). Photo: Natalia Akimova

The exhibition aims to convey the rapid stream of life. Everyone is always going somewhere in a hurry, don’t have time. But there are some hyperlinks, one way or another unite us. It is not only a social network, spiritual space, but sometimes something totally unexpected. One of the important topics becomes ecology. Installation with stones and plants directly associated with it.

On the ground floor is a long room, filled with deep blue. In the air hanging five fives. This is the work of Diogo Evangelista, which used laboratory experiments with associative thinking. Participated in the volunteers correlated colour blue with five polymerizes as a number, a symbol of faith and luck. Someone will have to taste a selfie in such surroundings – suddenly attract luck.

In the dimly lit cavern – “Evergreen” Sasha Litvintseva. This is a small film in which embodies the idea of the eternal pursuit of the ideal and the documentation of his own life in a mode non-stop. There are a lot of color effects. The rooms are often reigns dim lights, and they are all filled with sound. The music is monotonous, at times frightening and fascinating at the same time. She does not leave the audience even on stairwells. The next floor meets the bright and dark room with three screens. They can see the film Patrick have “Interview with the subject.

Hunya Crespo. Channel. 2015. Sculptural installation, mixed media (concrete, rubber, silicone, paper). Photo: Natalia Akimova

All work is spectacular, but it is not always clear what they want to say artists. Here it is necessary to think out to include abstract thinking and calling upon the Association. This same trick needs to be applied to the installation Lopo Borgonovo “Frottola”. One will see the art object made of silicone, the other a human skeleton. And think about the relationship of man with the surrounding world.

Still on the same floor there is a feeling that the exhibits are largely a conglomeration of something unnecessary or superfluous. It conjures up the installation Hunya Crespo “Channel”. It in the course went all: silicone, rubber, paper and even concrete. On the last floor of hammocks, in which were piled the branches of banana trees. They cover the whole corridor, we have to duck to get through into the next room, where the bulky design ISA Tarasevich. With rails, hanging metal hooks, yellow snake stretch hemp fiber. And among them are hidden, patent-fungus – fungi-parasites. Juan of Lay refers to the concept of the project: “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything transformered”. All the artists are considering the idea using various elements, not commenting on their creativity. They do not impose the opinion, and provide the audience to see and understand their installation – a product of irrationality and boundless imagination.

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