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Friday, March 23, 2018

Elena: “do Not stand on the spirit of disgusting scoop”

The performance of Elena Vaenga music festival Laima Vaikule, which concludes today in Jurmala, caused, on the one hand, festive puppy dog enthusiasm of the audience, enthusiastically tyanuvshiysya to the event not only from all around, but in the good tradition of past large events, from the nearby Russia, too.

On the other hand, in the motley camp neurasthenic whistleblowers staged in Russia clown extravaganza legends anathema “traitors” and “corrupt souls” also experienced your shock, but from the appearance of this person in the “enemy’s den” because he believed for some reason that Ms. Vaenga just really with them – in one, so to speak, the boat, even if their vessel goes down with all simple jingoistic belongings of universal hatred and malice…

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Shock, I must say, felt itself Vaenga, like all who with an open heart and soul responded to the invitation charming limes as the picture and the General atmosphere of goodness and friendship in this sacred music settlement on the Riga coast too contrasted with dinosauriens with dark East side (just there always came the night curses, curses and spitting.

Read the material about how the “stars” of said of Jurmala on denunciations

And even Vaenga – patriot much “to the bone”, as it says about itself, – were also forced with sadness to think that patriotism we have become for some time a bogey in the hands of various scoundrels and negodyaeev”. Sad to indulge in such reflection and reasoning was more and that took away power from things much more enjoyable – music and festival gigs, the main reason, brought together again and together for the cult scene of a historic hall “Dzintari” so many great names and artists.

However, the appearance of Elena Vaenga became a sensation not only because of the above scandal, but because it is, of course, drew Parallels with the former “New wave, remembering her good word, but Vaenga there once again, never part! Did not call. Wow! Although in Latvia the singer – the guest is not rare. It is like, she loves in return and is always warm and speaks highly of the musical culture of the Baltic countries.

It was, of course, predictably, her appearance will be one of the brightest pages of the festival. The actress didn’t disappoint. Charismatic and distinctive, musically assertive and powerful energy, Elena, on the one hand, was what is called in his repertoire with the inevitable “Smoke”, and on the other – many puzzled, for example, Moody soul ballad “Lady Di” by the end of his vocals with luscious keys pleasant hallucinations – Shirley Basie or something here? Well, except that the bit has not held up to Shirley…

Of course, at first glance, a perfect game might seem a duet of “dressed in rags” the citizens of St. Petersburg and refined Nordic diva limes in the premiere of New duet, but the two opposites merged into the same single unit, which is possible only if it is taken at the top of the sample, regardless of the stylistic and aesthetic orientations. And, of course, the true highlight was the duet, “Neva” with Intars Busulis, where at one point of catharsis all came together – the shrillness of the music, the sensuality of artistic and expressive performance-musicians ‘ head of two of the brightest performers of today.

Lyme Vajkule and singer Intars Busulis.
Stars at the festival in Jurmala (37 photos)


Interview with Ms. Elena was awaited since a long-standing intention does not coincide with the schedules of various movements. On the phone, as is often the case because of the urgent need to communicate does not like, and would like to sit opposite and look into these huge and expressive, like from a Japanese anime, the eyes in which, as in the mirror of the soul reflects the world of the singer and the human storm, with a storm of passions and at the same time, a quiet harmony that is in your life and in your work Helen, looks like a long time, and I consciously found. This conversation happened – and about the urgent topic of the day, and “eternal values”, a clear understanding of which allows the artist to feel and behave in the turbulent life confidently, with purpose and a clear realization of self-worth.

Lena, congratulations on a luxurious performance! Duets with lime and Intars Busulis become a real decoration of the festival. Real headliners, though!

– Thank you very much. Good to hear that you’re a headliner just after you work out. I never thought about it in the shower and not even think so, because the headliner, of course, is lime.

I may give the impression stupid, but I’m a very clever woman (smiling, – A. G.). I walked today through the streets, walking, drinking coffee, listening what and how people speak, because I always listen to the people and away from him leaving – and I saw-I heard people idolize Lima. On the stage I said a little younger than her…

But really, when you sit in your house in the settlement of Snezhnogorsk, ending a music school, play the piano of Chopin and Bach, watching TV, as an ordinary Soviet schoolgirl, and see Lima, which was already a superstar!.. In General, even did not think to think that someday I will sing with the singer.

I never thought that she’ll be a singer, rather a pianist, a musician. I have the same and it is written on the website – “musician, point Peter, point. Yes, I always wrote songs, and the spurred – say, go ahead. I once again objected, and always uncomfortable somehow, when THESE people sing! Where I climb?!

Theatre Institute completed at the time only in order to have the right for itself to be called an artist. Because the musician knows how to play, sing, and artist – how to move, how to talk and what to say, how to convey emotion. Remember how many years I wore black skirts and jackets? I didn’t just think that we should get out of theatre clothes. Today it is a different.

Although you pointed out that I was demonized. Demonized and will! How much I was criticized for appearance, for my hair… I honestly never touched the design. World of clothing has always treated me worse than other journalists. But I always it was so ridiculous. I’m not a socialite! I climb to you, you do not touch. What are you touching me?!

“Your black dress in concert was unforgettable…

– Too much time I devoted to self-education and music, and I can praise myself for never standing still, with the clear understanding that I am only at the beginning – including musical path. I understand and differentiate the styles of music, from soul funk, you know how to write, know the structure. I’ve surrounded myself with jazz musicians, not just “laborama”, and wealthy professionals who have the ability to choose with whom and where to work…

“That is what I meant, congratulating you on your excellent speech, your set, though short, but the musical turned out to be extremely rich, you managed fervent at a gallop to fly on wide – heart chanson to piping rock and even a very high quality soul music…

I wrote the bass part in “Lady Di,” it’s my love for jazz. I have almost no romances, there is the chanson, there are Russian rock, but it will be fixed. There are no bad genre, there are very cool jazz, rock, chanson is steep, and there is a bad or negligent attitude to the performance, to music. Therefore, I sometimes angry, unwavering, principled. I’m an idealist, I want everything in full. What I incur often the arrows of anger.

– Sometimes blasphemy, and sometimes criticism. You always intolerant barbs?

– Well, I said that word. Hula for me is unacceptable. Did you see how I fight with journalists…

– They’ve demonized…

– Please, they can do that much! With normal people I have formed a good relationship. And bad manners, this disgusting scoop that sits in many and a hot iron not to burn, including, unfortunately, many journalists, I can not stand…

To me, pregnant, digging in the garden, literally climbed over the fence with a camera. Well, what is it?! Ask: is it possible, impossible? This is my personal space, personal life. How will you react to this? I’m an emotional woman.

And the criticism is perfectly valid and desirable. But if a person just says “shit – this Vaenga, it means that either he just wasn’t at my concert and it’s the same blasphemy, either it’s stupidity or incompetence or worse, deliberate malice.

I will not name the names of famous people (and politicians, and critics, and famous musicians) that were at my concerts, listened, and then said. And judged only by one song “Smoke” on the radio? Sorry! If so, then I tell them: I totally agree with you. When you say something people I don’t respect in their profession, here as in the saying: who like to call names, so he called… Like, “I don’t like Vaenga – “what are you listening to?” “no, didn’t listen, she does not like me”… And when going professional people, musicians, jazz musicians, and start to Goldilocks, look, here should be removed, it is necessary to listen… They come to you with the good. And by and large I have no problem – neither in personal life nor in music.

– Complete harmony with yourself?

– This joke! I only care about what they say about me the people I respect. Including those who love something different, and not only my songs. I’m not one hundred dollars, to please everyone. This is normal. And in addition to the “Smoke”, there is still and “Lady Di”, and “Snow”, and “Chopin”… a Creative person you always have something to eat. For 40 years I now am surrounded by people who basically don’t listen to bad music. They educate me, formed me over the last five years as a music personality, many things I have looked differently. I am a good and capable student. I can write a song, the words of which touched the soul, for me, that the people and the likes. But I learned all this because I was brought up on Bichevskaya, Miteva, Rosenbaum, Kashin, as well as throughout St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg rock. And after graduating from theater school, I read everything there was to read. It was hard. And then I plunged into the music.

My child up to four years did not know what the mother sings songs! There are, however, dad still a – Russian music in General is not listening. And I can’t live without Rosenbaum to imagine your life. So I’m very “agile”. Except that human things don’t change, their attitude to show business do not change and are aware that show business doesn’t love me. But I don’t need, frankly, in his love.

– And what, exactly, your problem with show business?

– You know, all this fuss is brought almost to the absolute – to party to be in party all the time, for any reason and without cause… but not necessary. Need to be a normal musician. Sting shouldn’t hang out. And that’s all! So I’ll take an example from the great. I realize how much I louse near them, so I have growth. If I thank thank you. But most importantly, I must deliver kicks. First, there must be a rush, and then the money.

– You’ve never been on the “New wave”, and to Lima, for a festival here. This is related to the same buzz that you just said?

No. I just never called “New wave”, so let’s ask questions to the organizers. But the lime came for my two solo concerts. Myself! Served, and then let her tell you about their emotions… (the Story of Lima was published in the article “Wave of color limes” – approx. ed.)

– And so, when she called, you didn’t even doubt it?

– No, that did not doubt! I will not speak long about it as a woman, the style icon, what she’s a lady in behavior, attitude to people, but musically it is the man with whom I would like to take an example, because she’s an independent person, she always served the Music.

– The motivation is clear, professional and human. But, alas, the situation, as you would say Michal Sergeevich, “obosralas” and…

– …screw political background. Understand.

Artists now accused that they take or do not take sides…

– I’m going to say about it. I don Durkee, I really do not understand what the wrong side who took?

– Let’s say, in “enemy” country, has not shown solidarity with the artists, which is not allowed here…

– Most likely, the cuffs will receive for what they going to say, but it’s important. Dear Joseph Davydovich Kobzon to me the person is inviolable is, in the first place! after his action in a hostage situation (in the theater on Dubrovka in 2002, when Mr. Kobzon went to negotiate to terrorists captured the theater – AG). For me that’s when he became untouchable and unquestioned authority. He is above all nationalities, politics, disputes, squabbles. This is important.

Secondly- tell me, in Turkey it is already possible to go, right? Not now an enemy country?

Further – with Valeria we’re not friends, because I never had one, not friends and not enemies. Just acquaintances, two pleasant women, each other not doing anything wrong. But, excuse me, I’m a grown man, and they are adults. When I had troubles and “badness”, I was not supported. I do not take revenge, no. I do my musical, professional. And at limes I am present, because I’m a nice lime.

I have, I’m sorry, multi-million dollar offers that I refuse and can not afford to refuse if I don’t want these people to go. For a variety of reasons. But never a political cause will not be my measure of relationship to a decent man. I recently received an award (medal or award do not understand, I’m a woman) for the rapprochement of peoples. I have a multinational family – grandfather was from Western Ukraine, the great-grandmother is Estonian, paternal grandmother – Cossack from the left Bank of the don, the son born of the Tartar, and for 20 years I was married to a Gypsy… Sorry that is not Jewish – would have been smarter.. So I have every right to speak about Nations, peoples. Me for it to hook surreal.

And politically – I’m not just a patriot of his country, and a patriot to the bone. It is known to all. And I don’t yell, and just do things. Many things I have not sold. Very serious about the traditions. I don’t buy for a concert at Easter. For a billion, three billion not to buy. And, the more they give, the more I fear God. Why is someone somewhere not allowed? I’m sorry, it’s not my problem. In this situation, the so-called “solidarity”, to which the name has nothing to do with patriotism, it’s rather stupid, primitive herd instinct, which is implanted and which are scoundrels.

I was not kicked in Latvia, I have a great relationship with the government of Latvia, they think I’m a good person and a good singer! They told me about it. And I am proud to represent his native country of Russia, I sing for people who love not only me, but also Russian culture at the festival, she is an integral part of Russian music and pop genre. Here unpatriotic and whose “wrong side” I took?!

Unfortunately, the so-called “black list” become a reality of life, and on different sides of different borders…

– Yes, I’m in Ukraine now blacklisted. I write there: when coming? Answer – when Poroshenko will be removed, then come. People are not to blame. I love Ukraine, it is the birthplace of my grandfather, mother’s surname Zhuravel. Me hohlyatskaya bleeding.

– And to us is not allowed, for example, “Okean Elzy” is a gem of modern rock music, like many others from the Ukraine…

Alas, I can’t solve all the problems. But are so there are no bad nationalities, countries, or peoples. There are nasty people. And only need to punish the filthy, but not all the crowd. I wall for their President, I wall for their country, my grandparents are in the graves, who fought in the war. But I multinational people, and the problems with this I have.

– I hope that we will forever cease to divide citizens of the same country into patriots and traitors, enemies, black and white on every occasion and without?

I don’t know… It’s all disgusting, struggling with it and I will fight. But I can say that some of those who are now so indignant about “traitors in Jurmala” themselves would be storming in here at the first call… they Just didn’t call and, as far as I know, not for political reasons…

Read the story and see photos of the “Alla Pugacheva and her children enjoyed the walks in Jurmala”

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