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Friday, February 16, 2018

Andrey Smirnov became a “General” sand pits

In Tver and Tver region is removed Like Vic the Garlic was carrying Lech Pin in the nursing home”. Reviewer “MK” went with the crew in a sand pit located on the way to Likhoslavl’.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

There was a heavy rain. To Wade through the sticky sand was difficult. The crew issued rubber boots. The rain gave way to blazing sun, and so the whole day. In the middle of the sand pit — the chair. On it sits a shabby life. It Alexey Serebryakov in the image of Lehi Pin. His face is wrinkled and resembles a baked Apple. Serebryakov is sitting quietly, as if asleep, saves power waiting for the command “Action!”. But for a whole day it will be for others. Despite the forced inaction Alex never wants to talk about his role.

But the whole day here and there warp picturesque group of bandits stuck somewhere in the 90s. Mature years guys, headed by Andrei Smirnov in a white jacket with a chain as thick as a finger, it appeared and then disappeared behind a sand embankment. Something they are reminded of the heroes of Alexei Balabanov from the dashing 90. Andrey Smirnov recently was denied by the cinema Fund to Finance his directorial project “the Frenchman” – saw its commercial potential. Here the author “the Belarus station” and runs while the artist plays the godfather of Plato.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova
Yevgeny Tkachuk

Directed by Alexander hunt, a native of Khanty-Mansiysk, and therefore chose an appropriate nickname. He is a graduate of the VGIK, studied at the Studio of Karen Shakhnazarov and Oleg Nix.”Vic Garlic” is his directorial debut in a feature film. The script was written by Alexios Borodacheva, and the producers of the project were the rector of the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography Vladimir Malyshev and Fyodor Popov. The film is created on the basis of the production center “VGIK-Debut”. And he says of the father and the son that his parent didn’t raise. Years later they met. The main characters played by Aleksey Serebryakov and Yevgeny Tkachuk, who knows the whole country after an exit on screens “the quiet don” of Sergey Ursulyak, where he played Grigory Melehova.

His Vitka Garlic — for 27 years. He was raised in an orphanage, because fatherless. And now follows the path of his father in his quest to escape from his wife and son, hindering to live the way he wants. Father Victor gets crippled with a criminal past behind. What to do with it — is unclear. Here Vic and takes him to the nursing home. But it is not so easy as buddies dads not asleep. Alexey Serebryakov during the filming of “Leviathan” almost the only one permanently lived on the Kola Peninsula. And now permanently settled in a hotel on the outskirts of Tver, while other arrivals are in Moscow. A few years ago Serebryakov moved to permanent residence in Canada.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova
“Attention! Action!”

Yevgeny Tkachuk whole day wandering around the court in a tracksuit, face bruised. A normal working guy. When VIPs, and that Serebryakov and Smirnov, retired to the trailer for lunch, and the rest is eaten under the open sky, we by Yevgeny Tkachuk climb into the car to talk.

– The feeling that I got in the 90s, and after the event to happen in our day?

– In Tver, I have often met characters from that time: the haircut “worth it”, and people type on a sports topic. It’s not even fashion. Just there is a certain kind of people who in that time left. The body is rebuilt long trail past stretches and stretches. People squeezed out of the old problems.

– The footage is very colorful, but the story, frankly, is not impressive.

– Some scenes are totally unexpected, go beyond the text. Much comes from the actors on set. Alexey Serebryakov Andrey Smirnov – powerful people.

– What do you have for wounds on the face? Who are you so bruised?

Wife crazy my Vitka. Maximilian Voloshin was compared the human body with the ingot, which is marked with a date of existence. So here categorically a person decides to change something, and without markings is not enough. He’s trying to get away from the usual life.

– Who is your hero? Why he does the things that a person should not commit?

He works as a technician at the plant for recycling. He has a wife and child. In it lives the desire to assert himself, and he behaves provocatively. His actions are not that thought out, or aimed at some goal. No! But what he’s doing, all should remember. Vic – not around people. Father, he eventually saves, and then asks the question: “Why am I doing this?”.

– Vic Garlic appeared immediately after “the quiet don”? What generally changed in your life after the role of Grigory Melekhov?

– I starred in Alexander Veledinsky in the film “the Cape town port”, then there was a series and project in Riga. Can’t say that after the “quiet flows the don”, something has dramatically changed. Called me dear people with whom we didn’t really know, saying nice words. But offer new roles Grishka Melekhov not affected. It became even worse.

– It happens after a significant role of a good Director. Anything will break. And difficult to work with a newcomer?

– Much more difficult, since he is just starting and some things do not know. With each of us he has to find a common language, otherwise it will not work. But Alexander does not give up, sympathetic to their own inexperience. This is his honesty, and wants to help him.

30-year-old newcomer Alexander hunt ambitiously claims that his entire team is obsessed with the desire to change the situation in the domestic film industry, providing the viewer with a smart, entertaining, new Russian films, for which not ashamed. However, he gives the impression of a sensitive and intelligent person. To hide from the wind, we again climb into the car.

– Why do you need thugs? How much can they remove?

– We do movies a little. It is necessary to remove and to remove. And the not so much. The question is how to reveal them. We would write a script about a prison, then a year looking for an opportunity to run it, but no we did not support. Fedor Popov asked what I was doing, and I offered him our script to run in “VGIK-Debut”. But he did not accept him, but given this story. It got me hooked. It overlaps with my history with my dad, without who I basically grew up. Now I do have it in the same school as my hero. So the script coincided with personal feelings, and I clung to the material. It is not a drama, not a social sphere, in this story a lot of humor and absurdities, absurd moments, and it is close to me and present in my shorts. We have to some extent a caricature of the reality.

– Why do your characters look like people from the ‘ 90s?

– The bandits have not changed much. I had to communicate with them. People live in the past, the same arrows and quarrels. Their stormy life came in the 90s and still doesn’t let go. I’m not talking about everyone. But those who remained in the 90s, and now find themselves on the sidelines – these are our heroes.

– You — the newcomer to cope with such demanding actors as Smirnov and Serebryakov?

– I basically hard. Working with a large group, and I’m not really a people person. I basically not just to find common language with people. And I’m glad I made a good team, and all help me. All actors are professionals, many suggest, but of course, without difficulties no cost.

– That is, to give light?

– I don’t do discounts.

– You independent in the choice of actors? Why invited Alexey Serebryakov?

– I am grateful to the producer. He did not impose his vision and believed in me. Alexei Serebryakov – a charismatic man. It has this lived in… How can I explain it? I felt that he sees people deeply like looks into you and sees his son what is hidden behind the external mask. I that saw Leh Pin. Couple Tkachuk-Serebryakov suggests a bright confrontation. Both with a strong character. A powerful collision occurs.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova
Andrey Smirnov and directed by Alexander hunt on the set

– And what kind of character the hero Serebryakova?

– He’s a bad man, thief in law. Behind him little good deeds. It is a wolf. He does not recognize anything except his philosophy and authority. This is his tragedy. He has a son, another family, from which he basically ran away, too. And when he decided to return, he got what he deserved. No one was waiting. Now it remains only to settle old scores, although he knows that nothing good is not over. .

– Plato Andrei Smirnov who is?

– He was the eldest kingpin. Leh Pin wanted him to get power and encroached on it, and then had to flee. Career failed.

– Why Serebryakov dressed like that. What is this ridiculous costume large size?

– He is dressed in what got to go in a nursing home. And when it comes to life and starts to dictate terms, then pulls out an old grey suit, bad to sitting. His back had broken, he could not get up.

– The consequences of professional activities?

– The result of binge drinking. He spent three years hiding from tillage, fled, in order not to expose the family and saved from death. He had nothing to do, nowhere to go didn’t want that drink. But we can’t press on the subject of our harsh reality, we find the opportunity to talk about it with humor.

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