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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Young scientists sent on a “secret” scientific service in the army

One of the final in this draft campaign to send Muscovites recruits to serve in the army, was held on Thursday, July 7, on city Assembly point. She was solemn and to escort recruits to buses that will take them to the place of service, came to the parents. But not a single feminine tear is normal and understandable in such cases, the phenomena observed on this day was not. But on the faces of the relatives were easy to read; pride — because their recruits have passed the rigorous selection process and will now serve as the scientific battalions, where in practice we can apply the already obtained in the universities of knowledge and even continue their academic career.

Together with parents young scientists conducted the service in the army and the correspondent of “MK”.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

“Preska” – city Assembly point, which got its name from the street Ugreshsky, where it is located – the “MK” happens every call. And so the first thing in the day caught my eye is “print intelligence” on the faces of that distinguished these from other recruits. Later, it became clear that to be “retouched” this seal is not threatened, even when the children dressed in identical military uniforms green that “preska” called “office”.

After the vestments of the conscripts “to all the military,” issuance of food supply and army bag, handed them two plastic cards. One Bank, which during the service will “fall” to their salaries. Second – personal electronic, which recorded biometric, social and other data for each soldier.

Intelligent recruits are sent to the “research” company (25 photos)

Biometric next to the counter waiting for their turn three of the recruit — graduates of Russian chemical-technological University. Periodic Vladislav Liver, Nikolai Sosnin, and Andrey Babenko. They will serve in Kostroma, in the scientific company of the military Academy of radiation, chemical and biological protection. Than it was during military service have to do recruits a secret. To a question, the boys answered evasively, “I hope to apply the knowledge” or “I think I can continue the research”.

Finally, all equipped and registered. Recruits are invited to the Assembly hall, where the city authorities have prepared the solemn program. Administrative district of Moscow are doing it at a time and this time the representatives of Zelenograd brought artists.

A veteran of the great Patriotic war Veniamin Vasilyevich Glinsky soothed guys what in the army to serve for only one year. He himself had to spend on the military service seven years, and all the military profession he devoted 45 years.

Intelligent recruits are sent to the “research” company (25 photos)

– The only thing I didn’t like in the army, that’s where I learned to smoke, half in jest told the veteran. – Took me 17 years, I have a cigarette in the mouth is not kept. And there was given — or tobacco, or sand (sugar). I didn’t smoke, took the sand. And tea went to drink, one asked the other. So I did. And left without sand and without tobacco. And began to smoke.

The veteran called on the recruits to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In the auditorium of the fragile mother touching cuddles up to son — hero. Maxim will serve close to home in Krasnogorsk. But Galina is still going through.

Intelligent recruits are sent to the “research” company (25 photos)

– Because a whole year will not close, ” she explains.

Fear for what my son something does not work out in an army team of women have arrive at the Assembly point, she was convinced that it will be surrounded by the same adults, intelligent and smart guys.

Last minutes with family — on the parade ground and Assembly point. Recruits came in here system, parents and other relatives trying to take a seat closer to him.

Intelligent recruits are sent to the “research” company (25 photos)

– You had the share to glorify the Muscovites in scientific companies – admonishes recruits the military Commissioner of Moscow Victor Shipilov. More than 200 recruits have been or are now serving in scientific companies, and 26 of them have already signed contracts and became officers.

As explained “MK” in the defense Ministry, Moscow recruits — and all of them Thursday was intended to 62 people – will serve in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Krasnodar, Moscow, Tambov, Kostroma, Sergiev Posad and Sevastopol.

Watch the video on “Dozens of Russian conscripts went to the research company”

Today in Moscow recruitment center on Ugreshskaya research company of Russia went a few dozen recruits. Journalists were shown the new uniform and the process of creating an electronic card of the recruit. Details on the video.

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