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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Trump’s son-in-law told about the partisan past of their ancestors in Belarus

In the election battles of the presidential campaign in the US to join son-in-law Republican candidate Donald trump: Jared Kushner took his father-in-law under protection, saying that he is not an anti-Semite. But at the same time told about his ancestors who survived the Holocaust and fought against Nazism.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Jared Kushner defended his father trump.

Trump, as you know, extreme political correctness is no different. And once again the flamboyant billionaire has Economica, published in social networks a post in which he called his rival Democrat Hillary Clinton a “liar” and “the most corrupt candidate in history” – the last sentence was written in sectionnow star. Former Secretary of state was not slow to accuse trump of anti-Semitism. Trump immediately replaced the star in a harmless circle and stated that it is incorrect to compare the previous image with the star of David, in the end, it can be covered by the Sheriff’s symbolism. Despite these excuses, totally unnecessary in terms of the presidential race, the sediment about trump left.

And then the husband Ivanka trump Kushner published an article entitled “Donald trump, whom I know.” There he emphasized the fact that he does not consider his father a racist or anti-Semite: “It’s incredibly loving and tolerant person, who warmly welcomed my family and our Judaism, when I started Dating my wife.” By the way, Ivanka trump, leaving in 2009 to marry Jared Kushner, converted to Judaism.

Enhancing the effect of their statements-in-law, trump pointed out that he is the grandson of Holocaust survivors. According to him, December 7, 1941, the Nazis surrounded the ghetto of the city Novogrudok (Grodno region of Belarus) and he divided the people into two lines: those who stood on the right had to die, those who left to stay alive. “The sister of my grandmother, Esther, ran into the house to hide. The boy, who saw her escape, pulled her – and she became one of the approximately 5,100 of Jews killed during the first slaughter in Novogrudok. In 1943 the night before Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New year) 250 Jews remaining in the town, conspired to escape through a tunnel, which they painstakingly dug under the fence…” says Jared Kushner, his grandmother and her sister didn’t want to leave his father, because they were in the back of the line of fugitives around him. When the first members of the escape seemed out of the tunnel, the Nazis opened fire on them. Killed about fifty people – among them the brother of the grandmother of Jared, she managed to escape and she joined the partisan group the Bielski brothers. There she met her future husband, who had escaped from the labor camp and lived in a dugout in the forest.

Jewish partisan group was created by the Bielski brothers (Tuvia, Asael, ZUS) in Belarus in December 1941. First few he had grown to 250 people at the expense of those who fled from the Novogrudok ghetto. In February 1943, the Bielski group was included in the partisan detachment “October” Lenin brigade.

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