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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The star and death of Alexander Poteeva: what do we know about the defector

The story escaped from the Russian Colonel SVR Alexander Poteeva (after the flight and distance of the court with the verdict of 25 years prison he, of course, was stripped of his title) seems to be over: the sources of “Interfax”, which belongs to the intelligence Agency bypasses the polite default, reported that Pot supposedly died abroad.

This information is not completely believe themselves, knowing that we can talk about the so-called “debriefing”, a zone of silence around the controversial figure of ex-spy — that is trying to make people forget about the fugitive, that he could more safely carry a new life.

However, these data are “validated”, and yet it is worth remembering why the news about the SVR, whose name flashed in the media 6 years ago, suddenly has attracted so much attention.

From the file “MK”.

“Alexander Poteeva 64. His father is the hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel Nikolai Pot.

He graduated from the KGB school in Minsk, fought in Afghanistan, worked in our Embassy and permanent mission at the UN. Career was on the rise: in the end Pot vozglavil in the SVR Department, who oversaw the work of scouts-illegal immigrants in the United States.

In 2010, escaped to the States on a false passport (at that time the family of Poteeva has also left for the USA). After his escape the American intelligence agencies said the exposure of 11 Russian spies, including Anna Chapman. Ten of them were detained, had their exchange.”

The grave of the heroic father of the traitor Poteeva in Minsk.

It is not only in love of the audience to the backstage life of the state and spy stories. By itself, the fate of Poteeva has become a vivid illustration of the events that took place in Russia for two decades.

There are several versions of exactly when Pot was recruited by US intelligence. As found by a Russian court sentenced the defector to 25 years of imprisonment, Poteyev allegedly recruited in 1999 during a business trip. However this version says nothing about the reasons why recruitment was possible, though, and said that he was not able to properly test on his return to Russia in the confusion of the late 90s”.

Another assumption about the beginning of cooperation with U.S. intelligence is forcing him to do so by a criminal: the fact that in 2003 the apartment Poteyev was attacked. Three robbers, who introduced themselves as police officers, have learned from it 3300 USD 30 000 rubles, and the Pot during a robbery was bound with duct tape.

The most common media version of this incident is the suspicion that the bandits, who introduced themselves as policemen” were CIA agents, who thus showed Poteau that he is defenseless, and forced to cooperate. Version, however, does not cause trust especially due to the fact that not explain at least the fact, where the SVR had the money for a luxurious life before the “forced cooperation with the CIA”: as pointed out by the journalist of “Novaya Gazeta”, Sergei Kanev, the family of Poteeva “often changed foreign cars”, and the Pot, a drunk returning home are often given to deliver his porter a generous tip. In addition, according to the recollections of neighbors, the apartment Poteeva in wealth was like a Museum.

Therefore, scout activities, apparently, were not so much “Patriotic” as a business bias: in particular, he, in the 90-ies working in the USA, and since 2000, overseeing the work of the American division of the SVR involved in illegal intelligence, can provide a variety of services in the us, the Russians, in particular, maintaining accounts, opening business etc.

However, up until now it remains unknown what specific benefits brought Russia the activities of dozens of agents, which included Anna Chapman. After their exchange, Vice President Joe Biden, by the way, proudly stated that “we (the States — ed.) back four is very good. And those ten, they were here a long time, but did not too much.”

Recall that the area of greatest debate in Russia issued for the exchange of commissioned Poteeva Russian razvedchikov Quartet evoked the figure of the scientist Igor Sutyagin, who was preparing while working as head of sector of military-technical cooperation of the Institute of USA and Canada analytical reports for the firm Alternative Futures for the reward, gradually raised from 700 to 1000 pounds per month. In the end it turned out that the firm was a front for spies from the US, however, Sutyagin claimed to have collected for it is only public information. Whatever it was, but in the end he was sentenced to 15 years and eventually extradited to the United States, and the Russian public have not reached a verdict about his sentence.

Already this year, Spanish newspaper Politico suggested that on account of Poteeva — exposing another agent, Sergei Cherepanov (aka Henry Frith), who lived in Madrid. His activity was limited to obtaining analytical or brokerage reports” on gas pipelines in Eastern Europe: the news of Cherepanovo Western intelligence agencies received in 2010, after which he fled as one of the members of the group, which included Chapman — a “Christopher Metsos”, allegedly a former liaison between them and SVR.

To determine precisely the amount of information transferred Poteeva the United States, as a fee for services that he could get on open sources, of course, impossible. Thus, the lawyer Poteeva the court stated 5 million for each Russian spy, however, these figures are not credible in the view of the fact that the lawyer was provided by the government, no relationship with yourself Poteeva had not explained where your data takes.

Surprised such amounts and in the US, where journalist Jeff Stein, specializing in espionage theme, said that such money would be “implausible.” So, another Russian defector, Sergei Tretyakov, had received much smaller amounts: only two million dollars and a house for half a million in Florida.

Anna Chapman, who “betrayed”.

Besides the information about the agents that Pot (again, according to the court) gave US information about the Russian ciphers, some of the newest systems of communications, as well as information about appearances and passwords: so, same Chapman arrest was allegedly shocked at how much you know about it, “get close to the President of the United States” at the CIA.

After an exchange of life all defendants, for a short time stranded heroes of the press, has again gone into the shadows. Anna Chapman, being a TV presenter and socialite, has ceased to activnoe public life, satisfied, apparently a lucrative position in a Bank, and not write more about Igor Sutyagin. The name of Poteeva has also surfaced only in the context of the very loud exchange.

One can only assume that he followed the fate of the other traitors, which the U.S. intelligence services preferred to settle in small towns, while providing everything necessary to enable them to lead a life at the level of the middle class. Pot lived in the US, apparently, with his family: the failure of the RAF before his flight was that America quietly moved his two children and wife Poteeva in court, claiming that he knew nothing about the illegal activities of her husband, also said that it intends to go to him to get a visa. Escape the wife was alleged to her surprise, she learned from the left of the note. Himself Pot left Russia usual for not wanting to advertise his departure way — through Belarus.

Intelligence officer Sergei Tretyakov, who defected in 2000, died allegedly choking on his meat.

We emphasize again that the current death certificate Poteeva raises more questions: we don’t know where he lived the last few years, none worked. By analogy with the same Sergei Tretyakov who left for the West in 2000, we can assume that he could keep his own name since lost to the Russian intelligence service interest, although it remained a potential threat of retaliation by the security services. However, Tretyakov died, apparently, of his death, although versions of his death differ: he either choked on a piece of meat, or have not experienced a heart attack. However, his wife emphasized that the intelligence services of the death of her husband had not.

Note also that in the case of Tretyakov the first of his death was reported by the Western media, then how about the death of Poteeva told it was Russian. However, the real story of the events associated with his name apparently will remain a mystery for years to come.

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