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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The 51st international film festival in Karlovy vary: win our “Zoology”

A year ago in Karlovy vary won the American film “Bob and the trees”, where the main role was played by logger Bob Tarasuk from Massachusetts, now a heroine of the Polish film “Waves” Grzegorz Zarechnogo were 17-year-old female hairdressers from Krakow. They actually do not play, enter the frame as they are. Hard to believe that one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so much distress and hopelessness.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Vitaly Mansky with his mother and heroine of his movie “Home”

In the ratings of critics in the lead “Zoology” Ivan Tverdovsky was the youngest. He left Karlovy vary and returned to Moscow. But whether coming to the festival for a reward, we will know on Saturday. The audience – their idols. In their rankings of leading competition “Juliet” almodóvar and the fifth position of the competition “the Teacher” Yan Grzebyk, hosted in carlsbad with incredible enthusiasm and squealing. The painting was created Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and refers to 1983 in the period of socialism “with a human face”. School teacher Razdykova teaches among other subjects also Russian language. She is a widow and is interested in what you do the parents of her students, terrorizing not only the students but also their parents. She is a monster and talking about it, parents always emphasize that Grozdyovo sister lives in Moscow. The contest was to include “Student” by Kirill Serebrennikov, but it took away at Karlovy vary Cannes film festival. So simple spectator of the Comedy “the Teacher” became a kind of substitute for a much more radical and hard “Pupil”.

“Native” by Vitaly Mansky participate in the documentary competition. Russia in the number of producers no. It is a coproduction of Germany, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine. Mansky said: “Russia, where I lived most of my life, in the creation of the film involved”. On stage were producers from Germany, Estonia, and Latvia. The latter is Guntis Tractures, who first extended a helping hand to the family of Vitaly Mansky, when she moved to live to Latvia. Guntis told “MK” that if not for Vitali, the last outstanding film documentary by Herz Frank “On the threshold of fear they themselves would not be pulled.

Vitaly Mansky was born in Lviv, where he went to study in Moscow at the age of 18. Until now there lives his mother, who became the heroine of “Native”, which he brought to Karlovy vary for the opening night. We see on the screen is not ceremonial and festive Lviv, and the old five-storey building, which increased the future Director. With him, the viewer is sent to his aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters, to sister. They live, who is in Lviv, who is in Odessa and Sevastopol. Donbass cannot be around my husband sister relatives there.

One aunt works in a skin clinic, and free time to belly dance. Another, living in Sevastopol, as they say, fell asleep in Ukraine and woke up in Russia. 20-year-old Zhenya from the city take our eyes into the army, where he still serves. And leave now, the army is like in the unknown. One of the aunts Mansky loved Nikita Mikhalkov. In her apartment for many years hung his poster. But the events of recent years have changed a lot in the mind, something broke. Love to Moscow, and at the same time to Mikhalkov, which is now waiting in the wings to go in the trash. Sisters (aunts of the Director), one in Lviv, the second in Sevastopol, swearing on Skype. The conversation inevitably veers into politics. And then they have irreconcilable views. But the strength of the film is that he did not escalate, and filmed with tenderness to your loved ones, ordinary people who perceive what is happening in their own way.

After the film, Vitaly Mansky will tell: “I – Rigan, who was born in Lviv and has lived many years in Moscow. I no longer live in Moscow, though close to take all that is happening there. Russia got sick. Fallen on hard times. The patient needs help. The Soviet Union died. Ukraine emerging before our eyes. I hope she has a bright future. I feel comfortable in Latvia, although this is not a perfect country. Looking for Latvia, I think about how it would look, if Russia would not have made so many mistakes. I had the film “Grace” about old women living in a village where even electricity. People around the world watched it with tears in his eyes. And when I showed it to their heroines, they had just the land was not rolling with laughter. I wish my relatives looked “Native”. Mother first saw the picture and retell to others. We wait for the reaction”. Mom, by the way, liked the movie. “We are what we are – she said “MK”. – Of course, always think that in life you’re much prettier than on the screen. Myself I don’t like it.”

In the competition “East of West” involved the movie “Alien house” Glurjidze Rusudan of Georgia, created with the support of the Russian Ministry of culture. This is the debut of a 44-year-old held a man that worked first producer of filmed commercials and clips. Now she took off work on refugees, told the story of families during the civil war between Georgia and Abkhazia in the 90-ies of the last century. People dwell in the houses from which the owners fled, leaving everything they had. And they are coming just have nothing, – only a minimum of things that can be carried in the hand. The role of Russian women – wives and mothers in a mixed family, played by Olga Dykhovichnaya. This is typical of the Georgian film modern times slow and contemplative, perhaps, too beautiful for all the misery of the lives of the characters. But it has atmosphere, TA unique kinokuniya, which is often lacking Russian cinema.

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