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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Sleepless nights and seven nuts President Obama

President Barack Obama can’t sleep. No, it is not tormented by insomnia. Just not enough time. But as it is not easy! He calls himself a “night guy”, our “owl”. He sleeps only 5 hours. Little. Although they say that Napoleon slept only four hours a night — Their Obama spends in the oval office. In the oval office, he only performs his duties. The New York Times said about some aspects of everyday life of the inhabitants of the White house.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

At 6.30 PM the President has dinner with his wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha. After dinner, he goes into the Oval office, the Treaty room. This is his private office. It is located at the end of the corridor. The bedroom on the second floor in the residential quarter of the White house.

The time Obama spends in the Treaty room, or the Room of treaties (The Treaty Room) that he considers “his”. But this is an illusion. Its time the President has no. If there is, at the expense of the nation. Obama sits in a revolving leather chair behind the Desk, more like a dining than written. Behind him hangs a huge portrait of President Ulysses S. Grant. Through the Windows on either side of the picture you can see the Washington Monument and the Jefferson memorial. He and the other keenly watching Obama. Especially Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of independence, which however were slaves, and who believed a black man “three-fifths” of a white man.

Sometimes Obama sits on the other sofa under the picture — “butterfly” brush Susan Rothenberg. The canvas is marked 1976. On it we see burnt Sienna and some black smears. This creates an illusion of a galloping horse.

The Treaty Room is so called because under its arches were signed many historical documents, including a “peace Protocol that ended the Spanish-American war in 1898.

To stay awake the President does not resort to coffee. He generally very rarely drink coffee and tea. Next to him a bottle of water. Soda, he was not held in high esteem. It supports the family of a salted almond nuts. Not six and not eight, namely family. Over this was making fun of Michelle and Cass.

Who is Cass? When Obama first settled in the White house, after dinner, he was not in the Room contracts and the games Room (The Game room). It is located on the third residential floor of the West wing. Here, the President fought on an antique Billiards table with Sam Cass, a personal chef to the Obama family, the first family of America.

According to the cashier, they played with Obama every day for about an hour. The game of pool needed for the President to discharge, for relaxation after strenuous hours in the Oval room. They scored their fights. Big boss was somewhat ahead of its chef. (Cass left the White house at the end of 2014…)

The e-mail enters the White house at any time. Sometimes after midnight. She appears on the BlackBerry of the President, which number only a few people know. But these few don’t. Obama leads a dialogue with them 24 hours a day.

The BlackBerry of the President contains anything sharply formulated questions about the memoranda, which he obtained. But sometimes it’s a mocking email about the losing team, for which sick happy owner of a BlackBerry rooms of the President.

Once the President sent a message to Benjamin Rhodes, Deputy national security adviser, and Denis McDonough, White house chief of staff. Watch, it was 12.30 at night. He told them that just finished watching the draft the speech prepared for Mr. stepping the morning. He killed it in three hours time, making their corrections by hand on yellow official paper. It was about the “curse” against Donald trump and rebuke him regarding his assessment of the massacre in Orlando. Obama warned his senior aides that they can see his version in the morning in the Swiss White house when it comes to work.

Four or five hours, the President dedicates “himself.” He works on his speeches, meets with bundles of papers coming at eight in the evening, which brings him Secretary of the National security Council, reads ten letters from ordinary Americans selected his staff. Here is a letter of a certain Liz O’connor, a school teacher from Connecticut. “How is it you allow private citizens to buy automatic weapons?” — reproachfully asked it is Obama. The letter marked the next day after the massacre in Orlando.

President watching sports on TV channel ESPN, reads novels and plays or playing “Words with friends” on his iPad. It is very important to remain human and not turn into a machine.

Sometimes looks Michelle. The President, after all her husband, but long delayed. Her time has not yet come. She goes to bed much earlier Barak, and jealous of his time in The Treaty Room.

“Any person cuts out time to gather my thoughts,” says Rahm Emanuel, at the time, the White house chief of staff Obama and now mayor of Chicago. Day the President has no time for this, adds RAM. He is unable to carve out even half an hour. The oval office requires a constant voltage and concentration.

Obama’s predecessor, President George Bush stood together with the early roosters, but went to bed at ten o’clock. President Clinton was a night owl like Obama, but spent time in long telephone conversations with friends about everything and nothing. Clinton forced his assistants to scan telephone conversations White house that morning to know who and what he was saying all night.

“Very often our presidents the energy they need comes from contact with other people,” says the historian of the American presidency, Doris Caris Goodwin, who several times had dinner with Obama at the White house. — President Obama look like a person who always at home with myself.”

Sports channel is always on in the Room of treaties, says Emanuel. Sports pictures constantly flashed on a flat TV screen. Sport as if there is a background, however…

At eight in the evening of the Swiss guard the President delivered his briefing the next day, bound in leather. It is a bulky volume with all sorts of documentary annexes. Departments need attention of the President. “An insane amount of paper,” laments Mr. Cass. Departments are tearing apart super boss who tries to defend his integrity.

Tom Donilon, Obama’s adviser for national security (2010-2013), tells how the President deals with his plan briefings: “He reads every paper. When we come to work that morning, he meets us with questions, comments, solutions.”

Night vigils of the President and then are interrupted by the invasion of day’s worries. Here’s a photo Dating back to 2011. In it we see Obama in The Treaty Room. With it the assistant to the national security Advisor McDonough and John Brennan, former counterterrorism chief and current CIA Director. They just called the Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan after nine earthquake struck the Japanese Islands. The caption under the photograph States that it was made after midnight.

In 2014, in an interview with reporters ABC Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan Obama has said that until two in the morning he reads the briefing paper, wakes up at seven in the morning that the “acceptable time”.

But most of the time absorbs a preparation for speeches and other appearances. Sometimes it’s sleepless nights into the early morning hours.

In June last year, for example, the Chief speechwriter of the President Cody Keenan, who has just returned home from the White house at eight in the evening, ordered a pizza and began to relax, suddenly I received a message from Obama: “Can you get back to the office tonight?” The vagueness of the “can” in the mouth of the President sounded an indisputable order. Had to forget about the pizza and relaxation and to get back to the White house.

President Keenan found on the ground floor of the White house in the Swiss-mail. Here they settled down for work on the gravestone word nine African Americans who were killed in the Episcopal Methodist Church Emanuel in Charleston, South Carolina, during a Bible study. Three hours later, the funeral sermon was ready. The next day it went across America and around the world.

Three months earlier, Obama called Keenan in the White house at midnight. The President worked on the speech, which he had to speak in Selma, Alabama, on 50-anniversary of “bloody Sunday” when police are racists brutally beat a March of blacks on the bridge Edmond Pettus. “That night something over him that forced me to think about you,” recalls Keenan.

In 2009, the Keenan’s predecessor, Jon Favro, handed Obama a draft of his Nobel prize speech. Before the awards were the only flights across the ocean: Washington-Oslo. Obama worked on the text to four nights, after that he sent his speechwriter 11 handwritten pages. On the plane flying to Norway, Obama, Favre and two other employees of the White house almost the entire night working on repedative text. After Obama said the Nobel speech, he called the hotel to his speechwriter: “Hey,” shouted the President in a phone. — I think that everything was OK. But, God save us from a second test!”

Nobel peace prize Obama is still perceived as irredeemable advance…

But fall sometimes and free time when the President plays on his iPad with friends in different word games or increases the sound teleyaschika transmitting sporting events. “If he watches any match, he never forgets to send you news, for example: “Duke” was supposed to win or something like that,” — says the player of Duke basketball player Reggie Love, who later became a personal assistant to Obama.

The President uses early morning hours to view the first editions of “the new York times, the Washington post and the wall street journal on his iPad. Love remembers the after hours night Obama watched on TV the story about students who wanted to meet him. “Why haven’t I met them before?” asked Obama Lava. Love replied, “someone decided that it would not be a very good idea.” On this, Obama impulsively said: “Here I’m the President and I decide what is good and what is not.”

Obama and Michelle, like other American married couples have their “cable preferences”. A series like “boardwalk Empire”, “Game of thrones”, “breaking bad” and others. On Friday, Obama with his wife and daughters sometimes visit the Family theater, The Family Theater) — the viewing room for forty people on the first floor of the East wing. They watch movies of their choice or those that sends them film Academy of America.

Loved the film screenings in the Kremlin and Stalin. But they always followed and “draw conclusions”. There is such a joke of Joseph Stalin. The characters in the film ride the train often stops. Stalin, that the picture is clearly not bad, but some stop suddenly stood up and said: “Here we go” and left the screening room. Strange fluctuations in the taste of Stalin, we must ensure that the country saw the French Comedy “Scandal in Clochemerle”. Ivan Bolshakov, who was present at the Kremlin screenings as Chairman of the Committee for cinematography, has managed to write a whole doctoral dissertation from fragmentary exclamations of the leader.

Obama stops to come down. His tastes do not define the Oscar decisions. And no one writes dissertations on the basis of his observations about the paintings that are shown in The Family Theater on the first floor of the East wing. Which is a pity. But Obama has no Bolshakova…

Sometimes the President and his closest associates — the members of the Politburo blogovskogo dream about the time when they leave the White house and “locking in the open”.

Thus was born a kind of game. Obama and Emanuel imagined, as they move to Hawaii and open a small business producing t-shirts only average size and only one color — white. The essence of this “dream” was that they don’t have to make decisions.

Sometimes, the nerve center of the White house began to slip. Acceptable solutions was not expected. And then Obama turned to Emanuele with the word “white”, and he answered, “average”…

President Barack Obama was about six months to be in the White house, which he will divide between the Oval office and The Treaty Room. What’s next? In March, during the Easter Breakfast in the State dining room The State Dining Room, Obama said: “the First three or four months I’ll just sleep.”

Dreams, dreams, where is your sweetness?!

Melor STURUA in Minneapolis

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