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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Singer Vertinsky rescues a Russian girl in Europe

Sergey Vertinsky is a young talented singer-songwriter, heartfelt, poignant songs about love “Subway”, “the Whole World”, “it was Love”. Sergei began his rather successful career in Europe, but returned to Russia. That pushed him to this decision, in our interview.

Photo: press service of the artist

— Sergey, you have a lot of love songs. You consider yourself a romantic person?

— Of course, my love life is Central. Serves as a source of inspiration. For me music is the language of communication, perhaps the most beautiful of all, in my opinion, music connects kindred heart and soul.

— You started well in Europe. Why leave?

— I spent a lot of time in Europe, engaged in the work. There was good there, my friends. But now some things have changed — everyone knows about it. For example, Europe is flooded with immigrants. And the Europeans because of their “tolerance” look at the outright rudeness and arrogance through his fingers. For me, Europe is a very different world. I don’t want to be part of it. There is now no place for free music that tells about true love. And in Russia — is.

— Do you like Russia?

Yes, people in Russia are quite different, the audience and the musicians are open to new, they are quite different than in Europe, perceive my music. At his concerts I feel more love and warmth coming from the audience. Everything here fills me with energy for creativity. But not only work was influenced by… There was another interest…

— You met a girl?

— Yes, under not very good circumstances. It was on New year’s, I was walking down the street in the city of Cologne in Germany, it was dark, I heard a scream of a girl. In the alley a young migrant brazenly molested her. She fought back as best he could in broken English called for help. Fortunately, all ended well, I arrived on time, the guy got scared and ran away. This night the accident changed my life. The girl was a tourist from Russia. We met. She told me that she lives in a small town, arrived for a week to relax. The rest of her vacation we spent together. I realized that this is a very special girl, with a real Russian soul, which combines and loyalty, understanding, and love. When she left, it took me quite some time to figure out what I want to be with her. You could say it was a decisive moment, the main reason why I returned Home. I certainly found it. Just like in my song “Found You”.

— Tell us, what are your plans for the near future?

— Now, under the inspiration of the “Cologne” Dating going to write new songs and to dedicate them to her. Besides, all my plans are connected with Russia, after returning home, I realized that it was the best country, so I want to start to learn it again, through music, their concerts, communication with the audience. Will speak throughout the largest country in the world!

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