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Saturday, January 20, 2018

“Retribution is not excluded”: what is behind the death of Poteeva

The scandal in the intelligence services of Russia and America, Thursday, July 7, again reminded of itself. The former Colonel of service of external investigation (SVR) Alexander Pot, fled to the United States in absentia and sentenced to 25 years for treason, allegedly died in their new homeland. Past that is a health problem, attempt us intelligence forever to bring Poteyev from the game or revenge for the betrayal?

The source that reported the death of the defector did not rule out that information about the death may be common “duck” thrown in the Russian media that the traitor had simply forgotten.

However, six years ago, former and current members of the RAF claimed that immediately after the Pot passed the scouts, he and his family got new passports, a residence, a new biography. Moreover, to date, reason to remember the name of the traitor in Russia was not simple.

It is also impossible to exclude and the household version of incident — a natural death Poteeva. The ex-Colonel was characterized as a man with “a sparkling sense of humor, a lover of feasts and good spirits – I talked about this and our sources in the intelligence agencies.

Interestingly, if so, Vladimir Putin’s words would become prophetic. We will remind that after the scandal he, as Prime Minister, called a traitor “pig” and “beast” and answering the question, “did he give orders to kill the traitors”, said: “as for traitors, they will be bent”.

Well, the fabulous version of “death stick umbrella”, perhaps, should not be discounted. After sentencing Poteau involved in the intelligence service openly expressed his satisfaction. And in the press, the interlocutors of journalists spoke openly about the desire for revenge.

– Of course, none of the secret services under his own name is not recognised that his colleagues are engaged in covert assassinations. But just retribution is not excluded, – has commented on this version, the source of “MK”. Six years is enough to take away from figure Poteeva attention and make a version of the natural death (the banal heart attack), the most plausible. What did Pot, not forgotten…

The news of the death went through the Russian media, and not in the us. It can be as symbolic sign of victory over the traitor, so the message that such things are not forgiven.

Read the story “the Star and death of Alexander Poteeva: what do we know about the defector”

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