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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Leps and Vaenga responded from Jurmala to the denunciations of “venality”

On Friday in Jurmala solemnly closes festival “Laima Vaikule. Jurmala. Rendezvous”. In the engraved title are collected concise network “chants” to as many people as possible learned that still stands in its place, the city where two years ago, the scandal has begun fire drill contest “New wave”, not only gathering variety “cream” postsovetskogo space, guests of the giants of Europe, Americas, but also a lot of loitering of the public who filled the resort town of rapid movement.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

In Russia now it is accepted that no Jurmala “New wave” completely bent. But, like, alive – the same neat, well-groomed, is not deserted, with the same, and then again pootkryvali restaurants-cafes-hotels. Cars with the Russian numbers are all the same cheerful scurry through the streets and clog Parking. Local language all orientations try meanwhile, in a sad drawback to find encouraging benefits – they say, still the festival giant has suppressed all other cultural and entertainment activity, and now the poster is painted for months forward on a more modest scale, but creatively very exciting.

The diversity of names of posters really struck – from Yuri Bashmet to Yuri Temirkanov and Larisa Rubalskaya, Konstantin Khabensky to Denis Matsuev, Dmitry Hvorostovsky, not to mention the pop rock guard: “the time Machine”, “A-Studio”, Filipp Kirkorov, Grigory Leps, Oleg Mityaev, Dima Bilan, Maxim Galkin, Christina Aguilera, etc, etc, not counting the jazz with the Igor Butman, humor with Alexander Revva and Mikhail Galustian and even theatre Gennady Khazanov…

But the Holy place is the “New wave” could not long remain empty, the local authorities all the same I wanted something more. To justice “attracted” Lima Vajkule, which has managed to be in this situation, the root Uralkali, and get out of the task of national importance she could not, as the unfortunate Igor Krutoy (already on the state assignment on the other hand) could not take away everything so many years was gone. The ban to Joseph Kobzon, Oleg Gazmanov and Valeriya entry to Latvia during the last “Wave” for political reasons in the background of their disrupted interstate relations have played with all the fatal and cruel joke.

Since then, however, the local “black list” is not supplemented by any Russian cultural figure, no matter whose and no matter what policosanal, but “Holy Trinity”, to delete from it does not work, despite the fact that Lima first went to authorities with the petition when it became clear that it is necessary to call to your newly minted festival dear to her guests from Russia and Ukraine.

Cautious fawn and wise owl, the Latvian diva (as called Lima Elena Vaenga) did everything to the maximum “relax” a tense situation. Invented original concept not just a set of precast Sanchez for four days, and a parade of exclusive duets with guests, which is primarily caused aback from the huge work which is spent on fragile and, in General, not the young is already a star. Four days not only was she the main character of the concerts, but from morning to evening rehearsing all the performances with the participants, except that not falling over my own feet.

Rated applause, who likes “REAR”, most, say, an enthusiastic reception was marked in the first days of the festival (not counting the hostess of the event limes) speeches of Grigory Leps, Elena Vaenga, Christina Aguilera, Verka Serduchka, Alexander Bujnov, Intars Busulis, Potap and Nastya, Sergei Mazaeva. Interesting list, indicating that in addition to the charts and the notorious formats, the audience always have their arguments and preferences, often very mysterious to the blurry sight of other critics and insiders of show business. Mr. Mazaev, say, perplexed behind the scenes as his new single “Photons” do not fit into the format of any (!) radio stations…

Not only actors, but the audience was happy as plums (a favourite expression of Philip Kirkorov at the festival, however, is not present). All had a pleasant deja vu, as if playing the famous game of the past “New wave”. The same hall – the truth was finally repaired (the irony!), the same stellar fashion show on the red carpet to the VIP-terrace with Blavatnik-Rappoport and other laid-back Bohemians, even the staff room in Pegasa Pils in the neighborhood, where it is always seething bustle of working and where intriguing scattered news, rumors, latest gossip, and quartered, sometimes, in the favorite Suite with balcony Nikolay Baskov, often amusing sauntering under the balcony the audience with a loud singsong.

Newcomers are of course, Russian media is already the number, of course, but net profit to light, so to speak, the event – with clear and preset “party” setting. However, most colleagues are mostly rushed to sit good luck to a rented Villa couple of Pugacheva-Galkin a half hour walk from the hall hoping to grab a piece of “megasensatsii” in the face of Our Only – even with children, though my husband, at least one, at least on the scooter, at least some… Here it is, sorry, it was not until Lima, with her festival.

She lime was very worried about the possible Parallels with the predecessors, and in order to avoid their importunity even moved the dates of the festival, the usual end of the month for at least a good time – from the point of view and the weather, and marketing features of the place.

The press, however, did not appreciate such a “sacrifice” and continuing to sniff Pugachev, defer the task to the center of the despatches, which was more like (for serving and lexicon) denunciations to the NKVD with a complete listing went “in enemy country” artists. Of all the lists, however, at first suspiciously disappeared name Leps – apparently didn’t fit the artist into a coherent puzzle “traitors” and “corrupt souls”, which branded the first day of wide public resentment with to connect in Moscow some artists.

It was not easier and artists from Ukraine – on the contrary, resented the participation of their stars in the “Pro-Russian festival”, taking place even in “enemy” (relative to Russia) Latvia. Freak show! As a result, Ukrainian broadcaster, which aired the festival, mercilessly cut from the “live” is not only the Leps, is officially banned in Ukraine (but, Oh miracle!, allowed the same in the “NATO of Latvia”), young artists its center, and even his Verka Serduchka .

We have no the channel did not broadcast, although all of the Baltic States, the festival has turned the local branch of one of the Russian Federal telemonster familiar with each of our eye logo. In “enemy country,” he quite openly and freely. And we are, therefore, no Leps with Serduchka and Potapov, nor anyone at all!

Next “New wave” in Sochi has happily promised sting, the same excitement recently upavshii on the oligarchic wedding in Moscow. Here, genius, his music is out of politics, and we praise him for it. But by our logic, he should not go in rush, because she’s the “enemy” for his country, and ought to show solidarity with a group Bloodhound Gang and Marilyn Manson, was expelled from Russia and declared virtually persona non grata Madonna and Lady Gaga, which we tried to even judge! Mirror the same situation! But why is it, that maloholnye Westerners, this does not occur?! They somehow actually separate all the flies and cutlets…

The participants of the festival managed to still keep the complacency and kindness during the whole event, first even tried to avoid coming from the different humps and bumps “reactions” is not only not to spoil the mood of themselves and others, but also because in this relaxed, pleasant and friendly atmosphere, these “goat muzzle” was perceived as a wild child of some distant and unreal hell.

However, it is silent it would still be excessive Buddhism, bordering on lack of self-esteem and sense of justice. Anyway, in his interview with “MK” Grigory Leps, Elena Vaenga hard put the i though lime still prefer to hold on, albeit with difficulty, within the framework of diplomatic and human decency.

Laima Vaikule: “Sprat is impossible, but implementing that for?!”

Christina Aguilera and Laima Vaikule.
Stars at the festival in Jurmala (37 photos)

Lime, congrats on the festival! See what a huge effort you put into it. Unfortunately, the joy overshadowed by the premiere of all the news, curses, and “exposure”. How do you feel?

– Thank you for the warm greetings! Not all see so happy… For me, honestly, was a surprise announcement by Ilya Reznik. I went to him so warm attitude, he is so much for me. From any person who is not in the music business, could I expect, but not with his hand.

It’s our job! We work wherever we’re needed, where we listen, and then at some point it appears that we become enemies! And we know and not know about it, because we love each other!

Singer can’t shut up. And most importantly – what should suffer the people who love here, in Latvia, Russian songs in Russian? What are you punishing THEM – half of the country Latvia?! Even the second half of someone considered the enemy? On the contrary, it is necessary to go always from love, gently. In any case it is impossible to prevent anger. Everyone starts with yourself. I have no person I do not like. I don’t watch all these poisonous comments that I say. And let’s not even try, to me it’s all the same will not come!

Yeah, would like better, but it turned out… and still Have to assume a peacekeeping mission. Not too heavy? You really were always so peaceful, fluffy…

I love everyone who came. Sorry, we didn’t do it with Valeria. We wanted to sing a duet. But I couldn’t do that! There are some bureaucratic formalities, protocols. They can’t break the will of one man. This is a procedure that is run I was not under force. And I’m sorry about that. I tried.

– Do not you understand what the situation is tense now so that will have to stumble on every bump?

– In the nightmare that I didn’t even think about it! I learned that the situation is unhealthy, only when, I’m sorry, Ilya Reznik now that’s said something! I thought we were all friends and all is well. Absolutely sincerely say. The feeling I have now. I do not watch TV.

– And you still chided for the treachery – they say, took advantage of the fact that the former tenants moved out…

My dream is that “Wave” back to Jurmala. I don’t have it, no competition. How many people, artists, young artists could meet! What they all guilty?! Well, sprats impossible, but implementing something for that? And on this festival, I not that long sitting, dreaming… I’m a singer that did not want to be. Wanted to be a doctor. And in America, the drive was not going to record. Invited by chance, it so happened that fate. And this festival is destiny. Maybe she wants me to hold this place for Igor (Steep)…

And by the way, he somehow reacted?

– We have a very good relationship. He wished me luck, said that, unfortunately, can’t come now, but hopes that everything will go well. And I also wish you good luck – not only his festival, but also “Slavic Bazaar” and all the others.

The more festivals, the more friendship, the more we will communicate. In one book it is written that the whole planet rests on the vibration called love. But we are the vibration emitted. Because in all religions love is the cornerstone. These vibrations are necessary for the planet. Physically essential. So let’s reject it! Diplomats, politicians let them do their business, you see what they are doing… But we, the people, should not… Who will keep this planet?!

– You’re talking about “public diplomacy,” but now, alas, it is almost dead…

“Where is this anger? I always knew that you can call, come to drink tea with a friend. If bad, then no psychologist is needed, came to his friend, wept… Where we all lose?! Have no right!

– Okay, come on… nice Home creative festival – your duets with guests, how very unexpected at times, so luxurious… it seems like you do not skimp neither physical force nor the creative imagination!

And rehearsal, and live sound, it’s very serious. At the opening I did not sing any solo songs, although most of the time he was on stage. Great happiness that all creativity is built on these duets.

I know many artists closer when rehearsing with them. With Hibla Gerzmava, Larisa Dolina I, for example, rehearsed at home. In such circumstances, the open side of people you never knew, never knew, and people become closer. Why I say that for me it is a great happiness. I know its a long-standing colleagues with unexpected sides, you start to love them even more. They become a part of my soul.

– Vaenga here in an interview with the mysteriously said to myself you have to know how and why you invited her…

She worked in Riga in the great hall. I came first saw Lena in concert. She told me about this. She was so kind, the other, a rod that is called. And to me these are the artists and like. Free on stage these hands, movements, how she conducts the orchestra… It was not like I imagined. Very cool, kind, talented. Starting their concert with poems, translate them into songs… So nobody does! And now I’m happy that she sang a duet with her.

For the first time, it seems, was a duet with Christina Aguilera, for which you became the “guiding star”, in her confession, when at age 6 she saw you dancing and singing in vaudeville Juras Perle, barely peeking their heads out from behind the high Desk, and then said Alla, children’s mother that he wanted to be, “like a lady”…

Ha ha ha! And yet there is a caveat – she was crazy about my shoes. Shoes were really crazy for the time, clear as glass, charm, on a huge platform… I immediately remembered this story, he said, declaring that Kristina already is in the music, and we were introduced to Alla Pugacheva.

– A song of Alla “the gray-winged Dove” crowned the whole story…

– Of course! Everything is connected. I hope that someday we will all emerge on the scene. Maybe at the next festival.

– Super! I would, of course, and now. The more that Allah sits here in the neighborhood, the resort…

She said that while on TV to watch. But I know there is nothing worse than for known (especially this!) man, how to meet and somewhere to go. After all, do not look so just – Hello. Look after all – yeah, what’s your problem, not that… These views burn you, you can’t long withstand. So I understand Alla. Although she was ready to come, and then obviously worked for our relaxed town atmosphere that sucks so that nothing but a tracksuit, no longer want to wear.

Grigory Leps: “Politicians are deeply mistaken!”

Vladimir Vinokur and Grigory Leps.
Stars at the festival in Jurmala (37 photos)

– Grisha! Welcome to Jurmala – almost straight from Syria with the Russian air force base. And congratulations on being on the list of “traitors” and “corrupt souls”, just published in Russia. How to feel?

Ha ha ha! Great feel.

And no kidding? It is not just there is some conflict of opinion, views. Cave of the rabid, all-consuming rage, triumphant insanity burn all life around, don’t you think?

Well, you answered your own question. Malice and stupidity are often inseparable, side by side, but these categories are incomprehensible to me… it is not clear to me that because we came here to support not any particular country or politics, and came, first, to his girlfriend Lyme, she asked us to. Because we are friends and socialize, this is a great artist, has done a lot for music and in Latvia, and in Russia, and even in the USSR. That’s why we’re here. Any money we do not earn…

Well, someone earns. Is it wrong? Not the same birds are free to sing…

– We personally don’t make money I’m sorry it happened… Then, when I was first brought to this authoritative scene of young artists from my center. Sharif, who is already quite famous singer, Ramadi, Tanya Shirko. Very cool singing people, it is interesting to see how they show themselves on this stage. It’s good for them and me both useful and interesting.

– What to do with this total insanity on the basis of clinical jingoism?

– I don’t think that we need to do something because I am absolutely convinced that sooner or later common sense will prevail over everything else. Music and sports should always be separate from politics.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

We, first, sing for people. Second, we sing Russian music for those who live in and outside of Russia. These people, guys, girls, families in need, waiting for such meetings. This is the “Russian world”, about which we have no right not to care and not to support, including their creativity. So we, as they say, kill several birds with one stone. Although it was not the main idea and purpose. We came for music festival, a visit to the person whose authority and respect which beyond a doubt.

– As he sang John Lennon: make love, not war – make peace, not war?

– Approximately so.

But artists are now used increasingly as a weapon in political games, and the artists themselves, as you can see, sometimes with servile glint in his eyes, is willing to get involved.

– Still, I think it’s politics some try to amass points and points. I don’t know why they need it? I think they are deeply mistaken.

– And from Latvia to claim you have? At the last solo album here in the “Construction” you proudly raised our flag, for example. Did not reproach? Although, judging by the fact that you’re here again…

– No, nothing, I’m fine with that, meet a escort, I am grateful. All right.

Creative creative limes at this festival duets. You are a man, a Duo with whom dreams seem to sing each of the existing famous artists. How can you explain this passion?

Here we do not even Duo, and trio, with us singer Intars Busulis song “fragile World”. Lime is a fascinating woman, some pluses. The first time I with her go on stage to sing. Let’s see how it goes. Why such passion? I do not know. Maybe all it seems that they feel a little more? I am grateful for the fact that they want to sing with me. Unfortunately, with all I can’t. Life is not enough. But, if you see that the song is good, see in the work term, as a rule, agree. There will be duets, probably with Irina Allegrova coming soon – new, although he keeps it a secret. She holiday soon.

– Irina Alexandrovna is a tradition. Soon the whole album of duets will sing. So love each other!

Well, if it be the will of God… And let the album and the single, and all that you want…

– It remains to hope that we will live to see the time great when good will defeat evil, as in fairy tales, and not Vice versa as it is now in my life…

– Everything will be fine, trust me!


Elena Vaenga, whose presence at the festival is also called shaped paralysis “Patriotic” audience, not expecting such a “betrayal”, is their attitude towards “many villains”.

Elena Vaenga.
Stars at the festival in Jurmala (37 photos)

– I was not kicked in Latvia, ” says the singer – I have a great relationship with the government of Latvia, they think I’m a good person and a good singer! They told me about it. And I am proud to represent his native country of Russia, I sing for people who love not only me, but also Russian culture, sing at the festival, she is an integral part of Russian music and pop genre. Here unpatriotic and whose “wrong side” I took?!

Rhetorical question Elena of course calls for clarification. A short comment from the artist I couldn’t limit even for the reason that “W.” a very long time searching for this original and unique singer, and this happiness was only in Jurmala! Soon see website “MK” great interview with Ms. Elena about her motives in creativity and in human relations, about her teachers and favorite genres, the war on journalists and what she’s looking for on stage and in music that he considered really Patriotic and, of course, about the unexpected appearance of visiting Lima.


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