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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Leonid Tretyak: We lost the information war

“The task of the enemy was to deprive us from the Ukraine and Ukrainians not only politically, but also emotionally. This task the enemy decided completely,” – said the newspaper VIEW psychotherapist Leonid Tretiak, analyzing the phenomenon of the information war between Russia and Ukraine from the point of view of mass psychology.

Thursday from Kiev came minor but symbolic news: the Moscow Avenue was renamed in honor of Stepan Bandera. In addition, according to Verkhovna Rada Deputy Yuriy Sirotyuk, in the near future the prospect of General Vatutin (commander of the troops of the 1st Ukrainian front, who died in 1944) will be named after Roman Shukhevych (commander of the UPA*, who served in the special unit “Nachtigall” and the 201st security police battalion).

“We focus not recognized the obvious fact that the social protest on the Maidan was fair. It then straddled him known interested parties with Russophobic slogans”

The VZGLYAD newspaper repeatedly wrote about the fact that the historical concept of the Ukrainian state (including a reassessment of the role of Ukraine in the great Patriotic war, which nurtured the current government, aims to maximize alienate Ukraine from Russia in the political and in the cultural sense. However, the mere presentation of alternative concepts to achieve such impossible – it is necessary to focus precisely on those painful points, which themselves increase the antagonism between Russians and Ukrainians, to put it simply – the final quarrel between the two Nations. And we must acknowledge that officers and soldiers of the “information war” underway between Moscow and Kiev for the third year, many have succeeded.

About how information warfare affects the common man, and also about the mistakes in the framework of historical and political dispute with the neighbors has allowed Russia and its citizens, the newspaper look told the psychotherapist, the candidate of medical Sciences Leonid Tretiak.

OPINION: Information war is a natural phenomenon or managed process?

Leonid Tretiak: the Process is certainly manageable. Otherwise it can not be, because there are interested parties. But it is important to understand that the information war in the modern world is only part of a global confrontation.

LOOK: we are Talking about the confrontation between Russia and the West?

Leonid Tretyak

L. T.: the Opposition is much wider conflict between Russia and the West – a special case on the background of the picture. The transatlantic partnership is developing a global integration project, which aims to unite all the planet’s resources to more efficient use. More rational from the point of view of authors of the project, of course. In the interest of transnational financial and industrial circles of the large capital. This forms the “image of enemy”, which are countries with national-traditional way and the national government. These countries and governments have become the symbol of the “reactionary” policy, which prevents the progress of all mankind. Accordingly, the aim of the “forces of good” in the face of Western powers to deal with these reactionaries. The information war is becoming one of the methods of this struggle.

VIEW: FROM the point of view of psychology, how it works?

L. T.: the First task of an information attack is to create frustration. In this sense, Russia is very convenient field for the experiment. The power structure we have is too much centralized, and depersonalized tax system (that is, in contrast to American practice, taxes for the majority of citizens is paid by the employer – approx. OPINION). Because of this, citizens do not feel ownership of the process. Such detachment creates a sense of helplessness and apathy. Such a bed can turn frustration, which upon reaching a critical level is easily converted into a revolutionary mood.

OPINION: This process can be stimulated?

L. T.: Definitely. This is what takes the moderators of the information war. Social energy cycle with the involvement of emotionally unstable individuals, easily reacts to any polarization of attitudes in society. These people have not received a holistic view of themselves, often their upbringing was contradictory, parents encouraged or punished them not for a specific case, and depending on the mood. They are characterized by a chronic sense of uncertainty and tension, a difficult and troubled relationships with others, high conflict. Also characterized by blurred view ourselves and emotional extremes. They are literally a walking contradiction. Under stress these people turns on the mechanism of the so-called edge splitting, the world is divided into opposing parts, and all those who do not share their point of view, are recorded in the enemies. The organizers of information warfare consciously model the process of edge splitting with the help of imposing false dichotomies.

VIEW: How to construct these false dichotomies?

L. T.: the Moderators of the process is thrown into public debate a simple contrast, with exaggerated bast images of false dichotomies, they say, what will you choose: rickety fence near the Russian hut or modern technology, civilized Europe or taiga Union? Encouraged culture is externally oriented envy, that in the Soviet terminology, was called “groveling before the West”. Along with the idealization of the Western lifestyle is hidden depreciation and leveling domestic achievements. A so-called colonial morality, the basic principle of which – “well there where we are not present”. Patriotism, which, incidentally, is inherent in almost all successful in the economy of countries (USA, Germany, Finland), is associated with limitations. After the devaluation of the sustainable values of the society is polarized close to a dichotomous election (“are you for red or white?”, “vote or lose”, “who does not jump, the Muscovite” and so on). As the discharge of the heat of the debate the public reaction is getting more edge, easily stimulated primitive emotions of rage, envy. Ideological adversary degumaniziruet served his clichéd and caricatured images, the idea of it becomes black and white. The answers become more emotional, impulsive and reflexive. Add to that the pressure of the masses (familiar to all the examples of the revitalization of football fans), the situation becomes explosive.

LOOK: for example, the society brought to the boiling point. What to do next, how to use it?

L. T.: a Couple of gasoline filled the building, leaving only lighting a match. The organizers of the social experiments guided by the rules of the strategist sun Tzu: “…if you surround the enemy’s army, leave it open one way; if he is in a bind, don’t push him, otherwise he will gather all the strength to answer and it will come out in the right direction for you”. Heated social energy spills out in the direction of the very simple solutions. It is used as a battering RAM to break the walls and the Trojan horse at the same time. Organizers of external impact looking for points of vulnerability and contradictions in the system, skillfully playing on the public controversy. Simultaneously, they increase the emotional intensity of the debate, forming caricatures of opponents and offering the most simple solutions.

OPINION: this is All very reminiscent of the situation in Ukraine.

L. T.: of Course, where we developed just such a scenario. The first identified point of vulnerability: the corrupt and limited power, the disorientation of the elite, the lack of public self-regulation, the poverty of the population. Has done much preparatory work on the juxtaposition of the two basic development models and discredit traditional values. Gradually destroyed critical thinking, scientific schools and traditions, decreased the overall level of education of the population. Ukraine was chosen as a Trojan horse, which aimed to organize the conflict between Russia and the EU, thus depriving them of competitive advantages connection available raw materials and high technology. Ukraine was the perfect space for the induction of social cleavage: controversial history, the artificially cobbled together country with the beginning, carries an internal contradiction (Lithuanian Catholic heritage against the Moscow-Orthodox), the unfortunate practice of the past two decades with a depressed economy and corrupt government, a divided society, the “victim complex” of Ukrainians, “Imperial complex” great, unwillingness to hear each other. Gradually shifted emphasis from “Ukraine is not Russia” to “the Death of rusnė!”

The LOOK: do You think that the ethnic component plays an important role here?

“Metaphorically speaking, the Ukrainian people bitten by a seductive vampire, but few people know about it. It is important to improve critical thinking

L. T.: the Conflict in Ukraine did not initially ethnic, and socio-political. However, from the point of view of psychology, the national question is a powerful trump card that should not be neglected. The task of the puppeteers in this case is the involvement of the archaic, the underlying mechanisms of the psyche, which is directly related to national and tribal identity. After all, ethnic-tribal conflict between kindred peoples forms a crack and naturestudy wound in generations, making the process of digestion is poorly reversible.

OPINION: Ukraine is more or less clear. How can you evaluate the reaction of the citizens of Russia?

L. T.: In a sense, we fell into the trap. The authorities were forced to act reactively on the fly, without the opportunity for detailed analysis. Many actions were imposed from outside. Fortunately, managed to prevent a planned incitement of interethnic, inter-confessional conflict in the Crimea with the involvement of the Muslim world in opposition to the “bloody regime”. But in this scenario, the imposed dichotomies every action starts a new trap.

View: This is a trap for power or for society?

L. T.: Russia as a whole. Both the authorities and the society acted strictly according to the scenario, which was developed by the moderators of the information war. What did the Russian man in the street at all? Exactly as he was waiting for: a powerful splash anti-Ukrainian sentiment.

OPINION: do You think it was unjustified?

L. T.: It’s understandable. But, nonetheless, harmful. The fact that the cultural identity of Ukrainians has been formed, and many of them love and appreciate their unique history. The essence of the Ukrainian idea was the refusal of great-power claims (which is reflected in the name of “little Russians”). Ukraine formed the Cossack Republic, the Union of free men of the Russian land. Many Ukrainians initially did not sympathize with the organizers of the coup. But the ensuing anti-Ukrainian propaganda pushed them from Russia, which was very ably facilitated the anti-Russian propaganda.

In turn, kvass patriots-cronenwett of “armchair army” who had no idea about the complexity of the situation in Ukraine, acted as a caricature of the Russian idea. Their contribution is considered very harmful. This repeated mantra about “Ukrainians who stole our gas,” “a couple of the ukropitekov” and so achieved the opposite effect, casting the doubters into the camp of the ideological enemy. Most of the residents of Ukraine did not support and do not support magic sent overseas curators power, but they do not want and will not support self-destructive, full of contempt for him, the trend consciousness of the Russian inhabitant.

LOOK: Suppose there is a man who is not indifferent to what is happening. He sympathizes with Russian in Ukraine and has a just indignation at the actions of the Ukrainian authorities. But at the same time he does not want to become a zombie hater, whose righteous anger works in favor of the enemy. How to operate in conditions of information war?

L. T.: it is Important to maintain critical thinking, the ability to see tones and distinguish nuances. The information is subjected to critical analysis, avoiding to react to the emotional flow of informational materials. Not to engage in discussions with the emotionally overheated participants – it is difficult to prove anything, as they have a desire to speak, but do not want to hear (it first looks like an invitation to dialogue, and then becomes a monologue). His position needs to constantly recheck and justify, first of all, for yourself. In discussions it is important to encourage the opponent to think of alternatives, to allow them the wording and discussion. To avoid any extreme emotion and raise the level of debate, preventing the abuse and gross depreciation. Instead of “outrage” – negotiations. You can learn from police officers who talk to the suicides and terrorists. Peace of mind and confidence to broadcast your point of view much better than impulsive aggression.

OPINION: Therefore, it is possible to win the information war?

L. T.: you first need to admit that we’ve already lost. Anyway, at this tactical stage. The task of the enemy was to deprive us from the Ukraine and Ukrainians not only politically, but also emotionally. This task the enemy decided quite.

OPINION: is it Possible to somehow fix the situation?

L. T.: it is Necessary to admit their mistakes from the beginning. For example, we focus not recognized the obvious fact that the social protest on the Maidan was fair. It then straddled him known interested parties with Russophobic slogans, and initially the motivation of the Ukrainians was quite reasonable. People are tired of corruption, of perpetual uncertainty from the authorities, who did not dare to make a civilizational choice. We instead hear these people, why were solidaritatii rotten to the core with the Ukrainian authorities. This allowed customers the information war to make the Eurasian ideas of the world the bogey of corruption. We would do well to distance themselves from this, and we readily harnessed for “their”. Although the Yanukovych regime, we do not “own” more than that – set us up considerably.

VIEW: This is the fault of our authorities. And what do ordinary citizens who become the main target of the information war?

L. T.: First of all, to abandon the anti-Ukrainian rhetoric and try to establish a dialogue with the Ukrainians – not as an enemy but as misguided brothers. And it is important to show clearly the sources and mechanisms of external influence. Metaphorically speaking, the Ukrainian people bitten by a seductive vampire, but few people know about it. It is important to improve critical thinking. And it always leads to sobriety. As it is written, “by their fruits judge them, especially as they are ripe. The language of logic and numbers has a slower, but more convincing. Indisputable facts get in more easily than emotional evaluation. Find and share them.

LOOK: You can argue that this is defeatism, and so we always lose out, it only makes them worse.

L. T.: I will Repeat, defeating “them”, we win ourselves. For, as he said, “we are, in fact, one people”. It is important to separate those who were drugged, and those who have a clear goal set from the outside and thus paid. Because the war is for the hearts and minds of people. And if we are not involved in the imposed contradictions, and strive to find what unites us, it brings our common victory.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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