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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

In Germany have indicted Russian spies

The head of the German intelligence services reported on the exposure of “SVR”

28 Sep 2012, 21:08

Text: Anna Onalbaeva,
Alexander Mishin


In Germany, submitted to the court a case of espionage on the spouses a full House, allegedly working for Russian intelligence. The German counterintelligence called them the detention of one of its most important successes. Experts do not exclude that the German security forces want to spoil relations of Moscow and Berlin, and therefore brought the case of Notices to the court, not limiting themselves to the simple expulsion of the spouses.

The head of the Federal office for the protection of Constitution of Germany (BFF), Hans-Georg Maassen said Friday that the exposure of alleged agents of the foreign intelligence Service of Russia became one of the most important successes of the intelligence services of Germany in recent years.

The day before, as reported by the newspaper VIEW, it became known that German prosecutors have charged two possible Russian espionage agents. The case is pending before the higher regional court in Stuttgart.

German counterintelligence was first detained so-called illegal immigrants since the end of the cold war, he said. Arrest alleged spies was only through intensive operational work” BFF, said Maassen, ITAR-TASS reported.

According to police German, the couple, whose names, according to BFF, Andreas and Heidrun full House, were in Germany for over 20 years. They arrived in Germany between 1988 and 1990 and, presumably, worked for the foreign intelligence Service of Russia, receiving up to 100 thousand euros per year. Their goal was to collect data on the activities of the EU and NATO, as well as the social and political climate in the country.

According to prosecutors, the defendants were in constant contact with Moscow. For the transmission of information used satellite communications and the Internet sites where they allegedly placed an encrypted message. In addition, the connection was performed through a diplomat from the Netherlands Ministry of foreign Affairs.

About the detention of two suspected Russian intelligence agents of the German edition was first announced on 22 October 2011 (the arrest took place on 18 October). Then it was reported that the detainees “Russian spies” – a 45-year-old Heidrun and 51-year-old Andreas Anshlag – were a married couple.

According to the documents, they came from Latin America with Austrian passports issued in 2008. According to him, the man was born in Argentina, and a woman in Peru. Special services are sure that the documents are fake. A spokesman for the German interior Ministry, Karl-Heinz Grundbach, however, confirmed that the detainees had a valid Austrian passport, but did not explain how they got hold of.

According to press reports, the arrest of Heidrun occurred at the moment when the woman receives the encrypted radio message” at his home in Marburg (Hessen). Wife detained in another city – Balingen (Baden-württemberg). In Russia then refused to comment.

Detention Notices became the first spy scandal of this magnitude after the reunification of Germany. The press did not rule out that he can spoil relations of Moscow and Berlin. Germany has repeatedly sounded the assumption of intelligence that the country could become the victim of industrial espionage, primarily from Russia and China. However, if to judge according to the German journalists “spies” were not interested in industrial secrets.

As found by Der Spiegel, the couple led a secluded life, no one spoke. Their neighbor told the journal that almost never saw them. According to other neighbors, Andreas spoke German with a clear East, not Latin American accent. Most of the time he spent in Balingen (360 km from Marburg), where I went to work, and the house rested at the weekend. Andreas worked in the technological concern Schunk Group. Police seized from his work computer.

In the German newspaper “Russian Germany” also mentioned that the couple did not live alone – they raised a daughter. Private house, in which resided those arrested, was taken by them to rent in the summer of 2010 – ostensibly to ensure that their daughter can visit the local University, known throughout Germany. But the fate of the daughter since then nothing is known.

The object of the local intelligence the pair became suspicious after in 2010, the FBI uncovered in the United States, the Russian network of agents-illegal immigrants. Notices had contact with Anna Chapman, one of the figurants of the Russian-American spy scandal. At the same time, the FBI has declassified dossier on “Russian spies” by posting various photos videos.

Reports of “the unmasking of the Russian spy network in the US followed a few days after the visit of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev to the United States. American prosecutors have charged all ten (11th the defendant fled) the prosecution in a criminal conspiracy to work as “secret agents of the government of the Russian Federation without notice of the Minister of justice, in fact – illegal lobbying and money laundering.

After the trial and recognition of the “Russian spies” guilt Russia traded ten detainees spies for four inmates: Alexander Zaporozhye, Gennady Vasilenko, Sergei Skripal and Igor Sutyagin, who was serving time for espionage in Russia, but was pardoned by President Dmitry Medvedev.

Later Anna Chapman, who received after these events, widely known in Russia and other heroes of the “spy scandal” has received awards from the hands of President Medvedev. Met with them and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

To prove its necessity

Russian experts remind that special services in such cases does not always bring the case to court, limited to removal or exchange at its own spies who were detained in similar circumstances.

Dmitry Abzalov, Vice-President of the Center for strategic communications, recalled that from the United States for the last time it was sent to many representatives of foreign intelligence services. He did not rule out that the hardliners in the German power structures would like the cooling of relations between Moscow and Berlin.

“It is clear that this case is related to political situation and is anti-nature, is due primarily to the economic component, – Abzalov said the newspaper VIEW. Now Gazprom conducts negotiations with the European Commission on issues including development of common approaches in trading with the natural gas. The European Commission, as you know, the pressure on Gazprom. One of the partners is Germany, where it has already built a pipeline, and that Germany is one of the most promising allies of Moscow. Here is the situation around Syria, the attempts to push through the UN Security Council a tough resolution on Syria”.Abzalov also does not exclude that the German counterintelligence decided to bring the case of Notices to court to prove to the public their need – against the backdrop of reforms being experienced by the Agency.

“Here too the logic is connected with the policy of cost reductions carried out in France, Britain, Germany, – said Mr. Abzalov. In this connection it is necessary to justify public expenditure. It can also be an internal factor that plays a significant role.”

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