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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Igor Guberman: “I have yourself be taken seriously”

Have a wonderful poet Igor Guberman anniversary. And incomprehensible figure — 80. Can’t be! Maybe, maybe… a call to Jerusalem.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

— Igor Mironovich, don’t know how you take it to someone reputable anniversary. 80 years… What do you think about this figure?

— You know, life is very strange, because I this age is not feel.

— It’s wonderful. But you on this occasion once laugh and sneer over?

Me ironically a huge number of friends who came to my birthday. So I have myself to take seriously.

— In General, how is the mood? Today, now in connection with your holiday? The situation in the country and in the world?

In our country the situation is wonderful. Your country is a nightmare. So I for Russia is very painful, and for Israel very proudly.

— It is clear. But is it not left things to be proud of in Russia?

— Is. I am very proud of your audience. I have in Russia is amazing the viewer.

Well, your jubilee in Jerusalem — the occasion for an entire city or local mishpucha?

The whole city is free, fortunately. It is a local event. Will come more than a hundred people to me to drink. It’s all close people.

— Yes, my daughter serves in the Israeli army, so I understand you very well.

— And my second granddaughter serves in the Israeli army.

— Well, when you come back again to this lovely audience in Russia? When you have us?

— In September. And really looking forward to this. I will perform in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

— Do you have Garik on this your anniversary, for example?

— Yes, but they are very sad, so I will not read.

— Still sad…

— Of course. I have a new collection of poems. They are very sad and senile.

But looking at your endless optimism… But you are very volumetric in this sense, man, deep.

“You know, I’m one sad poem, I’ll read it.

I like to be old,

Do not indulge in remorse.

And in the morning look in the mirror

With sympathy and disgust.

— Igor Mironovich, all employees of “Moskovsky Komsomolets” congratulations. May God give you health, and hope to see you in September.

— Thank you very much! Hello all and hug you. Goodbye.

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