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Thursday, March 15, 2018

From Brexit to Russia to discuss NATO in Warsaw

Thursday, July 8, kicks off a two — day NATO summit the 27-th. Takes its Warsaw – for the first time in history – through the 61 years after it was signed the Warsaw Pact. Today, Poland is on the other side, and the authorities hope that the summit will be turning to them. These same expectations are shared by other meeting participants, including Barack Obama, for whom this trip may be the last visit to Europe during the presidency – and one of the most difficult.

photo: pixabay.com

Obama’s trip includes two stages: first, the us leader will attend the summit in Warsaw, and then travel to Spain. However, for obvious reasons, most attention focused to his participation in the NATO meeting.

It is expected that Obama will affect not only the strengthening of the Alliance, but the theme of Brexit. During his sensational spring visit to London, the us President has again made it clear that the US will not be happy with the British exit from the EU, but is now celebrated in the White house, he intends to focus on other aspects. In particular on the fact that Brexit should not be the end of cooperation between Washington and the Alliance partners.

Plans of the leading countries-members of NATO (USA, Canada, UK and Germany) – accommodation in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia a total of four battalions of their own to counter the “Russian threat”. “The core ideology of NATO – one for all and all for one, – said the NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg in an interview with the Associated Press shortly before the summit – We live in a more dangerous world, with terrorism, with the disorder, especially in the South of the Alliance, in Iraq, Syria, North Africa. Russia, which has become more aggressive with Russia, three times to increase their military spending from 2000 year, and to use force against an independent European country, Ukraine. NATO has to respond. The world is changing and we must change.”

However, the newspaper notes with reference to Time on a military research center RAND, the exercises showed that, to prevent a potential invasion of Russia in these countries, placed there by forces, should be more. “From the point of view of NATO’s relationship with Russia – a power balance and dialogue,” – said in this regard, the U.S. Ambassador to NATO Doug Lute. And, in his opinion, the deployment of four battalions in the Baltic States and Poland will be a sufficient demonstration of power: “But we are open to dialogue”, – he stressed. As for the dialogue, then, as we already know the date of the meeting of the Council Russia-NATO on July 13.

The theme of Russia is expected to be discussed during the meeting of Barack Obama with President of Ukraine Poroshenko. Kiev intends to discuss the strengthening of anti-Russian sanctions and agree on a package of assistance – financial and military. It is worth noting that despite the constant requests of the Ukrainian authorities, Barack Obama has repeatedly blocked the decision on granting to Kiev of weapons (except for defensive), and in the United States don’t expect at the end of the second term President will change their views.

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