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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

France blocks US attempt to capture the European market

“We cannot allow prejudice to our interests”, – say the representatives of France, opposing the signing of the most important for the United States a trade agreement with the EU. In the process of negotiations, it appears increasingly that the benefits of the agreement will receive only the USA and the EU will simply open their huge market to American multinationals.

The agreement to establish a Transatlantic free trade area between the US and EU (TTIP) is signed in 2016, said Thursday the Secretary of state for European Affairs in the government of France Harlem Desir, speaking on the radio station France-Info.

“France sees as completely insignificant in scale made by the US proposal. Such proposals give no benefit of the European economy”

“Today the conditions for the conclusion of this Treaty did not work, and I can assure you that they are, given the current situation in the negotiations, will not develop until the end of the year. In particular, France is regarded as absolutely insignificant in scope made by the US proposals for providing access to their domestic market. Such proposals give no benefit of the European economy,” he said. According to Desir, France, there are those items that must be taken into account.

“This is a “red line” that cannot be broken and its affect on agriculture, the recognition of certificates of geographical origin of its products. This and the inadmissibility of violations of sanitary norms. That is, the lifting of restrictions on deliveries on the local market of meat grown on hormones, or chickens treated with chlorine. France also considers it necessary to protect their cultural identity, the activity state companies”, – said the Secretary of state for European Affairs.

The negotiations are not progressing because the position of Washington, also said the French state Secretary for foreign trade Matthias Fekl. “We cannot allow prejudice of our interests,” he said.

The Declaration and the real facts

Initially, the TTIP was seen as a response to the EU’s inability to overcome sluggish depressed economy. The strategic objectives of the TTIP proposes the increase in the volume of trade between the US and the EU, giving a new impetus to economic growth “transatlantic civilization”.

In theory, the essence of such agreements is to reduce barriers to mutual market access tariff and non – tariff. The first not so scary, because now that tariffs are small and average 3-4%. Thus, their nullification does not give significant growth of the volume of trade between countries. More important in this Treaty is the elimination of administrative and legislative (non-tariff) barriers. In this lies the main threat to the EU, where these rules and regulations are much more stringent than in the United States. And Washington wants to force Europe to rewrite the rules under his dictation. This will open the access of American products to the European market.

The more it appears in the media leaks about the contract, so there is a growing criticism of this document is from Europe. So, in the spring of last year, WikiLeaks posted 17 secret documents with the provisions of a future TTIP agreement that has caused a great resonance. The Minister of trade of France Matthias Fekl then directly threatened to withdraw from negotiations, accusing the United States of selfishness.

Based on leaks to the media, it became clear that the US wants to open doors to other markets for its own transnational companies. The ultimate goal is to have national economies did not have its own industrial processing and any other strong companies. Capture all global players with headquarters in Washington.

Thus, the American economist from the Institute the global development and environment at tufts University, Jerome Capaldo sure if the EU will sign the TTIP, 600 thousand Europeans will lose their jobs, European goods to reach the North American market will not succeed, the export will fall and revenues of European States will be reduced. But American goods can easily get European markets, killing domestic producers. As a result, the EU expects no growth, and the decline in GDP. Even the strongest now the German economy will fall to 1.4%, according to Capaldo.

In fact, this agreement will have the same negative effect for the EU, which is now responsible for Ukraine Association agreement with the EU, but, of course, in a larger view.

The United States

In may of this year, a Greenpeace were new documents of a secret agreement. The Süddeutsche Zeitung, with reference to these documents, wrote that the United States exert a strong pressure on the EU. In particular, it is reported that Washington threatens to hamper exports of cars from EU countries to the US if the European Union refuses to buy U.S. agricultural products.

“USA very hard to protect its own market, unilaterally setting restrictive quotas on imported goods, from agricultural products to cars. Quotas are set for the entire region, so the members of the European Union do not have guarantees that their products will get on the American market,” says Georgy Vashchenko of IR “freedom Finance”.

The United States also refuse to yield to the EU on the issue of the replacement of private arbitration courts by consideration of trade and investment disputes in a transparent national merchant ships. “The agreement includes the items actually fixing priority to the interests of U.S. investors over the right of European States. And at the same time, resident companies of the EU countries deprived of such a privilege in the USA,” – says Nikita Kulikov, Executive Director of Consulting company Heads.

As the United States control all planetunreal, according to the documents, the United States opposes the European principle that products can be approved for sale only if it is proved that they do not harm human health and the environment.

“The industry and agriculture of the United States operate under more convenient for entrepreneurs principles of determining the environmental friendliness of production. In the Old world company, decided to apply the new substance, must first prove his innocence. In the US, by contrast, any innovation can be used as long as someone has not proven its danger to the environment,” – says Nikita Kulikov, Executive Director of Consulting company Heads. This explains the fact that in the United States permitted the use of GMOs and a number of pesticides and chemicals banned in Europe.

Typical example: manufacturers of cosmetics and perfumes based in France, denied the right to use the 1200 substances, while their competitors on the other side of the Atlantic, restricted by a list of 12 points, said Kulikov.

“Cheap hormonal meat from the US will displace local producers, as for the majority of consumers, price matters. Thus, citizens of France will be the grass, and local – to lose profits. Standards sanitary standards are higher in Europe than in the US. Non-compliance will increase the number of diseases among the population, but also great risks entering a dangerous virus” – scare, the Deputy Director of analytical Department of “Alpari” Anna Kokoreva. While Europe could become a transit zone, and further, these American products can get to the countries of the former Soviet Union, including Russia, she warns.

“In case of signing of the agreement between the French entrepreneurs are almost doomed to defeat in the struggle with foreign colleagues, with the exception of the industry of luxury goods. Such a situation inevitably put Hollande’s government faced with a choice: either to cut more spending on social programs, triggering new explosions of street protests, at the same time rejecting high environmental standards, either to accept the prospect of a partial displacement of the French business from the national market,” concludes Kulikov.

“The signing of TTIP will have a negative impact on the agricultural sector of each EU member state also may be affected, and machinery of a United Europe. The advantages of such a partnership is more for US, as the EU market will become more affordable for them, barriers that used to make American products uncompetitive in Europe, ” said Kokorev.

World domination

In parallel with the creation of the Transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP) with the European Union in Washington working on the creation of another major Union – the TRANS-Pacific partnership (TPP). In February of this year, 12 countries in the Asia-Pacific region (USA, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Chile and Peru) have already signed the TPP. It was reported that the share of these countries in world GDP reaches 38-40%, and a quarter in international trade. However, this agreement must still undergo the procedure of ratification by local parliaments.

Both of these contracts are US desire to write trade rules for the whole world to prevent these rules are wrote China as admitted it himself Barack Obama.

The basis of the geopolitical strategy of the US is the instinct of the colonialists, said the Chairman of the state Duma Sergey Naryshkin in his article published on the website of the newspaper “Vedomosti”. He points to the ongoing U.S. policy of hegemony and the desire for sole world domination. “Obedience almost all of Europe in military Affairs has been achieved in political, too much in control. The queue for trade and Finance”, – says Sergey Naryshkin. Sanctions policy of the United States, the military-political adventure in the Donbas and other actions Washington has one goal the US wants to sign the economic agreement with the EU where the Europeans forced upon the role of Junior partner.

Professor of international Finance MGIMO University and the Chairman of Russian economic society Valentin Katasonov believes that TTIP is the second attempt by transnational corporations based in the US, to achieve special rights for big private capital. In particular, the right to challenge and overrule those laws and state decisions that “undermine the international competitiveness of multinational companies.

Katasonov recalls that the first attempt was made in the framework of the WTO, when members of the organization were invited to sign the draft multilateral agreement on investment – MAI. This document is also prepared in secrecy, but the information leaked out, scandal, after which the ISI was buried about it, and chose to forget. The essence of ISI, he said, was the same: transnational corporations got the rights, and the States – WTO members some responsibilities to them.

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