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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

For betrayal Poteeva lurks crisis intelligence 90-ies

The death of a traitor Poteyev defected in 2010 in the United States and who have a network of Russian spies, illegal immigrants, again drew attention to this scandalous character. Moreover, still do not know the answer to the main question – what exactly made the betrayal Poteeva. To know this is now impossible. But to assume it is possible.

In the history of the life of Alexander Poteeva the most interesting is not it an unexpected ending (let’s forget while about conspiracy versions in the spirit of “laying low in Oklahoma”). Most importantly – the circumstances and motives which led to the betrayal successful, wealthy, intelligent and, judging by the career of the Afghan special forces, not a cowardly officer with a strong family. A concerned citizen in two clicks can learn about the defector all but the most important and expensive parts of the picture – when, how, why, by whom and why he was recruited by then Colonel Pot? The Genesis of his action it is necessary to understand at least then that such would never happen again.

“They were tied up with duct tape, threw it on the floor and kicked some people in masks and camouflage, who issued from the apartment just over 3 thousand dollars”

The reaction of the professional community at the news of the death of Poteeva revealing melancholic: dead, and to hell with it. All the experts are in unison repeating the mantra about double two”: the traitors and defectors live poorly and not for long, after pumping the FBI and the CIA are losing interest in them, and nerves can not stand, surrender. Develop alcoholism and old sores, leaving his wife and often children run out of money.

Hardly anyone notes that Poteeva in Russia in absentia sentenced to 25 years in prison for offences under articles 275 of the criminal code (high treason) and 338 (desertion). But Moscow is by and large not to Poteeva, especially in the current difficult times. It is believed that his betrayal did not lead to anything tragic: arrested in the U.S., the Russian illegals were exchanged for prisoners in Russia, foreign spies, no one was killed, no one was detained in prison and the fate of the spouses Rosenberg is not repeated. In fact, for this reason Pot has not received a “tower” (not important – a moratorium on the death penalty or not, the important fact of the death penalty), so no one was going to chase him with a poisoned dagger and a bag of radioactive isotopes. Moscow is not inclined to violence, although many of its perennial critics and strange to hear.

The total Pot was in the States for about 10 years with a break to work in the Central apparatus of the foreign intelligence service. It is logical to assume that he was recruited into one of these two trips – in the late ‘ 80s he was listed in the Soviet Embassy in Washington, and from 1995 – at the Permanent mission to the UN in new York. After the standard five years of travel in 2000, he was appointed chief of the 4th (U.S.) division of Directorate s (illegal intelligence). To go with this post to increase Pot refused, which is usually explained by the fear of passing the polygraph. But it is worth remembering that Pot in 1952, at the time of receipt of proposals to increase and the subsequent “withdrawal” from Russia, he had 58 children, and the Federal law on the exploration establishes the age limit of service in 50 years for Colonel and 55 for the General-the major. Exceptions are made personal orders of the Commander-in-chief, and it was clearly not the case Poteeva. So, most likely, his escape was planned in advance, since he had to be sent into retirement, and the polygraph nothing to do with it. The rejection of the increase was to attract attention to Poteau counterintelligence, but if he explained his action by something like, “thanks, guys, but what could I, an old stump tomorrow to retire already”, buy into might even the internal counterintelligence.

Many pay attention to the strange episode of the 2003 robbery of the apartment Poteyev, was performed demonstrative use of violence in his address and the address of his son. They were bound with duct tape, threw it on the floor and kicked some people in masks and camouflage, who issued from the apartment just over 3 thousand dollars and about 30 thousand rubles – this is not heaps money for Moscow in those years. This episode some commentators interpret as almost an act of intimidation on the part of the CIA, which allegedly wanted to “demonstrate Poteau that it is not protected, despite their position in society.” The assumption is certainly debatable, as a “campaign of intimidation” is too risky from an organizational point of view and could in the case of detention “robbers” to lead to disaster for those who invented it and implemented. At the same time on an emotional level is the assumption that Poteyev and his family “crushed”, as if to justify his actions retroactively. And besides – cables recruitment Poteeva Americans to the period of his work in the Central office in Yasenevo, that is, zero years, and this is clearly not the case. Thus, the liberal media, actively push this version explicitly whitewash defector.

Most likely recruited Poteyev occurred during his stay in the United States, and it excludes the motive “pressure” on him or his family. Family, by the way, the same is not going smoothly. Urgent departure of the son Poteeva – sensitive employee “Rosoboronexport” – the US had to attract the attention of counterintelligence, but it is this departure overslept. As overslept and the work of his daughter in American NGOs first in Moscow and then in the United States. Not aware of what was happening, it seems, was only Poteyev’s wife, Marina, real hard askorbinata received from Minsk SMS “honey, I’m leaving forever.” In the end, she actively cooperated with the investigation, submitting including this touching correspondence.

The psychology of the traitor – one of the most interesting topics in applied science. Typically, the traitors pay special attention to the fact that they had been betrayed. No one ever confessed that I wanted more of that adrenaline raged but with nuts that pride was overcome or the crisis of middle age led to a strange novel with a Mexican stripper from SOHO. Almost everyone begin to seek out the negative traits from her betrayed homeland, adding to this ideological component, and strangely understood the motives of honor and dignity.

Pot is nothing like to show could not. In 2010 in General was hard to come up with an ideological motive for “care” in the US, if you’re not affiliated with Georgia and has not been agitated by the war of 2008. It is especially not about Poteyev. He was born in Belarus in a family of Hero of the Soviet Union, his career developed extremely successfully and smoothly, the son arranged for prestigious work, the daughter is also okay. At work he was portrayed as very dutiful and even pedantic, which is typical for people of his origin. Nature, of course, not Nordic, but smooth, open enemies Pot had no soul companies were not, and the talk about his supposedly surly character and cool style of communication should be left to the conscience of those who now justify their dealings with him in hindsight. Supposedly, talked, of course, but through force, because you never liked it, and I always suspected something wrong, just let go.

All of this does not molded the way hard-hearted adventurer who had thrown in the camera to the Hero of the Soviet Union, General Michael Vasenkov (in the US he was known as a fashion photographer Juan Jose Lazaro), his service records, which Pot brought with them from Moscow (by the way – how? from the screening room in the personnel Department to take not give).

With the motives of the act Poteeva still difficult. He was not glaring into the eyes of bad habits. In the 90s most of the life was not sweet, and the Americans could do something to promise in the material plane. But compared with most first officer of the Embassy, and then permanent representative to the UN good living. Even a very good living. It is clear that all strive for the best, but usually the motor this fall is family, mainly wife, demanding the impossible. It has been speculated that Poteyev was involved in money laundering through the illegal structures in the United States. This in the 90s it was possible, so that looks like a very convincing version, but completely unproven.

Not to indulge in indiscriminate criticism, it should be said that questions to the illegal exploration, particularly in terms of staffing, in 90-e years have accumulated a lot. And now some of the appointments cause, to put it mildly, surprise. So strange to see in a managerial position of a character, famous for the drunken antics in the premises of the CEC neighbouring States ally during no less scandalous election of the local President. But it was a time period when intelligence was seen as a honorable reference (remember Yeltsin’s former interior Minister Erin, impeached after Budennovsk and exiled just in the RAF). Circumstances began to change in the zero years, but Pot hooked to the FBI and CIA just in the 90s. And if you really got on money laundering, it is easy to explain its successful and smooth career – someone covered.

According to another version, the Pot could suffer from a serious illness, and the Americans offered treatment. Disease also explains his sudden death. The minute circumstances of his exit from Moscow indicate unexpected panic attack. According to his wife, he was even meeting in Yasenevo time off for health reasons, and, once home, was given a legend about an urgent business trip to Belarus. This is not consistent with the description of its “smooth” and “quiet” nature. And if Pot got a signal of danger, how? He took it out on the “withdrawal” from the office of the SVR.

Finally, suppose that the betrayal Poteeva is the sum of all of the circumstances of the 90-ies, which now many would like to forget as a bad dream. This does not justify his act, just 90 years, not everyone was on the shoulder. In the exploration of the leaching of talent in that period was more noticeable due to the nature of the work, as well as vertriebene that this profession makes to those who it chooses. Talent itself is a threat to closed systems because it is distracting and requires special treatment. A workable and helpful to mediocrity at such times make a great career.

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