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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Death Poteeva in the security services called the “combination developed by the CIA”

Our sources in the intelligence agencies called the news of the death of the traitor Alexander Poteeva in the United States a hoax. They are convinced that a former Colonel of the foreign intelligence Service, sentenced in absentia in Russia for treason to 25 years in prison, alive. Yet.

And “yet” not because he is threatened, but because he is in exile, sort of like becomes an inveterate drunkard.

It was his depressed psychological state, due to including fear of retribution, gave rise to the idea of the CIA to “bury” him, giving a new life under a new name. Perhaps he will be the second recent “buried alive” in America, the Russian spy – according to one version, this scheme was pronounced dead by another defector, Sergei Tretyakov.

We will remind, what exactly from-for the former Colonel SVR Alexander Poteeva who had access to classified information about illegal, was disclosed in 2010 year a group of Russian scouts together with Anna Chapman. After that, he immediately fled on a false passport from Russia to USA, where he lived the last six years.

On the death of 64-year-old Poteyev unnamed sources reported on 7 July 2016. And not a word about the circumstances in which he died.

– Neither I nor my colleagues at this not too believe, ” says a veteran intelligence Georgy Sannikov. – Most likely it was a combination, developed by the CIA, at his request. Poteyev encrypted, now he will get a new passport and will some Smith or John. It, on the one hand, tried so to forget, on the other – defended.

But it’s not even funny: who needs that traitor with his unenviable fate? For us he is no more any value. All that he knew, he already told the Americans. Let him live and suffer.

I studied the psychology of traitors and traced their path in life. Overall this is a heavy blow to the human psyche. He was brought up in one system, was faithful to certain values, and the transition to a foreign party has caused great stress. He realizes that cursed colleagues that you never see his native land and the graves of my parents. Have Poteeva all compounded by the fact that he was the son of the hero of the USSR, tanker, past all the Great Patriotic war. So he betrayed his father. Thus he became a traitor in adulthood, and it carries over heavier. These usually drink too much.

That is, according to other experts intelligence, with poteeva happened.

– In General, he always liked to drink, ” says a former colleague Nikolay Poteeva.- And he had a craving for expensive drinks. Especially respected whiskey. The first months after his defection the CIA had to make extreme efforts to keep him from drinking. Then he was very much needed.

By the way, in the years of his service he seemed to all of us flawless. Remember how in the movies when someone enters the room, the scout turns over the documents? Exactly what he did. Don’t know what button pressed the Americans to recruit him… anyway, in recent years, he was not interesting, granted it to himself and he began to drink black.

Tell that Pot was very afraid of retribution, remembering the methods of the Soviet intelligence going since the days of the KGB. He developed a persecution complex, he required round-the-clock protection (was afraid of being shot or poisoned). In these circumstances, the easiest way was to fake his death.

From official comments in the foreign intelligence Service refused. But that’s what they say informally:

– A few days before Pot fled to America, it was announced that there died, the intelligence officer Sergei Tretyakov, who defected in 2000-m to year. This may suggest some thoughts. Perhaps in both cases one scheme. And to eliminate the defector has no meaning. Such methods had long been resorted, neither our intelligence agencies nor foreign. Now alive and well in the US, a former major in the KGB Oleg Kalugin, who has already exceeded 80. On the other hand we have in Moscow feels, in films, giving interviews a former British intelligence officer 93-year-old George Blake.

And yet, when resorted to staging the death of a spy-a traitor? In the first place, when he asks about it.

– So do the weak, – said Sannikov. But if a person wants, why not. Will, maybe in the near future and pictures Poteeva in a coffin, and medical documents on the cause of death. All this “legendirovanie” does not pose any difficulty. The Americans, however, doing this clumsy ours. About Poteyev still say that he’s probably monitoring everything written about him in the Russian media. When he read, how it is revoked by the legendary scouts, in which he equaled once, his conscience was likely tormented with terrible force.

Sannikov has in mind including Gevorg Vardanyan. It in 2010 in the pages of “MK” said Anna Chapman in failure is not guilty, and such as Pot ended sadly end up. So arranged that nobody likes traitors, even those who use them.

A detailed review of the biography of the former Colonel of the SVR — in the article “the Star and death of Alexander Poteeva”

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