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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Astronomers first discovered the planet, which Shine three suns

An international group of researchers under the leadership of Kevin Wagner of the University of Arizona in Tucson discovered in the constellation of Centaurus planet HD 131399Ab, in the system which has three stars. Thus, sometimes in the sky on this heavenly body should Shine at the same time three suns, and the night it comes rarely, say the planetary scientists. The discovery was made using the VLT telescope in Chile and a special tool called SPHERE.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

According to calculations of experts from USA, Germany and France, discovered planet is at a distance of about 340 light years from Earth — by cosmic standards, it’s not too far. Weight HD 131399Ab about four times the mass of Jupiter, and the age is estimated at 16 million years, which makes this planet one of the youngest among the currently known. The average temperature on the surface of the discovered celestial bodies is 850 degrees Kelvin, or 580 degrees Celsius. Year on the planet takes approximately 550 earth years. About a quarter of this year, the observer, if he somehow was the HD 131399Ab could see three of the sunrise and sunset every day — light day in such period lasts about 140 years.

As you can see in presented by the European southern Observatory video, schematically depicting triple star system HD 131399, planet, strictly speaking, only rotates around the Central and largest of the three stars. However, it is also around this big star moving another, smaller in size, in orbit which, in turn, has a third, very small star.

That planets in systems with multiple stars can not exist only in science fiction films, known for a long time, though to detect them using modern technology is quite difficult. However, the first such facility scientists were able to find with a telescope “Kepler” in 2011, and recently thanks to this space Observatory has found the largest of these exoplanets. However, still could only find planets in binary star systems, so that a heavenly body directly under the three suns the team was able to see for the first time.

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