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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Visit of Putin to the meeting “channel four” was postponed until the fall

A meeting of leaders “Norman Quartet”, which the European politicians wanted to spend this week in front of the opening 8 of the July NATO summit, apparently, has been postponed until the autumn. The fact that this meeting was discussed, can be explained by the abolition of a number of events in scheduling of Vladimir Putin.

photo: kremlin.ru

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the prospect to achieve a specific result small and to empty talk and especially to listen to the next accusations the Kremlin is not going. First, let Europe and the United States “will work” with Ukraine and forced Poroshenko to start a political dialogue with the breakaway republics and then Russia did not just sit down at the negotiating table, but may go further… “We need a signal,” transparent hint in the Kremlin. And the fact that the response to such a signal will be immediate, the European partners have to convince the example of Turkey.

Recall that Recep Tayyip Erdogan began a meeting with Vladimir Putin right after Turkish air force shot down a Russian su-24. And probably wanted to tell him about the same thing, what in the end he wrote in the letter. “We are sorry. We didn’t want this to happen. I hope this never happen again,” said Erdogan in 4 days after the tragedy. Later the Turkish government has repeatedly attempted to restore relations with Russia, was making conciliatory gestures and statements, but Moscow did not react. “In addition to statements it is necessary to do something. We are waiting on some concrete steps while they are not,” explained the intransigence of Vladimir Putin, who at the end of may with a visit to Greece.

The reaction was followed only after Erdogan complied with the formal requirements of the Kremlin and a “repentance” letter. And it is still unclear: was it the word “sorry” or Ankara escaped with some regret (apparently tricky, Erdogan has released two versions of the message for domestic audience, where no apology was not, and for Moscow to agree in advance through diplomatic channels acceptable for the Russian leadership. But these linguistic subtleties, it seems, nobody was interested in it. After receiving the signal, the Kremlin, as a hut on chicken legs, immediately turned to Turkey before. Willingness to resume relations couldn’t stop even the next bloody attack in Istanbul: authorities said that Russian tourists can once again go to Turkish resorts — however, to answer for their security needs on their own. The next step — the resumption of supplies to the Russian market for Turkish vegetables and fruits and the return of the Turkish builders. The Russian Government has said that all restrictions can be lifted within one to two weeks. (According to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, it will be very easy.) But already at the beginning of August will be a personal meeting of Putin and Erdogan in Sochi.

This rapid isolation of the Russian-Turkish conflict should serve as an example for the West for two years trying to resolve the situation in Ukraine. The Kremlin demonstrated that it was not intended to be a notorious bird-Troika, which is rushing to God knows where biting at the bit and stands on the positions of pragmatism and is willing to respond constructively to signals coming from outside. This, by the way, not hiding, recently said Vladimir Putin himself. “Our European partners must work with its allies in Kiev. We still need to establish a direct dialogue, direct contact and direct negotiations between the conflicting parties. And if we see at some moment that is done, we’ll be the first ready to step — including the various limitations in the sphere of trade and economy,” the President said, speaking at the St. Petersburg economic forum.

A week ago it seemed that the progress in the implementation of the Minsk agreements do not far off. Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande have announced their intention to hold a meeting “Norman Quartet” to 8 July, when NATO countries will gather for the annual summit in Warsaw. The Kremlin just in case also “cleared” the President’s schedule, canceling a planned trip to the Altai and Yakutia (Monday it also became known about the cancellation of the visit of the GDP in Veliky Novgorod, but for this solution, apparently, was already for other reasons). However, after the failure of negotiations at the level of Ministers of foreign Affairs, which traditionally precede the summits, it became clear that to move from a dead point has not yet succeeded. No signal which could induce the Kremlin to make the first step, which said Vladimir Putin at the SPIEF in Moscow did not see. “The preconditions for such a meeting could only occur in case of demonstration by the Ukrainian side readiness to take steps that are clearly spelled out in the Minsk agreements. Unfortunately, such willingness is not displayed”, — explained the position of the Russian side, Dmitry Peskov.

Now the Kremlin will wait for the results of the NATO summit, which is scheduled to meet with Poroshenko, Hollande, Merkel and Obama. And count on the fact that Western leaders will adopt an example and pragmatism Erdogan.

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