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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Unrest in Abkhazia may disturb the idyll of the holiday season

On Tuesday 10 hours of Sukhumi residents with stones and “Molotov cocktails” tried to storm the interior Ministry building, in which popular anger was hiding the head of the enforcement Department Leonid Dzapshba. 19 people injured, but the rebels still managed to achieve the removal of the Minister “to the end of the Prosecutor’s check”. Meanwhile, the main goal of the rebels was the President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba.

photo: youtube.com

Two months ago, the opposition party “amtsakhara” collected 19 thousand signatures for a referendum on holding early elections of the President of Abkhazia. The CEC countries admitted: all documents are collected in accordance with the law, and Khajimba was forced to appoint a day when people can Express their opinion. The date was 10 July — the height of the holiday season, when the Abkhazians are not engaged in politics, and making money. Even then, the opposition has realized that a referendum will be disrupted and the President will not be replaced.

However in parallel with this, the interior Minister of Abkhazia Leonid Dzapshba was to call all his employees, including rank and file police officers, to sabotage the referendum. “In closed meetings he said that if at least one policeman will come to the polling station, the next day this man and his whole family will lose their jobs. Despite the fact that no written evidence of this was Abkhazia is a small country: the opposition, in the end, found out about it and decided to use the Dzapshba as his trump card,” – says “MK” a source close to the Prime Minister of Abkhazia Artur mikvabia.

On Tuesday, July 5, “amtsakhara” convened its extraordinary Congress, which put forward Hadimba two key conditions: the resignation of Dzapshba and the postponement of the referendum in October-November. The opposition knew that time before the vote is almost gone and we need to force the issue. So she moved to storm the interior Ministry building, which had to sit Dzapshba. To prevent bloodshed, the President was forced to make concessions to the protesters and to dismiss his Minister until completion of the Prosecutor’s investigation. But the date of the referendum remains the same, so how to change it can only be the Republic’s Supreme court, whose decision can not be made before 10 July.

In this regard, in the conversation with “MK” several employees of the Abkhazian government said that they have no doubt that the Minister will lose his job, but Hajime nothing to worry about as in the middle of summer anyway, no one will go to the polls. At the same time, some of them believe that “amtsakhara” can try to achieve power by armed force, as it was in may 2014.

“The split in society is strong enough that the opposition could seize power. People are unhappy that the government is practically doing nothing for the economic growth of the Republic, and all the achievements were the result of financial investments of Russia, which is now not money” – shares with “MK” close to the Prime Minister source. Note that in the same vein, July 6, made himself Khajimba said that Abkhazia was on the verge of “chaos and degradation”.

Experts of “MK” has tried to predict the further development of the political crisis in Abkhazia.

Alexander Skakov, senior research fellow, Centre for the study of Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Volga-Ural Institute of Oriental studies: “Although the power rating in recent years have fallen, the rating of the opposition because it is not increased. There are no new leaders, no alternative programs for the development of the country. The deterioration of the socio-economic situation of the country is connected first of all with the economic crisis in Russia, and not with errors of the government. The opposition studiously ignores this fact and blames Khajimba, trying to break through to the trough, near which was already. The main thing – to survive a referendum in which there will be many provocations. According to the results, the opposition will certainly suffer a crushing defeat, and the President strengthen their positions”.

Vladimir Novikov, senior researcher of Institute socially-political researches of the black sea region: “the Situation is beyond the constitutional field, and predict its further development will be very difficult. It is not known whether the turnout in the referendum is high enough, the authorities found him held.

In the Constitution of Abkhazia says that early presidential elections come following the will of the people. So even if the referendum will be held, not the fact that Khajimba will agree with its results. But I do not want to Abkhazia once again slipped into the use of force to resolve the crisis. In any case, Russia should remain above the fray and try not to make mistakes. Who would in the end neither won, Moscow will be his main ally, but mistakes will sow the locals the seeds of distrust of Russia.”

Watch the video on “there were shots as the opposition in Abkhazia, a break down the gates of the interior Ministry”

Protesting activists in Abkhazia broke down the gates of the local interior Ministry building, demanding to dismiss its head. The opposition find him guilty of the deterioration of a criminogenic situation in the region. The audience already stated that they will not disperse until the President Raul Khajimba won’t fire the head of Department.

Video published on the channel “On sore” in youtube.

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