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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The expert explained the words of General of the U.S. air force about the professionalism of our pilots

The unexpected announcement came Wednesday in the Russian VKS pilots from the American air force commander in Europe, US and Africa, General Frank Gorence. The background is usually hysterical NATO generals statements about Russian incompetence, Gorenc said diametrically opposed. A military expert at the request of “MK” rate this statement.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

General Gorenc commented edition of Air Force Times about the activities of Russian pilots videoconferencing: “We often meet with the Russians in international airspace. Mostly, their actions are professional, but sometimes there are questions about the actions of individual crews.” He noted that the procedure of interception is inevitable at the boundary of air space of Russia and the United States, where pilots demonstrate their skills. Normally though, the U.S. military leadership believes the rapprochement of the Russian interceptors with American sides “dangerous and unprofessional.

“MK” has decided to find out on whose side the truth and what actually has caused such a positive statement of the American General on the background of the current political situation. We contacted the Russian military expert, chief editor of the magazine “national defense” Igor Korotchenko. He said that General Gorenc just “stating a fact” about the professionalism of the pilots.

“For this statement is the recognition of the high skill from the professional. No more. The Russian pilots on the airspace do not exceed their powers and act in accordance with the instructions of the staff. The permissible limits are not violated. For this General review to address FSI Russian pilots is not worth any political agenda. It only “pays homage to”, stating the fact of the professionalism of the Russian pilots,” – said Korotchenko.

The Russian defense Ministry has repeatedly stated that the pilots of the Russian space forces follow all the rules of use of airspace.

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