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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Scientists promised the victory over hunger in 10 years

The researchers, representing the Ministry of agriculture, presented a report, according to which already by 2026, the number of hungry people in developing countries will be reduced more than twice. According to experts, this will result in improving the welfare of people and the decline in prices of some food products.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Experts say that in the next decade, the situation of food security will be significantly improved in 76 low and middle income. According to the forecast, the number of people without access to sufficient food to 2026 will be reduced from 609 million to 251 million. In percentage terms, with the growth of the population, the difference is even more pronounced — if today hunger afflicts about 17% of the population in developing countries, in ten years those will be 6 percent, reports the rns.online.

The Ministry of agriculture of the United States argued that, on average, in developing countries corn will fall in price by 1.6 percent, wheat at 1.3 percent and rice by 0.3%. It is reported that these figures are adjusted for inflation. The specialists note that in case of rapid changes in economic conditions in the world for reasons that are currently impossible to foresee, the situation may be wrong, as suggested by the authors of the report.

It is worth noting that recently a group of scientists under the leadership of Andy Challinor from the University of Leeds in the UK came to the opposite conclusion: professionals expressed concern that after 10 years the problem of hunger facing humanity more than ever. The researchers explained this forecast that due to global warming, which grows in Africa agricultural plants begin to produce smaller crops, and the creation of new varieties adapted to high temperature, may “have no time” for climate change.

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