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Monday, March 19, 2018

Report of chilcote: Britain invaded Iraq without due reason

Wednesday, July 6, the UK has published the final report of the Commission of chilcote” about participation of the British armed forces in the war in Iraq in 2003-2009 year. The main conclusion that can be drawn from this document: Britain got involved in this campaign for no particular reason.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As you know, the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair along with American President George Bush was the “chief instigator” of aggression against Saddam’s Iraq. During the Iraqi campaign has killed 179 British troops. And at least another 150 thousand Iraqis…

Not less famous is the fact that weapons of mass destruction that London and Washington on the eve of war against Saddam Hussein threatened the world, was never found.

Investigation into the activities of UK leadership in the preparation and conduct of the invasion of Iraq was launched in 2009 under Prime Minister Gordon brown. And continued operation of independent Commission headed by ex-police officer sir John Chilcot seven years.

The result of her activities, which cost the Treasury at 13.3 million euros, was the report, occupying 12 volumes, and contains 2.6 million words.

Earlier, Tony Blair said that he would take “full responsibility for any errors – with no exceptions or excuses”. And now the author of the report John Chilcot says that Blair deliberately exaggerated the danger posed by Iraq. The UK took the decision to go to war in Iraq without exhausting all options of peaceful settlement”. This refers, in particular, the fact that the majority in the UN Security Council advocated for the continuation of inspections in Iraq to verify information about weapons of mass destruction allegedly held by Baghdad.

According to the head of the Commission, the circumstances under which it was decided that Britain has a legitimate reason for military action in Iraq was far from satisfactory.”

Termed unsatisfactory and intelligence on which to build a Foundation of military operations, and preparations for the British soldiers based here talking about bad equipment, lack of ammunition and equipment), and plans for postwar reconstruction in Iraq.

“Iraqi mission” is actually recognized as a failure at all stages.

The investigation revealed that 13 years ago Prime Minister Blair was warned that invading Iraq would cause the terrorists will possess weapons of the Iraqi army – as it happened.

“Although the coalition and have offset the brutal regime [meaning Saddam Hussein], who ignored the will of the UN and was seen as a threat to peace and security, it at the same time, failed to achieve the goals we set ourselves in the new Iraq,” – said in the conclusions of the Commission of chilcote.

Commission sure that all aspects of a possible military interventions in the future should be thoroughly calculated and discussed.

– What is stated in the report of the Commission of chilcote was obvious it had for Russia and for many experts on the Middle East – says “MK” orientalist, Advisor to the Director for military and strategic studies Elena Suponina. – New is the fact that now former Prime Minister Blair can be charged on the basis of objectively investigated, and which was held by the British. As to the invasion of the US and its allies (including the UK) in Iraq in 2003, I have always maintained that this is a mistake. I’m sure of it now. That operation has rocked the middle East – and in fact, the instability in the region began not with the events of the “Arab spring” of 2011, and with a sharp and ill-considered change in Iraq in 2003. in addition, the invasion was carried out without the sanction of the UN Security Council, which was a blow to the international security system. And the reason for the operation was far-fetched.

– What consequences can be in the light of the publication of the report of the Commission of chilcote?

– The real trouble with Tony Blair. I think this should be a lesson for everyone who calls for intervention abroad…

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