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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Passed Anna Chapman defector Pot could not die, and to leave in the shade

Became aware of the death of Alexander Poteyev, a former employee of the foreign intelligence service, was responsible for the work of our illegal immigrants in the United States who have passed the CIA Anna Chapman and nine more scouts, and sentenced in absentia in Russia to 25 years in prison for treason. Rumors about the “revenge of Moscow” groundless, experts say.

On Thursday it became known about the death of a former Colonel in the Russian foreign intelligence service, Alexander Poteyev. “According to some Pot died in the United States. Currently, this information is checked,” – said one of the sources of “Interfax”.

“Why to eliminate it, he is a traitor, he suffers and dies from such a state”

As a result of infidelity of former SVR Colonel Poteeva abroad was disclosed by a group of Russian scouts-illegal immigrants, including Anna Chapman. Recall that the exposure of a group of Russian spies in the United States occurred in the summer of 2010. The U.S. Department of justice announced the arrest of 10 people suspected of espionage in favor of Russia, and the announcement in search of another.

In June 2011 Poteau was convicted. He was found guilty on two counts of high treason and desertion and sentenced in absentia Moscow district military court to 25 years in prison. The court also stripped Poteyev of military rank “Colonel” and awards. The court had pronounced the mechanism of the “work” of the traitor.

Pot has revealed the CIA funding mechanisms of Russian spies abroad and channels of communication with them. According to the materials of the case, the convict had access to the list of current overseas agents, in 2010, gave them the CIA – he did this as during foreign trips and during meetings in Moscow.

Exposed scouts, particularly Anna Chapman, said that with the filing of Poteeva’ve watched them from the beginning. The court also stated that the United States, which helped the traitor to escape, continue to provide him protection.

“I such things do not comment,” – said the newspaper VIEW Anna Chapman. In the foreign intelligence Service also did not comment on reports of the death of Poteeva.

A veteran KGB foreign intelligence Georgy Sannikov in conversation with the newspaper OPINION did not rule out that Pot “could go deep underground… a Man wants to dissolve, to obtain a completely different name, to simulate death…”. In turn, Colonel of the foreign intelligence service Mikhail Lyubimov in comments to the newspaper OPINION noted: the rumors of the death of Poteeva – “it is unlikely that misinformation, such cases have not happened.”

From Afghanistan to new York

Alexander Pot, son of the regular soldier Nicholas Poteyev, received in 1944 the title of Hero of the Soviet Union for destroying nine enemy tanks.

At the time of Alexander himself, who after serving in the army graduated from the Minsk KGB school, distinguished himself in the war in Afghanistan. In the composition of the special groups of the KGB “Cascade” and “Zenith” he several times visited this country, received the order of the red banner and several medals.

Upon completion of the work in Afghanistan graduated from the red banner Institute of the KGB of the USSR, worked in the First chief Directorate (PGU) of the KGB, engaged in foreign intelligence. Career continued in the foreign intelligence Service (SVR) Russia, where Pot was promoted to Deputy chief of Department of management “With” responsible for the scouts, illegal immigrants in the United States. Headed the 4th (U.S.) Department of the SVR.

Work in this direction was started when a Pot was sent to the Soviet Embassy in Washington. With in the 1995 Pot – the permanent mission to the UN in new York.

Flight citizen Dudochkina”

Pot began issuing the secret information, starting with 1999-2000, the time got access to it, – this was reported by RIA “Novosti”, quoting the verdict of Poteau in 2011.

The CIA for a long time controlled by Russian agents, not suppressing their activities, but limiting purposes, with the result that their work was inconclusive in the absence of errors.

According to “Kommersant”, until his escape over the ocean Alexander Pot was able to smuggle into the U.S. and employ his wife, a daughter and a son. By the way, Poteyev’s son Vladimir, a graduate of the International Institute in Moscow, since 2005 he worked in Federal state unitary enterprise “Rosoboronexport”. Pot Jr. moved to the United States shortly before the exposure of the “group of Chapman-lázaro Pelaez”.

By the time the shoot Poteyev’s wife for a long time lived in the United States, stated the source of “Interfax” in power structures, immediately after the news of the flight of the scout. According to the source, “the circumstances surrounding the escape of a traitor, of course, exacerbate the blunders of our intelligence services”.

In the spring of 2010 Pot, taking a vacation in order to visit their relatives in Belarus, moved to Ukraine, and from there was transferred by the CIA, first in Germany and then in the United States.

However, he used a fake passport in the name of citizen Dudochkina. Dudochkin is a real person, was questioned in court and said that the passport is not lost. However, according to him, in 2009 he passed the passport to the Embassy for visa.

“Mary, I’m leaving forever”

It is curious that, judging by the media reports about the trial in the case of Poteyev, the wife of defector Marina, not just testified at her husband in a Russian court, but in fact became a key witness.

Marina Poteeva said that her husband due to the ill health and time off from meetings in the RAF. Wife he told that goes on a business trip to Belarus, and the next day sent her a text message: “Mary, try to take the news calmly, I’m leaving on a business trip, but forever. I didn’t mean to, but it happened. I will start life anew. The children will help if they will, please don’t provoke them against me.”

The witness explained that after this message, no information from her husband had received. The certificates, permits and print a runaway has left home.

7 years before the flight of the father in the life of Poteeva occurred a strange incident. January 25, 2003 Marina addressed in militia with the statement that “three men posing as police officers, broke into her apartment, threatening two guns, tied up with tape of her husband, Alexander Nikolayevich Poteyev… and of the son, Poteeva Vladimir Alexandrovich – student of the 4th course of MMU. Then, according to Marina, the attackers stole from the apartment 3300 USD and disappeared. A number of media, citing sources in the SVR reported assumption: the attack could have been staged by us intelligence agents who have demonstrated a “client” that it is not protected, despite an important post in the Russian foreign intelligence service.

Open “ten”

At the end of June 2010, the U.S. Department of justice announced the arrest of 10 people suspected of spying for Russia. In Moscow said that the spy scandal was “promoted” a few days after his visit to the US, Dmitry Medvedev – at that time the President of Russia.

On the website of the Ministry of justice reported: the defendants, which quoted referred to as “Richard Murphy” and “Cynthia Murphy lived in new Jersey near new York. In Yonkers near new York were also arrested, “Vicki Pelaez” and “Juan Lazaro”. “Anna Chapman” was arrested by the FBI in Manhattan. Suspects “Michael Zottoli” and “Patricia miles” was arrested in Arlington, Virginia – a suburb of Washington. There was arrested, “Mikhail Semenko”. “Donald Howard Hisfild” and “Tracey Lee Ann Foley” were arrested in their apartment in Boston. The defendant “Christopher Metsos” is still at large, said the U.S. justice Department. Later Metsos”, whose true name was not released, was detained in Cyprus, released on bail of 27 million euros and disappeared.

Disclosed agents of the Russian intelligence service initially was charged with money laundering. Later, a number of defendants were accused of using fake documents, including penetration into government circles. Scouts were accused of transferring information SVR using the classic techniques of espionage: disappearing inks, short wave transmitters, and through the exchange of identical suitcases at railway stations. However, mentioned the use of “prosaic” email.

On 8 July 2010 the trial took place. 9 of the suspects confessed that were citizens of Russia (tenth – Vicky Pelaez, a native of Peru), and confessed in secret activities on the territory of the United States.

The biggest exchange since the cold war

The Washington Post, commenting on the trial of “Russian spies”, has suggested that the seizure of “dozens” is nothing but a prelude to the most massive open exchange “mole” since the cold war.

Indeed, this exchange happened. Already on 7 July 2010 it became known that Moscow and Washington came to an agreement on the exchange of “dozens” of persons serving a sentence in Russia for espionage and similar crimes.

Our party was given: the defendant in a high-profile espionage scandal, a military analyst Igor Sutyagin (who now works at the British Royal United Institute for defence studies), ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal (convicted for spying for Britain), as well as a former Colonel SVR Alexander Zaporozhye, who reportedly could be involved in high-profile espionage scandal – the failure of FBI employee Robert Hanssen. In addition, the American side received the former employee of KGB of the USSR, the former Deputy chief of security of the TV company “NTV-Plus” Gennady Vasilenko, who was convicted for illegal weapons possession and attempted manufacture of an explosive device.

The exchange also reminded about the cold war. On 9 July 2010 in the far corner of Vienna airport (the traditional “neutral territory”) both planes landed from Moscow and new York, after which the “spy bridge” was newly “divorced”.

After the obligatory “quarantine” somewhere in the suburbs uncovered Russian illegal met Vladimir Putin – at that time Prime Minister of Russia.

“30 pieces of silver stake will rise in the throat”

In December 2010, Putin, answering one of the questions during the “straight line” touched on the spy scandal – while using strong language.

“As for traitors, they will be bent, I assure you, because… That’s our last scandal, when given a group of illegal immigrants. It’s the officers, you know, officers! The man betrayed his friends, comrades in arms – people who put their whole life on the altar of the Fatherland. What it means to learn a language at the native level, to abandon relatives, not to be able to come to bury loved ones! You just think about it!”.


Putin continued: “People all his life to the service of his country, and there was some bastard who betrays such people! – fiercely continued the Prime Minister to condemn the traitor. – How will he live with this all my life?! How can he look in the eyes of his children, the swine? Here whatever it is and whatever 30 pieces of silver, these people in no way received, they stake will rise in their throats, I assure you. To hide my whole life, not being able to communicate with loved ones… you Know, the person who chooses such a fate a thousand times going to regret this”.

“Chapman believes it is Poteeva a man who passed”

A number of media, including “Kommersant”, is still fresh in November 2010 announced that a traitor in the SVR, issued a “top ten” was a Colonel Shcherbakov was stated that the former head of the American Department of management “With” supervising the work of illegal intelligence.

Name Alexander Nikolayevich Poteyev surfaced later. In particular, in June 2011, testimony at the trial of a Colonel in the SVR, gave Anna Chapman. An employee of the foreign intelligence service reported (her story is quoted by RIA “Novosti”): in the first months of her stay in the US, the work went quietly, however, April 2010 saw the beginning of failures in communication.

According to Chapman, then met the man who gave the password and asked me to meet with her. At the meeting he gave her an illegal passport, which Chapman allegedly on the instructions was to convey to another person. Around the same time the employee of SVR noticed being followed. “Analyzing the situation, including interrogations by the CIA, she came to the conclusion that she was being followed from the first days of her stay in the United States. She believes it is Poteeva the person who passed it to U.S. intelligence,” – said in the message about the testimony of Chapman.

“No it will not eliminate”

In a possible death Poteeva there is no “revenge” from our intelligence agencies, said in comments the newspaper VIEW veteran of the foreign intelligence Georgy Sannikov.

“In the distant past, during the Soviet Union all this was strictly prohibited,” – said the source. He is convinced that in the XXI century, the elimination of the intelligence agencies – something out of science fiction.

“No it will not be eliminated. Why to eliminate it, he is a traitor, he suffers and dies from such condition in which they (the traitors – approx. OPINION) are many years. That’s their business, and this death is morally painful,” – said Sannikov.

As for the rumors that are now gone, that he was killed, “the hand of Moscow – when something told Putin…”, they remain only rumors, agrees the Colonel of foreign intelligence, retired Mikhail Lyubimov. “We are all his collaborators kept and no one was eliminated: live and doing. Thrive Viktor Suvorov (Viktor Rezun), writes books, is thriving (Oleg) Gordievsky. Everyone screams that they are just about going to kill, even though I have the address Gordievsky,” said the source.

“I would like to at least one organ gave an example of the elimination of the secret services under Stalin and post-Stalin period. I don’t know of a single case. They all lived well, someone was hiding someone there,” – said Lyubimov. According to him, “now who needs Pot? Improve relations with the United States, there is a serious political game in Europe… and then someone will eliminate Poteyev?”.

Anti-Putin press, most likely, will raise the noise, suggests the expert. However, in international politics this event is likely to be ignored. “I mean, he’s not that young, he’s been through so much, probably a lot of money looted…” – said Lyubimov.

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