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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Paleontologists first found the dinosaur with a tumor

A group of scientists under the leadership of Bruce Rothschild of the northeastern medical University of Ohio in Rootstown studied first in the history of paleontology dinosaur with fossilized tumor. In the remains of the hadrosaur, or duck-billed dinosaur, was discovered traces of ameloblastoma — benign tumors of the jaw. The discovery, according to the researchers, suggests that the ancient reptiles from a physiological point of view, was more similar to humans than commonly believed today.

Photo: Scientific Reports, aztecanoticias.com.mx

The age of the remains of the hadrosaur is estimated to be about 67 to 69 million years. It was discovered in the Western part of Romania in the territory, which is sometimes called the “valley of the dinosaurs” due to the fact that well-preserved fossils, valuable for science, there is possible to find quite often. Unusual skull was discovered about ten years ago and it was immediately obvious that it is warped, but it took a lot of time trying to figure out what could be the cause.

Experts have found that the uncontrolled growth of tissues of the tooth enamel dinosaur has led to the fact that his face formed a benign tumor. Researchers believe that education could be noticeable even when the dinosaur still living. However, according to the researchers, almost certainly it did not cause him considerable pain, because he was at an early stage of development. Thus, according to the scientists, the dinosaur, the remains of which were found, died before he reached adulthood, and the question is, did this as some sort of role strain his jaw still open. It is unlikely that the link could be direct, but the researchers do not exclude, for example, that predators could see in individuals, unease different from other, easier prey. Anyway, with certainty the cause of death of the hadrosaur’s almost impossible to recognize specialists.

From ameloblastoma today sometimes people suffer, and some mammals and modern reptiles. That a similar problem might face dinosaurs, previously was not known. Experts admit that the discovered specimens it arose from the fact that the population of dinosaurs were isolated, could begin to degenerate, which affected the health of new generations negatively.

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