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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Homemade food reduces the risk of diabetes by 15 percent

People who prefer food cooked in your own kitchen, much less likely to suffer from type II diabetes than those who are not against to include in your diet fast food. New confirmations were obtained in the study conducted by experts from the Harvard school of public health.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In the new study conducted over 26 years, was attended by nearly 100 thousand men and women of middle age. None of the participants at the beginning of the study, diabetes did not suffer, however, over a quarter of a century he had developed in 9 of thousands of them. According to scientists, one of the key criteria determining how much the risk of diabetes in humans, the ratio of cases where he ate the house and when the “intercepted” food somewhere else.

People who regularly had lunch and dinner at home, the risk of developing diabetes decreased. If a man dined in his own apartment five to seven times per week, the probability of developing diabetes had fallen by 15 percent compared to those who were able to eat dinner at home only twice a week. If people dined outside their own homes, but had dinner at home (for example, if you lived close to work), the risk of diabetes for it declined by 9 percent.

The researchers noted that it was important not only that the food was cooked at home (although in this case it was often more healthy), but the fact of the lunch in your own home. If the person took the food, even cooked myself and ate it away from home, the positive effect of its use was significantly reduced.

Experts have noticed another curious pattern: women who often ate at home, while also actively engaged in physical exercise, while having lunch at home men, however, were not very active and was not averse to once again to eat and out of his apartment.

His research scientists published in the journal journal PLOS Medicine.

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