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Friday, October 21, 2016

Ex-Senator Dobrynin asked me to lock the office Mizulina, fallen into “the sleep of reason”

Former Senator Konstantin Dobrynin, who’s now the state Secretary of the Federal Board of advocates, commented on the initiative of the Senator from the Omsk region Elena Mizulina, demanded from prosecutors to check the legality of installation of baby-boxes in the Russian regions.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

In his opinion, which is quoted by “Fontanka”, she is “overworked” and forgot what started the parliamentary recess, and someone leave. In this regard, he asked her “not to touch the forms of senatorial inquiries” and just relax.

Assistants also Mizulina Dobrynin addressed the Board to lock up her office and not to let go of the Senator to fall.

Dobrynin said about Mizulina as “once a great lawyer,” who fell in the “lethargy of the mind”, as all recently published under her pen, “dangerous people.”

Read how Mizulina demanded to punish parents for beating children.

Recall that Dobrynin is one of the authors of the draft law on baby boxes in Russia, in response to which she contributed: about their ban. In her opinion, the baby-boxes dangerous as to provoke mothers to give their children, creating a social orphanhood. Besides, I’m sure she left there children can sell the organs. During the introduction of a bill she described her invented criminal scheme, according to which a child can be kidnapped from their parents, put in the baby box, then pick it up, apparently, to adopt, and sell the organs.

Dobrynin also explained the need for baby boxes so you can save the children from their irresponsible parents murders.

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