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Monday, March 19, 2018

“Cheating during the exam became much less”

The people of Russia have significantly improved their opinion about Unified state examination (use). At least, these data show polls. However, claims had less to do with exactly how an examination is held, not its existence as such. Opponents of the exam are specific examples of reducing the level of students ‘ knowledge.

According to the survey conducted by VTSIOM on 25-26 June (i.e. after passing the Unified state examination), in the seven years since the widespread introduction of the use, the attitude has changed society for the better. Now the vast majority of Russians no longer believes that the state exams are unfair.

“Indeed, fraud in the conduct of the exam has become much smaller. The results of the exam are much more reliable than it was before. But the key problem, the exam is not decided”

If five years ago 49% of respondents believed that cheating during exam is common, it is now of the same opinion is shared by only 25%. Decreased from 7% to 5% the number of those who personally faced with a similar practice. But along with the increase in the number of those who are dissatisfied by the very fact of the existence of the exam, not the violations during the vote. In the four years from 62% to 70% increase in the number confident that because of the Unified state examination decreased the quality of knowledge of pupils, which is now training actually coached on his delivery. 67%, i.e. the majority, I believe that after the introduction of the exam knowledge check was a formality.

These results strongly contrast with the estimates that give the exam in the Ministry of education and science. The head of Department Dmitry Livanov said that in the course of the Unified state examination in 2016, was not at all serious violations. The exam was held at a high organizational and technological level, this contributed to the increase in responsibility and discipline and the organizers and participants of the exam,” he stressed, saying that the level of preparation of students for exams has increased.

The head of Rosobrnadzor Sergey Kravtsov, in turn, noted the trend of improvement of results in compulsory subjects (Russian language and mathematics), for example, reducing the number of students who received failing grade in math almost doubled from 7.4% in 2015 to 4.7% in 2016.

However, the opponent of the Ministry of education, the state Duma Deputy Oleg Smolin in an interview with the newspaper OPINION explained, this figure does not improve the knowledge of students, and because jobs at the basic math was much easier than last year. However, according to the Ministry, and the number of students who passed the mathematics profile, where the jobs were difficult, have grown, too. This, in theory, should testify to the growth of knowledge level of pupils.

“As often happens, the voice of the people is the voice of God, supported the results of the poll Oleg Smolin. – Indeed, fraud in the conduct of the exam has become much smaller. The results of the exam are much more reliable than it was before. But the key problem, the exam is not decided.

Meanwhile, in the near future, the topic of what to do with the state exam, likely to become politically relevant. The proposal to cancel the exam as a compulsory exam rise to the level of the State Duma. Moreover, the initiative comes from the field, from regions where claims to Unified state examination have traditionally been more. So, deputies of the legislative Assembly of the Republic of Karelia in Parliament introduced a bill to gradually return to normal exams.

And in Tatarstan it came even to collect signatures under the appeal to the President of the Republic on the abolition of the exam here. It was organized by the national PTA. “In a very short time we managed to collect several thousand signatures, – told the newspaper VIEW Chairman of the Central Council of the National parent Committee, the head of the Commission on family and demographic policy social platform of “United Russia” Irina Volynets. – At some point we realized that to act in Tatarstan is not enough, and with the beginning of the school year we organize throughout Russia collecting signatures under the appeal for the abolition of the exam, which is addressed to the President of the country. Our plan is to collect a million signatures”.

Seriously improved exam promises the ” where, for example, began collecting suggestions for improving the Unified state examination, which prior to August 10, can guide anyone. By 1 September, the Ministry promises to publish all the changes that will make the exam next year. It is already known that among these changes is the exception of the annoying parents of the use of the item will be removed all testopodobnymi job. In any case, the corresponding statement was made by the head of Rosobrnadzor Kravtsov.

However, critics of the Ministry consider that this change will not be enough. “Changes in the exam, of course, are made: there is an essay, oral exam elements in the delivery of foreign languages. But all these changes are very small, and they are made too slowly, says Smolin. And of course, I share the view of most citizens that the exam in the form in which it was used, was one of the factors lowering the quality of our education.”

As an example of how far the process of reduction of this quality, he cited data from the results of last year’s exam in mathematics. There was a mission: a train left point A at 10 o’clock in the morning, arrived at point B at 12 o’clock the next day, the points A and B in the same time zone, how many hours the train was in the way? “Twenty percent of students are unable to solve it,” says Smolin.

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