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Monday, October 24, 2016

Chapter LNR denied conducting “secret negotiations” with Savchenko

Samoprovozglashennost the head of the Luhansk national Republic (LNR) Igor Carpenter refuted the statement of the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Hope Savchenko that she allegedly held the first round of the secret blows with him and the head of the Donetsk national Republic (DND) Alexander Zakharchenko.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Carpenter said he last saw Savchenko last year in the Rostov region, which hosted the trial of the ex-servicemen, reports RIA Novosti.

“Since we talked, and I was not given any proposals on secret political Dating on the side,” – said in an official statement of the Carpenter.

The leader of the Republic underlined that the leadership of the LC is ready for direct talks with representatives of Kiev, but stressed that he considers unjustified lies Savchenko on the start of negotiations. In his opinion, thus the MP tried to attract the attention.

“Injustice usually leads to a curve path, And the truth, though sometimes bitter, is much healthier,” he said.

Earlier, Savchenko said in an interview with “Novaya Gazeta” that supposedly held the first talks with the leaders of the DNI and the LC and did not rule out the possibility of meeting them on neutral territory. She also reiterated that supports Amnesty for members of the militia.

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