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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Blair “humbly” is justified for the invasion of Iraq

In the UK, published a report on the participation of the Kingdom in the military campaign of NATO in Iraq, prepared by an independent Commission under the leadership of John of chilcote. The Commission came to the unequivocal conclusion – the invasion of Iraq was a mistake of Tony Blair’s government. Blair himself believes his actions need and ready to be punished. Will follow it?

In the UK on Wednesday published a report on the country’s participation in military operations in Iraq. The decision was taken by the government of Tony Blair. The Commission proved that the army intervention and the elimination of Hussein’s regime was not a necessity.

“Excessive confidence made Blair believe that he can persuade Bush to wait for UN resolutions and to achieve “peace”

Now the main question – whether prosecuted Tony Blair. We will remind that earlier deputies of the labour party and the Scottish national party suggested to involve the former Prime Minister responsible for the participation of British troops in the war in Iraq, reported the Guardian newspaper. They are going to initiate a lawsuit and to use the law not to apply in practice for several centuries, according to which the convicted person has no right to resume the Premiership.

Poodle United States

On the day of publication of the report in Central London, gathered a few dozen people to Express outrage at the actions of Tony Blair. People, including relatives of those killed in Iraq soldiers chanted anti-war slogans, holding placards, blaming Blair for the war, and urged to punish him for it. Some Brits call Tony Blair “a poodle of the USA”.

As for politicians, the current leader of the labour party Jeremy Corbyn has said before Parliament that the war was an act of aggression, based on false pretext, and now, thanks to this in the middle East, spreading terrorism.

While British Prime Minister David Cameron was advised not to do so on the basis of the report of chilcote conclusions about any participation in armed conflict. “We should not conclude that military intervention is always wrong. There are situations when it is necessary to interfere, as successfully done in Sierra Leone and Kosovo – he said on Wednesday. – The beginning of the country’s participation in the war should always be an exceptional measure and it should be done only when all credible alternatives have been exhausted,” he added.

“I knew it was an unpopular decision”

Immediately after the publication of the main body of the report, Tony Blair made a statement in his defense. He stated that his actions in the years of the Iraq campaign was necessary. “The world is better now and was better off without Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein was capable of catastrophic, unpredictable actions”, – transfers its words of RIA “news”.

“I knew it was an unpopular decision. I knew that he would have political consequences. I took it because I thought its true – more people will get hurt if you leave Hussein to lead the country,” he tried to assure listeners Blair.

“I humbly ask the British people to believe me that I took this decision (about participation of Britain in the invasion of Iraq), because I thought that was correct based on the information that I possessed, and threats, which he knew. I did it because I thought that if Saddam remains in power, the number of victims in our country and around the world in the long term will be more,” he said.

“By the time the US already started the war and would have acted with or without us,” he added in his defense, Blair. “I will never agree with the fact that the deceased brought his sacrifice in vain,” – said the former Prime Minister.

In addition, Blair said that he was ready to answer for the mistakes in the invasion of Britain in Iraq. “I take full responsibility for any exception without error, without any excuses… I Express my deepest regret in connection with victims (operations in Iraq) and Express support to our armed forces,” – said ex-Prime Minister in a statement.

Blair in his post for 10 years until 2007, was extremely popular, however the Iraq campaign has seriously tarnished his reputation and legacy.

War and peace, Tony Blair

The report writing took about seven years. So much has passed since you started an independent investigation. The British public waited for it very long: documents about the Iraqi campaign in the UK comprises approximately 2.6 million words, making it 4.5 times longer than “War and peace” by Leo Tolstoy. “It will take a few days to carefully read it,” writes the Guardian. Testimonies were heard more than 150 witnesses, analyzed 150 000 documents.

The authors of the report conclude that the UK government headed by Tony Blair underestimated the consequences of the military invasion of Iraq. It is noted that the government’s actions were based on incorrect intelligence assessments. Moreover, according to the authors, a military invasion was not the only way to solve the problem. “We concluded that the UK made the choice to join (for surgery) for the invasion before the possibility of a peaceful disarmament have been exhausted… the Military action at that time was not the last way,” said the report’s author sir Chilcot.

The report also noted that the government of Iraq has not been able to develop nuclear weapons, and sanctions against Baghdad was effective, and therefore legitimate grounds for an invasion of great Britain in Iraq was not enough. In addition, the document notes that Tony Blair had deliberately hipertrofiada threat to Britain from al-Qaeda.

“Since the U.S.-led coalition overthrew Saddam Hussein, Iraq remains in chaos to this day. “Islamic state*” control vast areas of the country, on Saturday in the attack in Baghdad killed 250 people, write the American media. – The purpose of the report was to draw lessons from the subsequent invasion and occupation”.

Could not refuse the US?

How Britain joined the us operations? Now it turns out that after much persuasion, Tony Blair, at a meeting with U.S. President George W. Bush at his ranch in Texas said that he will fully support the United States. This became known thanks to the recently published Memorandum of the former Secretary of state Colin Powell. “On the basis that Britain should support the US, Blair in a private memo to Bush dated July 28, 2002, wrote: “I’ll be with you whatever happens”, – told in it.

Before the meeting, the leaders talked on the phone, and Blair was still trying not to cave in to Washington. So, in one conversation, the US President told the Prime Minister that he is ready to kick butt”. Blair laughed nervously, and then he mentioned that this may be his epitaph, after which Bush was advised by its Junior partner to save the courage, writes in a column for the Guardian, a British playwright Sarah helm, whose husband Jonathan Powell at the time was working as an assistant at Downing street. Helm listened to the telephone conversation between Bush and Blair, some of which even then used for his plays. The view setting in 2011 came and John Chilcot.

“Excessive confidence made Blair believe that he can persuade Bush to wait for UN resolutions and to achieve “the world,” she writes. – The telephone conversation between Bush and Blair, with my point of view, is further evidence of this overconfidence, but at the last moment, Blair might have already started to realize where this conversation: by the end of his political career,” concludes helm.

“The British military was too cocky. They believed that all will be well. To some extent they were intoxicated by recent successes in Northern Ireland, the Falklands and the first Gulf war, as well as small interventions in Kosovo and Sierra Leone. Generals have decided that they are well prepared for Iraq – and made a mistake, writes about the actions of British Bi-bi-si. The military assumed that in Iraq they will be greeted as liberators, not as invaders infidels. A vivid illustration of these expectations was swapping helmets for berets in the early stages of occupation.”

However, the British had no real understanding of how much the influence of Iran and Shiite militias, as there was no plans as how to fill the power vacuum left after the defeat of the order of Americans of the old state apparatus, the publication adds. And the secrecy surrounding the preparation for the invasion led to the fact that part of the equipment, including the additional vests were sent to soldiers at the last moment.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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